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bci competition

Last week I launched the annual Bootcamp Ideas competition. You can read about it here.

Apparently we made the prize pool too awesome because the entries filled in 24 hours (I thought it would take all week).

Those that entered have already started using part of their entry prize 31 Days to a Better Bootcamp Business and now it is time for us to start deciding on who will win the Grand Prize.

A big part of that is votes from all of you. I want to know who you think is the Workout Planning Master.

How To Vote

This week try out some of the workouts that catch your eye (see the list of 18 below) and then vote on the ones that you like.

You can only vote once but you can select up to 3 workouts that you like, so don’t feel like you just have to pick one if you liked a few.

Myself and the judges will then be selecting a winner from the top 5 voted workouts to award prizes to next week.

Add your votes to the poll below. Remember you can only hit the vote button once, so maybe wait til the end of the week when you’ve tried them all out.

Which workout(s) did your clients like best?

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Links To Competition Workouts

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  14. Med Ball Madness [Competition Entry]
  15. Pairs Complexes [Competition Entry]
  16. Survivor Challenge [Competition Entry]
  17. ‘Escalating’ Partner Drills [Competition Entry]
  18. Train Like An Animal [Competition Entry]

Have a great week trying all of these out and don’t forget to vote!

Train Like An Animal [Competition Entry]

This workout is an entry in our annual Bootcamp Ideas competition from Michael O’Sullivan.

Workout type: HIT, team, fun, cardio endurance.

Length: 60 minutes

Equipment needed:  Cones/Markers

Train like an animal

Warm Up


Jog and body weighted reps. Ask clients what exercise is the favorite and get the group to perform 10. Do this 10 times – 100 reps.

Also do the touch knee warm up game will always get a laugh from all clients. (Client’s try and touch partners knee’s. Agility warm up)

Dynamic Stretching


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‘Escalating’ Partner Drills [Competition Entry]

This workout is an entry in our annual Bootcamp Ideas competition from Jamie Harvey.

Workout type: Cardio Endurance

Length: 60 minutes

Equipment needed: Medballs (4-8 kg), Cones, Agility ladders

‘Escalating’ Partner Drills

Warm Up

5 minutes

Five laps of area + dynamic stretches (high knees, butt kicks, lunges, squats, over the fence, arm swings)

Game: Medicine Ball Over and Under

10 minutes

  • Split the class into two or three teams and have each team line up with team mates one behind the other about one metre apart.
  • Each team is given a medicine ball which begins at the front of their line.
  • The participant at the front of the line must lift the ball over their head and hand it to the participant behind them. That participant then puts the ball between their legs and hands it to the participant behind them.
  • This is then repeated throughout the line.
  • Once each individual hands the ball to the person behind them they must complete a burpee, before running to the back of the line to rejoin the game.
  • The first team to reach the other end of the court or marked out area (about 20 metres) wins. You can make it best of three games to determine an eventual winning team.

‘Escalating’ Partner Drills

35 minutes

  • Firstly get the boot campers to pair up with someone of similar fitness level.
  • There are six drills which each have an exercise to be completed on the spot and an exercise involving shuttles
  • One participant from each pair must complete a shuttle while the other participant completes the exercise on the spot.
  • As soon as the shuttle is completed, the participant tags their partner and they swap exercises.
  • This is continuously repeated. If you want to make it competitive get each pair to count and record the amount of times they tag their partner at each station
  • Two sets of two minutes each drill. 30 seconds rest in between each set.
Drill Shuttle Exercise Exercise On Spot
1 Sprint (15 metres) Mountain Climbers
2 Broad jumps (10 metres) Toe touch jumps
3 Hands through ladder (5 metres) Burpees
4 Lunges (15 metres) Sit ups
5 Bear crawl (10 metres) Push ups
6 Ladder side to side hop (5 metres) Squat jumps
Layout of ‘Escalating’ partner drills: number represents drill, red dots represent cones.

Layout of ‘Escalating’ partner drills: number represents drill, red dots represent cones.

Warm Down

Static stretches

About Jamie

Myself and Oarey McWilliam have been running indoor boot camps at Advance Fitness Club in Invercargill, New Zealand, for over a year. We have over 70 clients across four classes and have developed a 12 week program that is achieving some brilliant results.


This workout is part of our 2015 Bootcamp Workout Competition. Check out the awesome prizes up for grabs and find out more here.

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