7 Simple Bootcamp Workout Ideas

Do you have a bootcamp session tomorrow but are completely strapped for time to write up a workout? Use the ideas below to pull together a quick workout. There’s one for each day of the week.

1. Bring out the boxing gloves

Grab your boxing gloves or have your clients bring their own. Compile 8-12 boxing drills and perform each one for 2 minutes with 30 to 60 seconds rest between intervals.

2. Time for a sprint session

The easiest way to run a sprint session for a group with varying fitness levels is to use intervals. Follow my guide on how to set up an interval based bootcamp workout to learn how.

3. Run a repetition/points challenge workout

Earlier this year I ran a hill run challenge. I split the group into 2 with my assistant taking one half and myself taking the other. Each group was attempting to run up as many hills as possible during the session. Points were awarded appropriately for the gradient and length of the hill. The group with the most points won.

You could also set a point goal and the first team to reach those points is the winner.

4. Do some time trials

  • Set up a course or plan out a running track.
  • Send your clients off and record their times.
  • Alternatively head to a proper running track and have your clients run multiple time trials of 400m, 800m or 1km.
  • If you have a big group have half running while the others workout on core strength.

5. Set up a giant relay

Set up 3 stations around 100m apart then split your group into handicapped teams of four. Clients run from station to station in relay fashion. Clients waiting to be tagged are to carry out an appointed exercise at their station.

6. Get back to basics

The 4 cornerstones of a full body strength workout are Push, Pull, Legs and Core. Think of as many exercises as possible and then pop them into mini circuits, big circuits, giant sets or whatever else you feel like. Focus on quality of reps rather then quantity. These workouts are the kind which hurt more 2 days after training rather than during.

7. Giant circuit time!

  • Set up enough stations to equal half your campers.
  • In pairs move the clients around the circuit.
  • Shorten the interval and rest time each round to increase the intensity.
  • Be sure to alternate full body exercises with easier ones to keep motivation high.

Hope that helps guys. Be sure to share your favourite last minute ideas in the comments below.

Images: Josep Ma. Rosell, wwarby, broma

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