Rounds or Minutes – Team Workout

This workout is from Lori Watson of Outdoor Fitness Fun. Thanks for sharing Lori!

Rounds (1)

Rounds or Minutes – YOU Decide.

Equipment needed: 15-20 Boards/Cards, Dice

Time: 60 minutes

You will need a group 3+ people.

Set up

On the 15-20 Individual white boards or blank cards, write out 1 Exercise per 1 board/card.

Scatter the cards/boards face down across the room/field/court.


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Hill Sprinting, Pyramid Building, Rope Running Drill Circuit Workout


Last week, one amazing reader sent me a message on Facebook:

I wanted to say, I REALLY miss the great weekly workouts that used to be on the website. Never failed when I was in a rut and didn’t have time to write up a class, I’d get an email that there was a new one posted. You do an amazing job and I’ve bought all your manuals. Sometimes those extra workouts are a God send!

I know we haven’t been publishing as many workouts lately. That’s actually been intentional as we’ve been trying out some different articles with lists of drills and advice on planning out your sessions. We also published about 20 workouts in our competition last Feb/March.

If you’ve been enjoying these style of posts, scroll to the bottom of this workout and let us know in the comments. If you miss the workouts like the one below, tell us that too! Myself and the other contributors want to keep giving you what you want and need to help with your group fitness business.

Today I will be returning to our old style of article by sharing a workout.

In this workout I really wanted to include some kind of hill sprints (I’ve been loving putting them in this summer) but I knew that 10 sets of short hill sprints would probably only take 5-10 minutes. So I built the rest of this workout around them.

Do It Twice

Equipment needed: 15m Battling Rope, a hill, benches, Exercise Bands, Whiteboard

For a workout 60 minutes long. Start with a warm up and game before doing this workout.

Set Up

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20 Awesome Bootcamp Burpee Progressions


We all know how much our clients love burpees and how they request that we put them in every single workout (where is the sarcasm font on this thing!).

The least we can do for our client’s least favourite exercise (ie The Exercise That Shall Not Be Named) is to give them some variety from time to time. And for those clients of yours that actually DO love burpees, you can give them a challenge with some new progressions.

Liz, Pat, Rob, Robin and myself put our heads together and picked four of our favourite bootcamp burpee variations each to give you this mega list of 20 different burpees ideas for you to use.

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