Bootcamp Ideas is the place to come to when your brain feels like fuzz from designing yet another awesome workout for your clients.

You want your workouts to be awesome because you care about your clients having a good time while they exercise. You care about them getting results. You don’t want to just be another run of the mill personal trainer or bootcamp instructor.

That is cool. I feel the same way about those things so I decided to share my workouts and ideas with you so that you can be more successful.

Things I’ve made that can help you:

Bootcamp Ideas is a weblog that features weekly training ideas and tips to use at your bootcamp. It will help you keep your bootcamps fresh and exciting.

Little Bootcamp Books is a collection of useful emanuals for your business. Here you can purchase volumes of just the best workouts.

The Trainers Tribe takes care of everything we miss on Bootcamp Ideas – the business and mindset side of running a bootcamp.

Bootcamp Events is coming very soon. I’m packing my cones and bands and going on the road. It will feature live training events going on in your area held by yours truly.

“Thanks so much. Your words are very inspiring. I’m ready and pumped to get my boot campers started! Thanks again.” – Jenna Primmer

Why I do this and who you are reading this.

So you might be wondering, what’s the catch? No one gives away stuff for free without expecting anything in return. Well I’ve been in your position, furiously planning my workout at 11pm before a 5am wake up call. I’ve felt sucked of good training ideas.

That is why I do this. There are a lot of trainers out there (thousands that follow this site alone) with even more clients to go around.

We can all save each other a lot of headaches by pooling our resources. That is why you will see some workouts on this site aren’t mine. They have been shared by trainers just like you.

Trainers who, just like you, just want to create an awesome exercise environment. We all do. And with tools like the internet and tablets and phones it’s easier than ever to share that information with each other.

If some of what I’ve just said is making you nod your head, then welcome aboard! You have found a group of trainers who would rather help each other then steal each other’s clients. I hope you find it easy to feel a part of what’s happening here.

“You’re the best thing that has happened to my career Kyle Wood!!! I love your work… and the other contributors!!” – Sky Hunt

Who Am I?

Me, with my cat Boris

Me, with my cat Boris

My name is Kyle Wood. I grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I have run bootcamp sessions since 2010 when I helped start a bootcamp at my local PT studio. Since then the bootcamp has grown from 3 sessions a week to 10 sessions. I could give you more numbers and figures but I’m getting bored just typing this. I am a fairly average marketing (I pretty much do zero) so I have put down my bootcamps success to awesome workouts and a likable personality. I really get a kick out of helping people – as I’m sure you do to. So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever need some help.

“I just wanted to say I really enjoy getting your emails with different workout ideas every week … Keep them coming!!” – Liz Emes

Running up hills is fun! Why don't clients realise this?

Running up hills is fun! Why don’t clients realise this?

Here’s some more info about me and this site that I wrote a while back:

The idea for this site came about when I was hunting around on the net for some new workout ideas.

I decided to create this site when trying to find some ideas and workouts myself and discovered that most of the bootcamp sites out there are complete rubbish.

My background is not military or terribly athletic. I don’t believe in a drill sergeant mentality with my clients. Instead I believe in gently pushing clients out of their comfort zone towards the next level. I’ve found positive reinforcement and being a good listener two key aspects of training clients this way.

I hope this site saves time with planning and gives you more time to focus on helping your clients get healthier. I also hope that we can build a community of trainers on this site that can help each other in both group fitness training and business.

Me and my wife, Zoe

Me and my wife, Zoe