Partner Bootcamp Workout using Stairs

A trend I’m seeing at the moment is that the park you choose to run your bootcamp can play a big part on the success of your bootcamp.

The more hills, stairs, benches and railings you can use, the more variety you can offer at your bootcamp sessions (before you even spend a cent on equipment).

Stair Run

All For Show

Type: HIT, Cardio

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Stairs, Railing, Benches, Bands

Have clients find a pair or pair them up yourself. Pairs should be evenly matched speed wise.

Keeping the pairs together, split the group into two groups. One group will head to the stairs, the other group will start on the benches.

If you have a small group there is no need to split up. Do group 1’s drill together and then group 2’s drill together.

Drill 1

Group 1 starts here.

Pairs race to the top of the stairs one pair at a time when the trainer yells ‘Go!’. Once they get to the top, pairs should walk back down.

Continue until group 2 have completed drill 2 or a timer for 10 minutes is up, which ever comes first. [Read more...]

Why One Negative Comment Can Completely Ruin Your Day

After I ran my very first 4 week bootcamp I sent out a survey to get feedback for improvement.

Now 90% of the comments and feedback was positive. A few people complained about running (yes, we’ve all had those) and some complained about the fitness level variation (something I improved after that). In one section 95% of the participants said they would recommend us to a friend.

Here are some of the things that people wrote:

I think Kyle does an awesome job.

Kyle was really good, made it fun without being fanatical

Every session is completely different. You never know what to expect! :) Everyone works at there own pace. Friendly & fun. Kyle keeps everyone moving & motivated. I’m sure it’s difficult for him considering we are all so different in our fitness levels. Me, being one of the ‘slower’ ones, never felt left out or that i was holding back the others who were fitter!

I did get a chance to learn new exercises and correct the way I was already doing some workouts. I really enjoyed the team exercises and working with other people. I also thought Kyle was great and helpful.

The people – so friendly and Kyle was a great group trainer. Even though training required three early mornings per week, I didn’t dread going when I got up and that had a lot to do with the style of training (motivating and supportive) and the mix of activities.

Kyle was a great trainer. He took it seriously but also knew how to have a laugh, and not make everyone intimidated by the experience. I would definitely recomend him as a trainer to anyone interested. It was also a good group of people, and being in beautiful Fairfield Park was nice (more enjoyable than being stuck indoors). There was also a really good mix of activities, so the time went fairly quickly – you never got bored of doing the one thing repeatedly like in a gym class.

I really liked that most of the exercise was weight bearing as I felt this was better for my body. Kyle is very motivational. The location is lovely and the people were great.

What wonderful feedback!

No, I’m not sharing these comments to big note myself.

I’m sharing these because until I went back through the feedback to research this post I had completely forgotten about all the lovely things people wrote.

Actually the comment below is the only one I remember. 4 and a half years later, this one comment.

I appreciated Kyle’s trying to keep training activities diverse and interesting. I think with more experience he will be an excellent trainer.

When I read this it cut through me like a knife.

I felt like a complete failure. [Read more...]

2 Awesome Warm Up Drills

Today I have two short warm up drills for you.

The first drill is perfect for Apple season you Northern Hemispherers. If you don’t have apples you can use cones or tennis balls.


Apple Pickin’ Fun

From Linda Holliday

We always stand in a circle arm distance apart so we can clap and jump, laugh and be loud to get everyone pumped up.

We started our circuit workout with a game for warm up. Being Fall and all, I bought enough apples to put in the middle of huge circle. On the outside of the circle I had cones set up to mark the perimeter.

I had one less apple than participants so like musical chair theme but with big shiny red apples.

On the whistle they ran as fast as possible to center to “pick” an apple and run back to the marked perimeter.

The person without an apple had to run and collect the apples and place back in center with 1 apple taken out. Repeat until there is a winner. [Read more...]