3 Tactics To Remember Your Clients Names You Can Start Doing Today

This week you get to see my hairy face again as I talk about three tactics to remembering your clients names.

In the video I get all deep and talk about how our brain works and why we remember somethings and not others.

Then I give you the three tips that help us leverage this knowledge to remember peoples names.

It’s really simple and you can start doing it right away.

In case you don’t have good video or you can’t watch it right now, here are the three points. [Read more...]

Team Ironman Chipper Workout

I love to throw these workouts at clients.

They build team work and allow clients to work at their own pace and use their own tactics for knocking over reps.

It’s awesome.


Team Ironman

Warm Up

Mobility and then Flag Tag


Split the group into teams of four. Use the Quick and Dirty method to quickly sort them into teams of similar fitness level.

Teams will compete to complete the list of exercises below first.

The must complete the exercises in the order written. They may not continue on to the next exercise until all reps are completed.

Scale reps for smaller groups or less fit clients.


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No One Tells You This: Confidence Takes Time

Images: Bleak | Thomas, Tag | Zoe


My palms sweated causing the ball point pen in my hand to grow slippery.

I put it down.

‘Erm,’ I stammered, ‘You see, if you buy a 5 or a 10 pack you can save some money.’

I nervously pointed on the piece of paper on the round aluminium cafe style table between us.

I was in a gym in Preston, Victoria. Stumbling my way through a sales script I had read online and tried to memorize.

I had just completed a free trial personal training session with a member of the gym and was now poorly attempting to sell her more sessions.

It was 3 months since I qualified as a personal trainer, I had zero clients and yet I was attempting to charge more than any other trainer in my gym. I had been told during my schooling that I should value what I do and not just charge less because everyone else is.

It was a great theory but in practice I was struggling to execute it.

The girl on the other side of the table looked at the piece of paper my sweaty hand was now leaving a grease spot on.

I tried to smile reassuringly. I probably looked like I was just baring my teeth at her.

Don’t say anything now. I had read. Stay quiet for as long as it takes for them to say something.

‘Uh, if you sign up for a 10 pack I’ll throw in an extra two sessions,’ I blurted out. [Read more...]