Election Time Bootcamp Workout (yes, really)

Thanks to Jordan Taylor of JT Fitness for today’s workout.

It was written in the spirit of the UK’s General Election and with the Presidential Election already getting momentum in the US it seemed like this could be used worldwide.

10 downing st

Fit For No. 10

(General Election Special)

There is 7 stations, each with a series of 4 exercises. Bootcampers do 30 seconds on each exercise before moving to the next station.

Have your bootcampers partner up for this one.

Repeat once more if needed.


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The Dungeons and Dragons Handbook for Group Fitness Planning

dnd character sheet 2

Not many of you know this but I am actually a MASSIVE geek.

I mean hello I run an online business.

For most of my adult life every Friday night I would take my bag of dice and my character sheet to my friend’s house and for that evening I would become Roger Rift – a wily ninja saving the town of Cauldron with a band of heroes.

If you’re not familiar with D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) it’s a role playing game where each person controls a fictional character. You keep track of your characters stats on a written piece of paper.

Then you work together with the other players to go on quests which help you gain experience and improve your stats. One person takes the role of the DM (Dungeon Master) who controls the world around you and the people and monsters you interact with.

There is no computer screens or software, just old school pen and paper and imagination.

Each character has six key stats that are decided at the start of the game. These are:

  • Strength – how strong and powerful you are
  • Dexterity – how agile and accurate you are
  • Constitution – your healthiness and fortitude
  • Wisdom – how well you make decisions
  • Intelligence – how well you understand complicated things
  • Charisma – how other people react and are influenced by you

How to use this when bootcamp planning

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In around 6 hours, the bundle of bootcamp goodies that has been dubbed, The Mother-Ship, will be blasting off into space never to return again! (That’s 6AM Sat PST, 9AM Sat EST, 11PM Sat AEST, 2PM Sat UK)

The bundle is a collection of resources from myself, Leon Melnicenko and Nadinne Wilkinson designed for bootcamp instructors and group fitness trainers.

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If you were to buy all of these products individually it would cost you over $800 but if you buy this bundle before it disappears you’ll only pay a fraction of that.

When you buy The Mother-Ship you get:

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​The best part is this:

Everything is backed by a 60-day refund policy. That means, you can buy today, try out the workouts and ideas in your session and if you decide it’s not right just email us and we’ll issue you a refund.

So all of the risk is on us, as it should be. So…

​Read about The Bootcamp Bundle (and buy) right here.

And on that note:

Whether you choose to buy or not, I do hope you plan on looking after your clients in the best possible way.

Because remember:

People will only stick with a fitness option that is interesting, continues to challenge them and has a fun, inviting community. And it’s up to you as the owner to ensure your addressing all of these.