Bootcamp Ideas Competition 2015

bci competition

Welcome trainers to the sometimes annual Bootcamp Ideas Competition!

With all of the shifting around last year I didn’t end up running one…


This year is seriously amazing so it totally makes up for it.

How To Enter

Contestants will submit one of their favourite workouts in the proper format (see below). Voting will then be conducted by the Bootcamp Ideas readers and our judges.

Successful entrants will be posted as they come in on Bootcamp Ideas for everyone to check out.

To be a successful entrant your workout should follow (at least closely) the format outlines below. Any unusual exercises should have links to a video demo or a thorough explanation.

I know a lot of your write your workouts in shorthand, please expand them into long hand before submitting your entry. [Read more…]

Partner AMRAP Tyre Workout

This workout is from the talented Stephanie Henderson of Bootcamp SE16. Thanks Steph!

amrap partnered smash

AMRAP Partnered Smash

Type: HIT, Partner

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Tyres, Cones

In partners, one runs, one completes the exercises below.

Running distance – 220 meters is good, use cones to mark.

The one completing the exercise keeps count, then when pairs swap, write down reps and add them all up after. It’s tough!

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13 Simple to Coach Push Up Variations

2014-04-25 13.54.14

Push ups are one of the top four most commonly used exercises in bootcamp sessions.

That doesn’t mean we should stop using them as often, but it does mean that maybe it’s time to get a little more creative with what variations we use.

The variations below feature two important aspects:

  • they don’t require any additional equipment
  • they are really easy to coach.

I see a lot of trainers pulling the latest crazy advanced push up they found on YouTube and trying to include it in their bootcamp. And then I see no one at that bootcamp actually doing the movement correctly.

Bootcamp movements should be effective and easy to coach. We want out clients getting the most out of their session while also keeping them safe and mobile with correct technique.

1. Yoga Push Ups

Use this movement in your warm ups to help open the shoulders.

2. Chest 2 Deck Push Ups

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