7 Bodyweight Partner Exercises

Want to build more community among your clients?

Try these partner exercises that will get your clients laughing and working hard without realising it.

High 5 Squat Jump

This is by far my favourite warm up exercise. Thanks to my friend Cam for this one.

Partner Push Overs

Swap legs every time someone goes off balance.

Target Abs

Partner Stand Ups

This challenging exercise will end in laughter. Or tears.

Plank Low 5’s

Add a push up between low 5’s to make this more challenging (picture).

Partner Kick Ups

Get Up Help Up

Campers can’t do deck squats by themselves? Have them do it in pairs.

Partner Squats

partner squats

See many of these exercises in action in Beyond Burpees.


Have you got an exercise better than one of these? Share with us in the comments below.

Dumbbell HIIT Bootcamp Workout

This weeks workout was shared by Leah Bleakley. Thanks Leah!

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classic dumbbell ss

Superset Bootcamp

Time: 60 minute

Equipment: Dumbbells, Cones

Warm Up

Set up a 20m x 15m rectangle of cones around you space.

  • 1st lap walking, at each corners 4 tap jacks
  • 2nd lap jogging, at each corner 4 jumping jacks
  • 3rd lap right side shuffle, at each corner 4 plyo jacks
  • 4th lap left side shuffle, at each corner 4 frog squats
  • 5th lap skipping, at each corner 4 plank jacks

Tap jack: Arms follow a standard jack, legs are high knee marching. As leg come up clap hands under leg. Great for individuals with foot injury or have difficulty jumping.

Plyo jack: You jump out, just as you would in a jumping jack, but slightly slow things down and add a deep squat. When you jump your feet back together, you land in another deep squat.


Drill 1:


50 Sec work 10 sec rest. Repeat 3 times.

A1) Push Ups
A2) 1st Set: DB Row. 2nd Set: Alternate neutral grip and pronated grip row. 3rd Set: Alternate neutral grip, pronated grip and rotate palm to face outwards.

B1) Lunge with DB curls
B2) Romanian Deadlift

Core straight sets:

C) 1st Set: Elbow Plank. 2nd Set: Right Side Plank. 3rd Set: Left Side Plank.

Tabata finisher:

20 sec work 10 sec rest – 8 rounds. Do 2 rounds of each:

  1. Line Jumps
  2. Jacks
  3. Skaters
  4. Mt Climbers

Drill 2:

50 Sec work 10 sec rest. Repeat 3 times.

A1) DB Pullovers
A2) DB Push Press

B1) 1st Set: Squat. 2nd Set: 2-2-0 count squat. 3rd Set: 0-3-3 count squat.
B2) 1st Set: Glute Bridge w/weight on hips. 2nd Set: Single Leg Glute Bridge Right w/ weight. 3rd Set: Single Leg Glute Bridge Left w/weight.

Note: 2-2-0 count = 2 seconds down, 2 second pause at bottom, fast up! 0-3-3 count = normal down, 3 second pause at bottom, 3 seconds to come up.

Core straight sets:

C) 1st Set: Cross Leg Crunch Left. 2nd Set: Cross Leg Crunch Right. 3rd Set: Russian twist w/weight.

Tabata finisher:

20 sec work 10 sec rest – 8 rounds. Do 2 rounds of each:

  1. Squat Jumps
  2. Squat Thrusts
  3. Plyo Jacks
  4. Surfer turns



About Leah

Hey there name is Leah! I am owner/trainer at Fit 2 You by Leah. I am a traveling trainer and bootcamp instructor.

I have been instructing for over four years. My certification is thru AFAA and ACE. I have extensive experience in teaching boot camps, body pump classes, yoga and personal training. I also served in the U.S. Army where I learned my fundamentals of boot camp, ways to push and encourage my team beyond what they believed they could have accomplished. I simply love what I have been blessed to do!

Original image: CircaSassy

Fun Partner Bootcamp Workout

This workout is from Renae Sweeney of Tamworth, NSW. Thanks for sharing Renae!


Lotto Ladder

Type: Cardio/strength

Time: 60 min with warm up and cool down

Equipment: Small exercise station lotto cards (make them yourself, see below), Bag to pick lotto from, White board and marker

Set up:

Pair bootcampers up. Write the numbers 100, 90, 80 70 ….down to 10 down the left handside of the white board.

Put exercise station lotto cards into bag. Bootcampers decide as a team which number they want to draw for first.

Eg: If they decide on 50, a card gets drawn from the bag and they have to complete 50 of that exercise. Write this exercise on white board next to 50.

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