Four By Four Bootcamp Workout

This week’s workout is from Cliff Holding of Edinburgh Fitness. Thanks Cliff!



Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Jump Ropes, Kettlebells, Dumbells, Mats, Step and Risers, Interval Timer

Warm up and Game

Jogging around in a large circle and carrying out instructions i.e. high knees, heel flicks, jumps, touching the ground, changing direction etc.

Game (of your choice) e.g. Piggy Back races across the studio, 5 squats and return. Change over and repeat.

Main Bit

The main workout consists of 4 stations of 4 exercises.

Split the group into 4 teams and allocate them one of the 4 stations to start at.

Each team completes the 4 exercises at their station and then moves onto the next station clockwise. [Read more…]

Superset Birthday Bootcamp Workout

It’s always fun when a birthday occurs (yours or one of your campers) ¬†at bootcamp because you get to plan an extra special birthday workout for them.

Here is one Miranda Laffin did for her 30th birthday. Thanks Miranda and Happy Birthday!

birthday cake

Birthday Bootcamp

I recently turned 30 and decided to make a workout based around me! :)

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Bands, Step (box), Mats

Warm Up

General: I have my participants run around the room, so high knees, butt kicks, side shuffle, then they walk and do big arm circles and knee hugs.


Each Drill has 2 exercises and you do each drill for 3 sets.

Drill 1 – Squat Jumps & Push-ups

  • Set 1: 30 reps
  • Set 2: 30 sec
  • Set 3: 30 reps

So for this one it would be:

  • Set 1: 30 squat jumps then 30 push-ups
  • Set 2: 30 seconds squat jumps then 30 seconds push-ups
  • Set 3: 30 squat jumps then 30 push-ups

Drill 2 – Alternating Lunges (or lunge jumps) & Side Shuffle [Read more…]