1 Hour Circuit Bootcamp Workout

The problem with traditional circuit workout is that clients work into an easy rhythm rather than trying to push themselves as hard as they should. One method do overcome this is to reduce the number of stations and group the clients up.

This way they are more localised so you can push one small group at a time rather than just one or two clients at a time. Training next to each other will also breed some fun competitiveness that will also increase intensity.

Mini Circuits

Goals: Muscular Endurance, Strength

Duration: 1 hour

Equipment: Mats, Bands, Medicine Balls, Agility Ladder, Interval Timer


Take a short jog to the location. Run through Run 1, pointing out landmarks along the way.

Move into 1 leg partner push overs (clients pair up, then standing on one leg they attempt to push their partner over without letting their foot leave the ground)


Split clients evenly amongst stations. Try to group clients of similiar fitness levels together

Circuit 1

Timing: Two rounds of 45 seconds work with 15 seconds transition.

  1. Agility ladder hops
  2. Medicine ball squat to press
  3. Body weight Russian twist
  4. Assisted 1 arm pushup – Keep one arm tucked in and the other straight and as far to the side as possible. Use the tucked in arm to do most of the work with the straight arm just assisting you. Difficulty can be increased or decrease by moving the assisting arm out or in respectively.

Circuit 2

Timing: Three rounds of 30 seconds work with 10 seconds transition.

  1. Band bicep curls
  2. Overhead medicine ball lunge
  3. T w/ hip drop – Start in a pushup position. Lift one arm up to the sky so that you form a ‘T’ shape. Hold that position while you lower your hip to the ground and then back up. Resume the pushup position by lowering your arm under control back to the ground. Repeat on the other side.
  4. 4 direction squat jumps – Complete jumps in this order: jump forward, jump back, jump left, jump right, jump back, jump forward, jump right, jump left. If performed correctly your movements should form s ‘+’ sign.

Circuit 3

Timing: Clients at the suicide plank station take it in turns running around the outside of the circuit and group. Once all of the clients on that station have completed a lap it’s time to rotate the stations.

  1. Pushups
  2. Medicine ball woodchop
  3. Suicide plank – Walk on your hands from a pushup position to a plank position continuously.
  4. Reverse lunge w/ hop


10s work/5s rest intervals of Plank and Side Plank. Stretch.

Image: bogenfreund

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