How I Doubled My Instagram Subscribers in 30 Days

30 days

I feel dirty writing the headline to this article.

I feel dirty because while social media plays an important part in today’s world, it’s often hyped up by marketers as being a bigger deal than it actually is.

You can definitely build a successful business without a single social media account. In fact sometimes they can just be a complete distraction from doing what your business is mean to do.

However, for a community based business like a bootcamp or this website, it is a fantastic business.

The best way to build your business into a community is during the workout sessions. You already have their attention so make the most of it.

But how do you keep that attention and keeping them thinking about you and interacting with each other between sessions?

Social Media.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter don’t just get you in front of new people, they also give you a space where the discussion and friendship and camaraderie can continue after the workout is over.

I want to share with you an experiment I did on the Bootcamp Ideas Instagram account and at the end, I want to invite you to join me in running your own experiment. [Read more...]

Bootcamp Hopscotch Workout

Today’s workout comes from Rachel Soper of Body & Soul Fitness. Thanks Rachel!

hopscotch jump

Bootcamp Hopscotch

Type: HIT, Strength, Fun

Time: 60 minutes

Supplies: Sidewalk Chalk, Markers (dice, rocks etc.), Dumbbells

Set Up

Draw as many hopscotch boards as necessary. Set out enough markers to accommodate the group at each hopscotch board.

Display a list of 10 exercises and the number of reps for each at each hopscotch board. [Read more...]

Partner Bootcamp Workout using Stairs

A trend I’m seeing at the moment is that the park you choose to run your bootcamp can play a big part on the success of your bootcamp.

The more hills, stairs, benches and railings you can use, the more variety you can offer at your bootcamp sessions (before you even spend a cent on equipment).

Stair Run

All For Show

Type: HIT, Cardio

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Stairs, Railing, Benches, Bands

Have clients find a pair or pair them up yourself. Pairs should be evenly matched speed wise.

Keeping the pairs together, split the group into two groups. One group will head to the stairs, the other group will start on the benches.

If you have a small group there is no need to split up. Do group 1’s drill together and then group 2’s drill together.

Drill 1

Group 1 starts here.

Pairs race to the top of the stairs one pair at a time when the trainer yells ‘Go!’. Once they get to the top, pairs should walk back down.

Continue until group 2 have completed drill 2 or a timer for 10 minutes is up, which ever comes first. [Read more...]