Put Down the Stopwatch – Using Pacemakers in Class


We’ve all done it.

We’ve clutched our stopwatches and Gymboss‘ so tightly one would think it was permanently attached, timing everything from our cues to our heartbeats.

Sometimes using timed circuits or tabatas can get a little stale, especially when it is commonly used to structure a lesson plan. An easy way to break up the monotony of marching to the beat of the instructor’s drum is to let the campers set the pace and leave them to their own devices, so to speak. It is a great way to not only let them take control, but also hold each other accountable since they need to rely on each other.

Speaking of heartbeats, introducing the pacemaker.

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4 Finisher Workouts That’ll Get Your Bootcampers Buzzing


At the end of a hard and sweaty bootcamp ideally you want clients to leave feeling both:

A) wholesomely smashed and
B) chomping at the bit for more of the same at the next sesh.

A final 5-10 minute finisher workout is a great way of doing just that.

Just to go back to point A) briefly: I know a lot of instructors like to spring finishers on bootcampers purely as a way of brutalising them in those final few minutes. I suppose their aim is to leave them a little reminder the following day, when clients are forced to approach stairway descents backwards or swagger around like they’ve ridden a rodeo bull.

But be careful you’re not engraving a wholly uncomfortable memory of bootcamp. You also want campers to feel buzzing at the end of the session – smiling and motivated for more.

I’ve dug up four finishers that I think are a good mixture of pleasure AND pain.

1. The Challenge Circle

A finisher that gets campers working as a team, with the winners being the ones that complete the challenge first.

First split bootcampers into teams of 4-5 people and ask them to form a circle facing each other.  Part A of the challenge is to complete 100 reps of an exercise whilst done as a team by working around the circle one person at a time shouting the reps as they go. Use plyometric exercises to guarantee that finishing burn (sergeant jumps, tuck jumps, jumping get-ups, burpees and power push-ups all work well).

Now part B. When 100 reps are smashed, teams must run to you to receive a mystery team exercise. The first full team to complete this exercise, get back to the trainer and lie on the floor with legs in the air wins. To get campers smiling make sure the mystery exercises are inventive and use parts of the park or gym you’re working in, for example some of mine are:

  • Team link arms and run around three different trees
  • Each team member to touch two benches, two bins and one red car
  • All lunge walk 50 paces
  • Bear crawl the length of the gym and back

After a quick breather give them another round, changing the first exercise and giving a new mystery exercise.

2. Partner EMOM Suicide

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And on that note:

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Because remember:

People will only stick with a fitness option that is interesting, continues to challenge them and has a fun, inviting community. And it’s up to you as the owner to ensure your addressing all of these.