Spelling Game Team Workout

This week’s workout is from Ben Palmer of Ben Palmer PT. Thanks for sharing Ben!


Spelling B(ootcamp)

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment needed: Cards for writing on, tubs/buckets

Set Up

  1. Write up a number of cards (number will depend on the number of clients). Use words related to fitness (squat,goal.nutrition etc)
  2. Place these cards in two tubs in two locations (1 close, 1 a bit farther)
  3. Split the group to two teams and give each a dice.

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4 Steps to Sold Out Group Fitness Classes

Today’s article is from Laura Jackson. A few weeks she shared with us her story about leaving her corporate job starting her bootcamp for women. Today she is sharing part 2 on how she took that new bootcamp to a consistently full classes.

I’ll let her take it away. – Kyle


orde pink

When I first launched FIT CHICKS, we had 1 location in Toronto and 7 chicks showed up. Within a year, we had spread like wildfire to over 20 locations across Canada and were receiving daily emails and phone calls from women wanting us to launch programs in their area.

We didn’t spend thousands of dollars on marketing.

At the time we had a very limited website with little functionality.

But we were in HIGH DEMAND (and have been ever since).

So what did we do that was different than our competition?

The reality is there are a million bootcamps, classes and trainers that your clients can choose from. So why are they going to choose you and CONTINUE to choose you?

It’s not for the coupons, discounts or time slots that you offer classes.

The BEST way to build SOLD OUT programs is to not focus on HOW to get clients into your class BUT to focus on WHAT you are delivering at EVERY class. (And we will show you how..read on)

Here are 4 of our tips to building awesome (and packed!) classes…FIT CHICKS Style!

1. Create A True Experience

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Bodyweight Workouts for Fitness Trainers Review (plus free download)

As trainers we want to keep our workouts as fresh and interesting as possible. Giving awesome workouts is something that we can easily control and is a great way to grow your business (that’s kinda the whole point in this website).

When keeping things fresh you have two options:

  1. introduce new equipment on a regular basis
  2. come up with exciting and innovative new drills

The first option is great but can end up being fairly expensive. When you are just starting out you often don’t have the capital to buy a whole bunch of equipment. This is when you have to come up with awesome drills yourself.

Filling your workouts with awesome drills is a great habit to get into anyway. There is enough cookie cutter programs out there already, as bootcamp owners we have the power to be something different.

That’s why I wanted to review Sean McCrory’s new ebook, because he’s sharing workouts that are all about being creative with the drills. In fact, his ebook only requires your client’s bodyweight.

Bodyweight Workouts


Easy to Navigate

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