Remix this: The Traditional Circuit Training Session


We all know that circuit training is a no-nonsense way to build a full body strength workout for boot campers without having to question if it will be a solid, well-rounded workout.

We know they will work every muscle in their body. We know they will be covered in sweat and be out of breath without having to make them run for miles. But the burning question instead becomes — will it be fun?

Think of an old song you’ve gotten tired of hearing over and over again. You cringe when you hear it on the radio as you sit in rush hour traffic. Just as you are reaching over to change the station, you realize that the DJ just dropped a REMIX! All of a sudden the song is fun again and you could care less if you end up downloading it later to play on repeat the next morning.

Here are some fun ways to remix a traditional circuit workout.

Start with your basic circuit template below and then modify:

8–10 Resistance Exercises (depending on length of session) + rest, 3 times through

Try the following:

1. Traditional Circuit + Cardio Blast

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Election Time Bootcamp Workout (yes, really)

Thanks to Jordan Taylor of JT Fitness for today’s workout.

It was written in the spirit of the UK’s General Election and with the Presidential Election already getting momentum in the US it seemed like this could be used worldwide.

10 downing st

Fit For No. 10

(General Election Special)

There is 7 stations, each with a series of 4 exercises. Bootcampers do 30 seconds on each exercise before moving to the next station.

Have your bootcampers partner up for this one.

Repeat once more if needed.


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How To Include Low Rep Strength Training In Your Bootcamps

How To Include

This is an article from regular contributor Pat Carr.

A difficult part of running bootcamps (with limited equipment and multiple clients per trainer) is coming up with workouts that build strength, and in particular, having exercises that are high enough resistance to build strength.

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of thinking ‘more is always better’ with your programming (in terms of training volume). While most of our prospective (and current) clients could definitely do with more training, this doesn’t necessarily mean more reps and sets.

There are definite advantages to high rep training, such as building muscular endurance, but doing it every session can actually hinder the results that our clients are after – namely fat loss.

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