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Kyle Wood created Bootcamp Ideas in 2010 when he was hunting around on the internet for workout ideas. He ran a successful bootcamp in Victoria, Australia and spends his spare time managing this site, adventuring (or lazying) with his wife and find new ways to make bootcamps even better.

It’s Coming

It’s really really close. Keep watching!

New and Improved BootcampIdeas.com Is Coming Monday

This weekend things at BootcampIdeas.com are going to get very, very quiet.

Because come Monday, they are going to get very loud.

The website is going to undergo a major overhaul visually and functionally. That means it’s going to look different and also act a little differently.

I hope this doesn’t disorient you too much. I’ll try to put everything back together at the end.

old website

Farewell old design

Why am I doing this?

As much as I love the minimalist look of Bootcamp Ideas, the actual website is starting to get a little dated.

Better on mobile devices

I know a lot of you access the website on your phones, so the new design will look much better and be easier to read on a mobile device.

Easier to navigate and more email opt ins

I also want to make the website more friendly for new comers. Over 24,000 new visitors stumble across this site each month and I’d love for more of them to stick around and help this community grow even larger.

The best way to do that is to make it super obvious when someone comes to the website where they can go to start getting the most out of the website.

Easier to access the archives

The redesign will also include some useful new changes that you can read about below.

What will be new?

While a chief reason for the redesign was business and technology related, I wanted to include some useful changes for you guys too.

Guest submission archive

You will now be able to easily access all of the past workouts that other trainers have submitted in one handy list.

The Avengers Workout Series

I’ve revamped an old workout series I posted on here into an awesome little four-workout PDF that will be free for email subscribers.

The new Manifesto in pride of place

When a new trainer comes to this site I want them to be able to see what we are all about right away. Rule 1 of the BCI Trainers Manifesto will be on the main page.

Easy access to the most popular articles and workouts ever put on Bootcamp Ideas

Workouts are one part of the equation in a Bootcamp business. The other side is managing the day to day. I’ll leave the most popular business articles and workouts from here in an easy place to find them.

That’s all for now. There are a couple of other changes that I will leave as a surprise.

Now to you:

What changes would you like to see to Bootcamp Ideas?

Share your suggestions below.

- Kyle

Progressor Partner Bootcamp Circuit

After last week’s mostly bodyweight mix, this weeks workout is quite equipment heavy.

You will need bands, medballs, ropes and dumbbells. Of course, if you don’t have any or all of these you can simply swap them out by using your environment.

Here are some suggestions:

No rope – do a hill or stairs drill here instead
No bands – railing or more dumbbells
No medballs – do a body weight step up progression instead of the medball lunge
No dumbbells – you really need weights for this so find some kettlebells, sandbags or tyres


It Gets Harder

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Cones, Medballs, Bands, Ropes, Dumbbells

Warm Up

RPS Sprints

How it works

This workout is designed to get harder and harder each round. We start with a simple drill in the first round and add complexity each round (particularly on the bands and medballs).

This allows our clients’ bodies to prepare for the final, most difficult round.

Pair up clients with someone of a similar fitness level. They will complete each drill as a pair, alternating between exercisers as they go.

The timekeeper on each round is the DB suicides.

The stations

Round 1

1 – Dumbbells

Set up a suicide run with cones (6 cones in a line, 5 metres between each cone – 25m total).

Each pair has 2 DBs, one each. They both pick up one and holding it Goblet style walk to the first cone where they drop the weight on the ground. Then they turn around, run to the start and then run back out to their weight. Picking up the weight again they walk to the next cone where they drop it again. Then they run to the start line and back again. They continue moving the DB forward one cone at a time until they reach the end.

Once they reach the end they should repeat the drill, this time the end line is the start and the start line is the end.

2 – Medballs

Swap exercises once lunges are complete. Continue swapping until it’s time to change stations.

Partner A: Medball Forward Lunges x5/leg
Partner B: Medball High Plank – plank with straight arms, both hands on a medball

3 – Ropes

Swap exercises once rope drill is complete. Continue swapping until it’s time to change stations.

Partner A: Rope Pull In – start with the rope in a straight line (add a weight to the end if you can). Pull rope in hand over hand until it is pooled at your feet.
Partner B: Rest.

4 – Bands

Swap exercises once rows are complete. Continue swapping until it’s time to change stations.

Partner A: Band Rows x10
Partner B: Pallof Press Hold

Round 2

1 – Dumbbells

Same as Round 1. This time hold the DB overhead.

2 – Medballs

Swap exercises once lunges are complete. Continue swapping until it’s time to change stations.

Partner A: Overhead Medball Forward Lunges x5/leg
Partner B: Low Plank w/ feet on medball

3 – Ropes

30m rope sprints. Alternate sprints with partner.

4 – Bands

Swap exercises once row, press are complete. Continue swapping until it’s time to change stations.

Partner A: Band Row and Press x5
Partner B: Side Plank Hold

Round 3

1 – Dumbbells

Same as Round 1. This time hold the DB suitcase style.

Alternate the hand holding the DB each time you pick it up.

2 – Medballs

Swap exercises once lunges are complete. Continue swapping until it’s time to change stations.

Partner A: Medball Forward Lunge w/ Slam x5/leg – Slam medball on inside of forward foot.
Partner B: Medball Hand Walkover - Start with medball to right of hands in a high plank. Walk hands onto medball and off the other side. Walk back. Keep core tight.

3 – Ropes

Swap exercises once rope drill is complete. Continue swapping until it’s time to change stations.

Partner A: Rope Combo (see video below)
Partner B: Rest.

4 – Bands

Swap exercises once rows are complete. Continue swapping until it’s time to change stations.

Partner A: Band Rows and Press and Squat x5
Partner B: Gravediggers



Rope Combo from round 3


Do you use battling ropes at your bootcamp regularly?

Well I really think you will love my Tyres and Ropes book. It’s chock full of bootcamp ideas for tyres and ropes.

Find out more about what’s inside.

- Kyle

The BCI Trainers Manifesto

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

- Dalai Lama

Being a trainer and a business owner is tough.

One of the first things I remember thinking as a brand new trainer was ‘Sh*t, there is a LOT of information out there.’

One website contradicts another and a third contradicts both of them.

Everyone wants to prove that their method is the best. The one magical method to end all other training styles.

Here at Bootcamp Ideas though, we’re not too worried about that.

We don’t really mind what method you choose to train your clients. All we really care about is your attitude, passion and compassion.

Sure if you want some guidance, we’ll give it to you, but no judgment will come through.

The rules below are what we stand for. If you are wondering if Bootcamp Ideas is for you, this is the best way to find out.

1. A deep sense of wanting to help people is what guides our motives.

Need help planning a session?

We got ya.

Got a difficult client that you are dealing with?

Let’s see if we can help.

This is the most important trait of our community.

It’s this attitude which has lead many of us down the personal training and group fitness path and it’s this same quality which makes the Bootcamp Ideas community unlike any other.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

2. We believe that you should always promote what the body can do over what the body can look like.

We dislike it when companies use unrealistic stock photography on their advertisements.

We hate seeing fear of not fitting in being used to sell fitness.

We cannot stand being another pawn in an industry that is built on shaming people’s body shapes.

In fact we find it downright embarrassing to consider that we are associated with an industry that does.

If you are sick if seeing our industry continuing to go in this direction, welcome aboard.

We choose not to go down that path. Instead we focus out marketing efforts on what your body can do if it’s fit and healthy. We play the long game with out clients, setting them up for a lifetime of success.

3. We love bootcamps because bootcamps are fun.

Bootcamp workouts can vary immensely from session to session. One week of bootcamp workouts can involve retraining the core, epic team challenges, MMA inspired workouts and high intensity strength sessions.

This variety allows us to train our clients through all spectrum of fitness. From triathletes to those who haven’t trained in 20 years.

This variety is what keeps our clients coming back to our sessions, excited for what is in store for them today.

This variety is one thing that makes bootcamps FUN!

Looking for some variety for your bootcamps? Start with our most popular workouts.

4. We love bootcamps because bootcamps are a reflection of the trainers creativity.

Bootcamps are not regulated by any governing body. If you can run group fitness clasess, you can run a bootcamp.

We believe that is awesome because that means you can mold you bootcamp to be a creative reflection of yourself.

We create bootcamps that showcase our best talents and favourite training styles.

We are not the Starbucks of the fitness industry. We are the delicious neighbourhood cafe that serves an amazing breakfast menu all day long.

5. We don’t like to see shame or fear used to encourage people to diet or exercise.

We stand for what is right, not what will sell quickly.

To change a quote from The Dark Knight:

“Because you’re the hero your clients deserve, not the ripped abs, supplement pushing, instagram selfying trainer they think they need. You’re a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.”

(Apologies to those who can’t help but rock a 6 pack year round)

Does that mean we can’t make money? Of course it doesn’t. Many successful bootcamp owners are part of the Bootcamp Ideas community. Owners who choose to lift their clients up and show them what they are capable of without having to eat insanely low amounts of food or exercising non stop all week.

We are here to trust, inspire and deliver. – Elena Serena Ogle

6. We are brothers and sisters in arms. We choose abundance over scarcity.

We all have a common goal which is outlined in rule 1.

We want to help people.

While our instinct is to protect ourselves by keeping our knowledge and wisdom to ourselves, we believe the more information we can share with each other the more successful we will all be.

The mindset of scarcity sees the world as a limited place. A place where a bootcamp opening down the road is a threat. This is the mindset that will lead you to bad mouthing other fitness groups and tearing down their flyers at the community notice board.

The mindset of abundance sees a world of endless opportunity. A bootcamp opening down the road is an opportunity to run joint fundraisers. To sub in for each other when the other goes on holidays and to see more of the community getting outside and getting fit.

Once you join our community you will receive an amazing amount of support and information. We hope you take the time to share some back with us.

Are you ready?

Those are the 6 rules that hold up the Bootcamp Ideas community. If it sounds like you, then join us.

Normally this would be the part where I would ask you to join the email list and become a regular reader of Bootcamp Ideas. Today, I have something different.

I am working on a new project for Bootcamp Ideas and I need some help. You can read more about it here but to put is simply think about this.

At the moment there are two types of people in the Bootcamp Ideas community:

  1. The casual reader who pops on here from time to time when they need a quick workout.
  2. The community member who reads the emails, contributes on Facebook and occasionally submits a workout for the blog.

I want to open a space for a third type of person. A tribe member. This is the type of trainer who wants to have their bootcamp give them a full time income, who is willing to work and learn from other more experienced trainers. A trainer who shares the 6 qualities above and is looking for some accountability and support to make awesome things happen.

If that sounds like you, or something you might be interested in.

Come check it out.

Much love,


Plank Circles Drill

Last weekend I attended a joint bootcamp between Homegrown Fit and Healthy Muhm. It was really cool to see the two bootcamp groups come together for a workout.

I picked up this really fun plank drill while I was there.

2014-08-16 09.39.30

Plank Circles

This is an awesome way to either finish off your group or to use as part of a warm up.

Time: 1 minute per round. Do 3-5 rounds at a time.

Group size: 6+

How To:

  • Get everyone in a plank circle, heads in the middle, shoulders touching.
  • One person starts the drill by standing up and stepping over the legs of the person to their right.
  • Then they continue running around the circle, stepping over everyone’s legs til they get back to where they started.
  • The next person goes once the person to their left has stood up and stepped over their legs. You can see this in the video if you watch it.


For more drills and workouts like this to be sent to you weekly, join our merry email list.