12 Squat Variations for your Bootcamp Sessions

squat variations

Bodyweight squats can get boring for your campers really fast.

Luckily, other than just adding weight, there is a lot of variations you can use to keep your bootcamps fun and interesting.

How to come up with ideas

Try to get creative by adding things like:

  • a rep of another exercise between each squat rep
  • jumping – on the spot, forwards, backwards, side to side
  • a second person
  • equipment – bands, tyres, dumbbells, kettlebells

Scale your exercises

Don’t be lazy though and dish out over-complicated squats to clients who aren’t ready for it. Always scale your exercises so everyone can do them.

It may seem like fun to get your clients doing all sorts of crazy exercises but it won’t be so fun when half your bootcamp is missing due to injuries.

For example a Tuck Jump is tough exercise. If you lack power in your legs you just end up stomping your feet into the ground each rep. Instead, if you were to plan Tuck Jump Squats (see below) into your routine you could just have the advanced clients do that, the intermediates do regular Squat Jumps and the beginners do squats.

Learn more about scaling workouts here.

Squat ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started: [Read more…]

Four Awesome Team-Building, Smile-Cracking Warm-ups

four warm ups 2

I believe good fun warm-ups are one of the key elements of truly great bootcamp. Not only can games be both motivating and effective at prepping the body the main bootcamp workout(s), but they can also help develop cohesiveness and competiveness between campers.

I use the following games as warm-ups but they can also be adapted to become fun finishers, making sure bootcampers leave your sessions with a smile!

Note from Kyle: This article today is from Rob Jones. Rob runs his group fitness business, StrideFit near the beaches of Brighton, UK. You can read more about Rob and how he started his business here.

1. Knee defenders

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Bootcamp Ideas Competition 2015 Winners

It was a thriller of a competition with everyone pulling out their very best and most creative workouts.

And so it was a really hard decision picking a winner.

Thank you again to all who entered!

Watch me announce it live and draw the runner ups

And the winners are…

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