My 8 Favourite Bootcamp Instagram Accounts

Recently on Instagram I have been seeing more and more great training ideas coming across my feed.

Instagram is awesome for showing one, simple thing in a picture or a video. From a users point of view, in less than a minute you have a new idea or inspiration that you can take and use right away.

Much faster than watching a lengthy YouTube video or reading a long blog post.

Stride Fit


Rob at Stride Fit posts some of the most eye catching pictures that come across my Instagram feed. This is a great account to follow if you want to see the kind of photos you should be publishing on your Instagram account.

Kjell Crowe


Kjell (pronounced ‘Shell’) has been posting some awesome video compilations of exercises you can use with various pieces of your bootcamp equipment.

Happy Hour Fit Club


Aside from the awesome name, Happy Hour Fit Club’s Instagram just emanates their brand. A good example of aligning your Instagram with your philosophy.

Primal NRG Fitness


Running your bootcamp indoors? Check out these guys. [Read more...]

3 Tactics To Remember Your Clients Names You Can Start Doing Today

This week you get to see my hairy face again as I talk about three tactics to remembering your clients names.

In the video I get all deep and talk about how our brain works and why we remember somethings and not others.

Then I give you the three tips that help us leverage this knowledge to remember peoples names.

It’s really simple and you can start doing it right away.

In case you don’t have good video or you can’t watch it right now, here are the three points. [Read more...]

Team Ironman Chipper Workout

I love to throw these workouts at clients.

They build team work and allow clients to work at their own pace and use their own tactics for knocking over reps.

It’s awesome.


Team Ironman

Warm Up

Mobility and then Flag Tag


Split the group into teams of four. Use the Quick and Dirty method to quickly sort them into teams of similar fitness level.

Teams will compete to complete the list of exercises below first.

The must complete the exercises in the order written. They may not continue on to the next exercise until all reps are completed.

Scale reps for smaller groups or less fit clients.


[Read more...]