Mistakes Series: Not scheduling time for myself

What is this video?

I’ve taken up the challenge Dax Moy has issued to his Facebook group to create 30 videos in 30 days. Come join me in the challenge and give your fitness business a kick in the butt.

Today you don’t just have to look at my ugly mug, I have brought on a much more attractive face to look at.

Today is the first of series I would like to continue while meeting trainers around the US where I ask them what is the one major mistake they made when they started their bootcamp and what are they doing differently now.

Of course, these mistakes didn’t stop them from creating successful bootcamps, but they may help you out in your own business.

Who’s in the video

Erin Kreitz Shirey is a trainer, speaker, TV personality and all round super friendly person. She runs a bootcamp in Alameda, CA called Power Fitness PDX and also runs a fitness blog called Dig Deep, Play Hard.

Our second guest is her youngest daughter, Finley, who is completely adorable as you will see.

Erin talks about how easy it is to over commit yourself to your clients and why it’s so important to schedule time for yourself.



Apologies for the darkness of the video and the noise. I really wanted to get this on video and we didn’t have time to set up something better.


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How do I make my clients change? (and be consistent with their diet and exercise)

What is this video?

I’ve taken up the challenge Dax Moy has issued to his Facebook group to create 30 videos in 30 days. Come join me in the challenge and give your fitness business a kick in the butt.

A common question that I get here and see in our Facebook group is ‘How can I make my client(s) stick to their diet/coming to sessions/health habits?’

The answer is a really simple one:

You can’t.

You can’t force someone to change who isn’t ready. In this video I talk about why that is the case and what you can do to instead.

Now over to you

What are your tricks for helping clients change? What have you found to be effective?

What kind of additional services should you offer your campers?

What is this video?

I’ve taken up the challenge Dax Moy has issued to his Facebook group to create 30 videos in 30 days. Come join me in the challenge and give your fitness business a kick in the butt.

After a little tangent at the start where I try to explain that summer is a quite time of the year for bootcamps here in the US, I go on to a piece of advice I gave to a trainer who reads this site.

The advice is:

When trying to offer more services to your clients, don’t get caught up in making it all about you. It’s easy to do, I fall victim to this too.

It’s easy to get personally attached to your business ideas and to want them to succeed even in the face of information that is telling you that they won’t. It’s easy to think that you know best about what you clients need so you forget all about what they actually want.

You job is to find something in between. Find something that falls between what you think you need or what you want to do and something that they actually want to do.

For example:

You may think the best way for your clients to get healthier is to stat organising nutrition sessions. But maybe they would be happy with you just emailing them a new healthy, easy recipe every week.

Going to a nutrition session involves lots of extra work on the clients part to attend. Most people don’t want to do extra work. Their lives are busy enough.

Meet them some place they go anyway, like in their inbox.

Another example:

I know that an online forum at Bootcamp Ideas would be awesome. We could organise plenty of extra resources for trainers with that.

However, people don’t want to have to sign up to yet another thing and to travel to yet another website. A lot of people don’t even understand what a forum is. So we have a Facebook group.

Facebook is not as powerful as a forum but most people have a Facebook group and most people jump on there at least once a day. As a result we have a thriving online community.

Now to you

What kind of extra services do you offer your campers? How did you come up with the idea for them?

The Simple Guide To Planning Sessions For Mixed Fitness Levels

The Fitness Variation Cure

When someone joins the Bootcamp Ideas email list they are sent an email with a question:

‘What is the number one thing you are struggling with right now as a bootcamp trainer?’

I keep track of what trainers write back to me in a spreadsheet. To date over 250 trainers have taken the time to respond.

The most popular response I receive is not surprising. It’s why most trainers come to Bootcamp Ideas in the first place, ‘to find fresh workout ideas’.

The second most popular response I get is:

‘I struggle creating workouts that are effective for all of the different fitness levels in my bootcamp.’


I’ve heard you and have put together this little guide with some different ways to have your groups of mixed fitness levels work together seamlessly.

Let’s start with some planning tactics and then I’ll go into how to actually put them into practice.

Four methods for handling various fitness levels

1. Exercise Variations

Plan out your workout as you normally would. Once completed create 1 to 3 additional variations of the workout by modifying the exercises.

Doing this before the workout, rather than on the fly, makes you look more professional and serious about your clients fitness. So don’t wait until the session to try and make these modifications.

Here’s an example of a drill modified for different fitness levels:

Original drill:

10 minute AMRAP

  1. 15x Push Ups
  2. 15x KB Goblet Squat
  3. 10/side Side Plank Hip Drops
  4. 10m Bear crawl

Modified for different fitness levels:

10 minute AMRAP

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Reps
1.  Push Ups on knees Push Ups HRPU 15
2. 8kg KB Goblet Squat 12kg KB Goblet Squat 16kg KB Goblet Squat 15
3. Side Plank Hip Drops Alt. Side Plank Hip Drops Side Plank reach throughs 10/side
4. Bear crawl  Bear crawl Reverse Bear crawl 10 m

Alt. Side Plank Hip Drops: alternate sides each rep without letting hips touch ground in between.

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Hardstyle Bodyweight and Kettlebell Interval Workout

This weeks workout is from Matt Shore of Train Strong Personal Training. This is a kick ass strength driven work out. Thanks for sharing Matt!


Interval Weight Training – The Hardstyle Way

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Kettlebells

This training session is uses Kettlebells to deliver a savage Interval Weight Training Workout that will increase Strength, Power and Speed while creating a huge boost to Metabolic Rate for hours after the session has finished. The session is fairly advanced and not suitable for beginners.

Warm Up

400m easy run followed by mobility drills including hip flexor stretches, glute bridges, prying goblet squats, Kettlebell Halo’s, Kettlebell Arm Bars and Beast Crawling.

Drill 1

  • Body Weight Squat 20 seconds – full range of motion
  • Slow Pulse Squats at half depth 20 seconds
  • Squat Hold at half dept 20 seconds
  • FAST AND LOOSE 10 seconds
  • Hardstyle Plank 20 seconds
  • FAST AND LOOSE 10 seconds

Complete 3 rounds.

Then Drill 2

In teams of 3-4 of similar strength/ability.

Each team has a pair of kettlebells.

  • Double Kettlebell Squat * 5 reps
  • Broad Jump * 5 reps
  • Sprint 50m out and 50m back.

Player 2 follows and then 3 and 4.

Player 1 should start the next set once they are 90% recovered.

Each team member completes 5 sets.

Then 400m walk – easy pace recovery.

Then Drill 3

In same teams:-

  • 5 Double Kettlebell Press
  • 6 Alternate Kettlebell Renegade Rows
  • Sprint 50m out and 50m back.

Each player to complete 5 sets (as above) and not start the next until 90% recovered.

Finish with

400m in a square – at each corner perform 10 burpees.

Loosen off with 10 minutes of stretching and mobility.


On paper this workout is fairly low volume. The key is in the intensity and weight selection. Kettlebells should be chosen that 5 reps is comfortable and 7 reps would be a max effort. It goes without saying that the sprint should be all out for maximal effect.

Lying down between sets is common on this workout to speed recovery and remove the exhaust from the legs!

Exercise explanations

Fast and Loose is a Hardstyle term used to mean just shaking out, shaking the legs, arms and becoming loose. The idea is that the hardstyle of kettlebells is maximum intensity, maximum tension – so the flip side is fast and loose.

Hardstyle is called the Martial Arts of Kettlebells and so like martial arts maximum strength is developed via being able to be loose then assert maximum tension in the blink of an eye.

Hardstyle plank – form a plank, elbows below shoulders, heels squeezed togther, glutes contracted, abs braced with maximum intensity. The fists should be clenched tight and the idea is to create maximum internal tension in the plank. Breathing is sharp inhale via the nose and then release pressure as a “Tsssssssss” through the tongue placed against the roof of the mouth. As you exhale you become tighter and tighter.

The purpose of the hardstyle plank is to teach people how to generate maximum tension in the body so that when they squat or press at the top of the movement they are essentially a tight, vertical plank = better for maximum strength development and power.

About Matt

Matt Shore is the Director of Train Strong Personal Training in Eastbourne, East Sussex. He delivers 1-2-1 and Semi Private Personal Training and Outdoor Group Training to people from all walks of life.

Matt, a Strong First Kettlebell Trainer approaches fitness through the mind being primary and that strength has a greater purpose.


Kyle here again.

Thanks so much to all who downloaded a copy of Starting a Bootcamp Business. The response has been awesomely overwhelming! I hope you have been enjoying reading through it.

In the next couple of weeks you are going to see more changes happening here at Bootcamp Ideas I move this website into being an even better resource for bootcamp trainers. Stay tuned and make sure you are on the email list so you don’t miss out on all the awesome stuff going on.


Image: Andrew Malone (CC)