My 8 Favourite Bootcamp Instagram Accounts

Recently on Instagram I have been seeing more and more great training ideas coming across my feed.

Instagram is awesome for showing one, simple thing in a picture or a video. From a users point of view, in less than a minute you have a new idea or inspiration that you can take and use right away.

Much faster than watching a lengthy YouTube video or reading a long blog post.

Stride Fit


Rob at Stride Fit posts some of the most eye catching pictures that come across my Instagram feed. This is a great account to follow if you want to see the kind of photos you should be publishing on your Instagram account.

Kjell Crowe


Kjell (pronounced ‘Shell’) has been posting some awesome video compilations of exercises you can use with various pieces of your bootcamp equipment.

Happy Hour Fit Club


Aside from the awesome name, Happy Hour Fit Club’s Instagram just emanates their brand. A good example of aligning your Instagram with your philosophy.

Primal NRG Fitness


Running your bootcamp indoors? Check out these guys. [Read more...]

Tabata HIIT Bootcamp

Today’s workout caught my attention because of it’s name. I’m sure your clients will appreciate it.

Thanks to Nathan Smits of Roberts Snap Fitness for sharing.



Smits.High.Intensity.Interval.Training.Sessions (clients got a kick out of that)

This a great go to full body workout I implement in my boot camp classes. My studio is just big enough for about 8 people. So what I did was mark out 4 stations and set up each exercise out accordingly. What I have been using is a Tabata timing type format, each exercise 4 times 20s on : 10s off , then we rotate. Any more then that and people really burn out and anything less is to little.

Warm up

  • rollers
  • crosses & scorpions
  • jump rope (1.5min)
  • Dynamic stretching
  • inchworm
  • cartwheels.


Complete each circuit once.

Set #1 (4 stations)

1: Goblet squat (KB)

2: Box jump (knee height)

3: Lunge and press

4: Step ups (knee height)

Set #2

1: TRX chest press

2: TRX row

3: Box dips

4: Barbell curl and press

Set #3

1: Jumping jacks (resistance band around the ankles)

2: Mountain climbers (TRX)

3: Speed skaters

4: Burpees


3 way plank*

30s each direction x 2 ( forward-right-left)

*simple and effective

About Nathan

Nathan Smits has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science. He is the gym manager & director of personal training Snap Fitness Roberts, WI.

Feel free to contact him at his Facebook page if you have questions or comments


Kyle here again -

In case you missed it I’m running 30 Days of Bootcamp Ideas (one idea per day) over on the Bootcamp Ideas Instagram account.

You should come follow along if you aren’t already.

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In the video I get all deep and talk about how our brain works and why we remember somethings and not others.

Then I give you the three tips that help us leverage this knowledge to remember peoples names.

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