New and Improved Is Coming Monday

This weekend things at are going to get very, very quiet.

Because come Monday, they are going to get very loud.

The website is going to undergo a major overhaul visually and functionally. That means it’s going to look different and also act a little differently.

I hope this doesn’t disorient you too much. I’ll try to put everything back together at the end.

old website

Farewell old design

Why am I doing this?

As much as I love the minimalist look of Bootcamp Ideas, the actual website is starting to get a little dated.

Better on mobile devices

I know a lot of you access the website on your phones, so the new design will look much better and be easier to read on a mobile device.

Easier to navigate and more email opt ins

I also want to make the website more friendly for new comers. Over 24,000 new visitors stumble across this site each month and I’d love for more of them to stick around and help this community grow even larger.

The best way to do that is to make it super obvious when someone comes to the website where they can go to start getting the most out of the website.

Easier to access the archives

The redesign will also include some useful new changes that you can read about below.

What will be new?

While a chief reason for the redesign was business and technology related, I wanted to include some useful changes for you guys too.

Guest submission archive

You will now be able to easily access all of the past workouts that other trainers have submitted in one handy list.

The Avengers Workout Series

I’ve revamped an old workout series I posted on here into an awesome little four-workout PDF that will be free for email subscribers.

The new Manifesto in pride of place

When a new trainer comes to this site I want them to be able to see what we are all about right away. Rule 1 of the BCI Trainers Manifesto will be on the main page.

Easy access to the most popular articles and workouts ever put on Bootcamp Ideas

Workouts are one part of the equation in a Bootcamp business. The other side is managing the day to day. I’ll leave the most popular business articles and workouts from here in an easy place to find them.

That’s all for now. There are a couple of other changes that I will leave as a surprise.

Now to you:

What changes would you like to see to Bootcamp Ideas?

Share your suggestions below.

- Kyle

Progressor Partner Bootcamp Circuit


After last week’s mostly bodyweight mix, this weeks workout is quite equipment heavy. You will need bands, medballs, ropes and dumbbells. Of course, if you don’t have any or all of these you can simply swap them out by using your environment. Here are some suggestions: No rope – do a hill or stairs drill […]

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The BCI Trainers Manifesto

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. – Dalai Lama Being a trainer and a business owner is tough. One of the first things I remember thinking as a brand new trainer was ‘Sh*t, there is a LOT of information out there.’ One website contradicts […]

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20/20 Killer (Mostly) Bodyweight Workout


Today’s workout is from Christa Berry-Bortolin of Toadal Fitness. It actually included a spinning section as well making it a 20/20/20 workout. Seeing as most of us don’t have access to spin bikes during our bootcamps I cut it out. Still, these two 20 minute drills will leave your clients begging for more mercy. 20/20 […]

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Plank Circles Drill

2014-08-16 09.39.30

Last weekend I attended a joint bootcamp between Homegrown Fit and Healthy Muhm. It was really cool to see the two bootcamp groups come together for a workout. I picked up this really fun plank drill while I was there. Plank Circles This is an awesome way to either finish off your group or to use […]

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