An Uneggspected Surprise Easter Workout

This week’s workout is a special for Easter! It’s from Yolanda Cardona. Thanks Yolanda!

Easter Bunny Sighting

Bunny Bootcamp

To make Easter fun and guilt free before the candy strikes back I thought of this Easter Bootcamp drill. It is really easy and simple.

Set up

I picked up a couple of dozens of plastic eggs. Depending on how many people are in your bootcamp you may need more. I filled them up with different exercises that were related to Bunnies and Easter.


  • Tri-dips – chocolate dips
  • Frog jumps- bunny hops
  • Toyota jump- Allstar bunny
  • Mountain climbers- rabbit feet
  • Superman- Super rabbit

and so forth.

I also took a few of the eggs and put it as the wild egg which is actually a rest for one minute. Each exercise is performed for one minute.

How it works

Place the eggs in an Easter basket around 20m away from your clients.

You have your clients run to the Easter basket as fast as they can and grab 4-5 eggs.

Use your timer to have them perform each exercise they collected for one minute. Afterwards, follow that with a minute rest. Repeat.


You can have your clients do suicide drills with running, lunging forward, or so forth to get to the eggs.

About Yolanda

I am a personal trainer and Insanity instructor. I was once overweight and miserable till fitness became my passion as well as calling. Find me on Facebook, Coach Yolanda.


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Image: Bunny Sighting | Kate Ter Haar

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