Hill Circuit and EMOM Workout

Today’s workout is a great way to kick off a new round of bootcamps.

It includes a little bit of everything and will let you get a good idea of the base fitness level of any new comers.


Crest The Hill

Duration: 45 minutes

Equipment: None (maybe just some mats)

Part 1 – Timekeeper Circuits

Split the group into teams of three. Make them handicapped groups if you can.

Each group will run their own 3 station circuit. One exercise will be using the hill, the next exercise will be a core exercise and the third exercise will be something else useful.

The hill exercise is the timekeeper. So the other 2 team members keep repeating their exercise until the team member on the hill finishes. Then they rotate around the circuit.

Exercises 2 and 3 are done at the base of the hill.

The teams of 3 should aim to be the fastest to complete their circuit 3 times. Take a 2 minute break to allow everyone to finish and then start the next circuit.

Circuit 1

  1. Lunge up hill – run down
  2. Bird Dogs
  3. Dead Bugs (legs only)

Circuit 2

  1. High knee skipping up hill – run down
  2. Plank
  3. Push Up w/ lateral step between each rep

Circuit 3

  1. Backpedal up hill – run down (normally)
  2. Side Plank – swap sides as needed without resting
  3. Deep Squat

Part 2 – EMOM

EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute

Place a line of cones around 15 metres up your hill.

At the base of the hill, every minute on the minute clients must perform 1 burpee (or scaled exercise, see below) and then sprint up the hill to the line of cones. They should be back down the bottom of the hill by the start of the next minute.

Each round the number of reps of the burpees will increase by 1.

Run EMOM for 10 minutes.

Advanced: Burpees
Intermediate: Squat thrust
Beginners: Squat w/ calf raise at top



In my new resource, Workouts, there is an entire month of training that only require bands, bodyweight and a hill, just like today’s workout.

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My Secrets To Planning Awesome Workouts Time After Time

Today’s post is an excerpt from the new version of the little bootcamp book of Workouts.

How To Plan A Workout

Once you have got your general idea or goal for a workout it’s now just a matter of fleshing it out into a one hour or 45 minute session.

I know most of your reading this book run one hour sessions so I’m going to run you through how I plan out a session for that time length.

The general order of events for one of my workouts is:

  • Warm Up
  • Game
  • Main Drill
  • Finisher
  • Cooldown

How long each of those parts will take all depends on how long the main drill of that day is.

Sometimes it’s a big strength drill challenge that takes 40 minutes leaving me just time for a warm up and cooldown. Othertimes it’s a high intensity 20 minute long drill which means that we will spend more time mobilizing and playing games that day.

Approximating times

One thing you will struggle with if you are just starting with group training planning is approximating how long it will take your group to complete a drill.

[Read more…]

Filthy Fifty Bootcamp Workout

This week’s workout is from Kate Skerten of Whangarei, New Zealand. Thanks for sharing Kate!


Filthy 50’s

Type: Strength

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Power Bags/Sand Bags, Kettlebells, Medballs, Steps/Bench

Warm Up

Run one lap of basketball court.

Tabata: Mountain Climbers (20 sec on 10 sec off ×8)


Reps can be broken down into sets to be more manageable. Eg. two sets of 20 reps and one set of 10 reps. [Read more…]