How To Inject Life and Fun Back Into Your Bootcamp Sessions


I had only been a trainer for about 6 months and I was taking any and all training work that I could get my hands on. That led to me running 5 bootcamp sessions, working for a Mums and Bubs fitness company 3 times a week and running group workouts twice a week in a PT studio.

I was having to come up with at least 7 new group workout ideas every single week. And there was absolutely nothing useful on the internet to help me.

That’s when Bootcamp Ideas was born. Because there comes a point, as trainers, where we are constantly coming up with new session after session and we just get burnt out of fresh ideas.

Your brain turns to fuzz, your workouts start becoming more cookie cutter and the rest of your business suffers as you spend all your spare time trying to trawl YouTube and Facebook for new ideas.

This is when we start to make some mistakes.

Mistakes We Start Making When The Ideas Run Out

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Team Training in Bootcamps (+ a sample workout)


Today’s article and drill is from new contributor Pat Carr.

There is a great dynamic that happens in group training that is awesome to take advantage of as a trainer. That is, people not wanting to let others down. It seems silly, but when put in the right situation, people are more willing to let themselves down, than they are to let a team down.

I’m sure many of you have experienced the following:

You are getting to the climactic point of your workout, and you are really pushing your clients to increase their intensity. You are throwing out all the motivational talk you’ve got, there’s a real buzz with some of your clients really giving it everything, yet some of them just aren’t pushing to the point that you know they can.

Obviously we don’t always want to push everyone to this maximum intensity in every session, as for some it isn’t safe to do so, and for others they simply don’t want to train that hard as it doesn’t tie in with their goals. But for those you want to push to the limit (and deep down they want it too) this can be frustrating.

Enter the team element.

By doing something as simple as grouping people together in small groups, and giving that group a target (or competing with other groups), all of a sudden people are much more willing to train a bit harder, because they don’t want to let down the other members of their group.

A very simple workout that uses this premise is shown below:

Part 1:

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Introducing Our New Writers

bci writers banner

Today I am pumped to announce to you all something.

For a long time Bootcamp Ideas has been a one man show.

I get help from time to time. You may remember the awesome ebook with Jessica Griffin I did called Beyond Burpees. Or a series that Garry Robinson ran on here. For the Bootcamp Ideas I called in the help of one of our community, Loren Williams.

And then of course any new projects I start, I run first by my Chief Balance Officer, my wife Zoe. (thanks Scott for coming up with the CBO title)

A few weeks ago though I decided it was time to start looking at adding some more permanent members to the team. People who could help Bootcamp Ideas and The Trainers Tribe grow to something that I alone cannot create.

I’ve brought on four new candidates who you will see writing for Bootcamp Ideas. I’m really excited about this as they each have their own styles and will bring a lot of new flavour and ideas to your workouts.

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