Christmas Bootcamp Boxing Workout

And now to continue with our Christmas Workouts! Here’s a boxing one I did this week.

Beautiful Christmas Trees in Field

Christmas Boxing

Time: 45 minutes (can be extended to 60 minutes with longer rounds)

Equipment: Boxing Gear, Cones

Warm up

Do a basic warm up and then move onto part 1 for the second part of your warm up.

Part 1 – Christmas Lunch Grab

Boxing pairs must grab as much ‘food’ as they can. To be able to send one of the pair out to grab some food they must first work for it by completing an exercise.

I had my pairs complete this simple shadow boxing combo:

Jab-cross, jab-cross, switch feet from orthodox to southpaw. Repeat in southpaw and switch back. x2

Once all the food has been picked up the game ends. Hopefully pairs have some matching boxing gloves and pads. If not have them trade with other pairs.

Food = one piece of boxing equipment (a focus pad or glove).

Part 2 – Christmas Waltz

Use these drills to work on your groups footwork. The pad holder should lead the movement.

Spent 2 minutes on each drill.

Combo 1 - 

Jab-cross, L uppercut, R uppercut.

Footwork: Between each combo move one step in a square.

Eg. Combo, step forward, combo, step left, combo, step back, combo, step right. Pairs should be back where they started.

Combo 2 -

Jab-cross, duck, R uppercut.

Footwork: Move in an ‘L’ shape like a traditional waltz.

Eg. Combo, step forward, combo, step back, combo, step left, combo, step right. Pairs should be back where they started.

Swap gloves and pads and go back to combo 1.

Part 3 – Another One, Please

Get your pairs into two lines, pad holders on one side and boxers on the other.

Start out everyone on the same two punch combo; jab-cross. Then ask one pair to add another punch/movement to the combo.

I let my group add a jab, cross, uppercut, hook or duck.

Then get another pair to add a movement and another and so on until you have a rather complicated combo that will test your clients coordination skills and memory.

Add punches every 20-40 seconds and cut the drill off at 4 minutes to let pairs swap over.

Part 4 – Knocking Out The Christmas Tree’s Lights

Set up around 13 cones in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Position pad holders at various cones around the tree excepting the cone at the top of the tree.

Boxers will complete three rounds of a combo before running in a clockwise direction to the next pad holder. At the cone at the top of the tree boxers will stop and complete 10 star jumps (jumping jacks) before continuing on.

The combo I used was jab-cross, uppercut-hook.

Continue for 2.5 minutes and then swap over.

boxing christmas tree



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Learn how to make awesome boxing workouts time after time with Bootcamp Boxing Ideas.


Image: Photo Extremist

Long Round Bootcamp Boxing

This workout is a rehashed version of a workout from Bootcamp Workout Ideas Vol 2. My clients liked the original so much that I went back, mixed up the exercises and here it is.

master apprentice

Thrash Boxing Revisited

Type: Boxing

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Boxing Gear

Warm Up

If you have new clients, cover jabs, crosses and uppercuts. Also cover correct stepping when moving around (not crossing legs over).

Round 1

Round 1 is a shadow boxing round. The entire group completes this together without Complete the following circuit 3 times as a group (no pads – just shadow boxing). Spend 30 seconds on each.

  • 3x Hard Left Upper, 3x Hard Right Upper
  • Close Hands Push Ups (Triceps)
  • High Knees Punches
  • Sprawl to wide Mountain Climber

Round 2

Pair up clients. Complete the entire 6 minute round before swapping pads and gloves and repeating.

  • 30s jab, right upper
  • 30s high straight punches


  • 30s jab-cross, duck (add a cross at the end in the second round)
  • 30s uppers


Round 3

Complete the following drill, repeat and THEN swap pads and gloves.

  • 90s Jab-cross, jab-cross. Then pad holder turn 90 degrees on spot left or right – boxer re-positions themselves quickly.
  • 60s 10s plank/5s rest for boxer. Pad holder rests.



Stretch arms, chest and lats.

Bootcamp Boxing Ideas

For those of you who run boxing workouts, you might be interested in my friend Garry’s new manual, Bootcamp Boxing Ideas.

The book is an in depth manual covering boxing for fitness (and fun), several methods for dealing with odd numbered groups, boxing warm ups and of course plenty of boxing drills to use. Check it out.


Image: Jonathan Kos-Read

Bootcamp Boxing Circuit

I thought I would try something a bit different with my campers last week. Normally I do intervals when we do boxing but this time I decided I would let them loose at a self paced circuit.

Partner Boxing

Boxing Circuit

*I got very creative with the name :)

Type: Boxing, Circuit

Duration: 45 minutes

Equipment: Boxing Gloves, Kick Pads, Sand Bag, Heavy Bag

Warm Up

Shadow boxing using some of the drills below.


Set up the following eight stations in a large circuit. Clients are to complete the circuit in order at their own pace (they will need to be in pairs).

I had intended for my class to do the circuit twice, but we only ended up getting through it once due to some overestimating on my part. If you want your group to do 2 rounds read my suggestions below each station.


1 – Punch Ladder and Squat Thrust Combo

Boxer does 20 jab-crosses. Both boxer and pad holder do 2 squat thrusts (burpee without the jump and push up). Boxer does 18 jab-crosses. Both do 2 squat thrusts. Boxer does 16 jab-crosses and so on until the final round of 2 jab-crosses.

To speed this one up go down by 4 punches each set instead of 2.

2 – Ground and Pound

Straddle (mount?) a heavy bag lying on the ground and do 100 punches. Partners take it in turns to complete (one rests, one punches).

Do 50 reps to speed this one up.

3 – Squat Station

10x Squat Jumps followed 10x (each side) Sandbag to Shoulders (squat down and lift sandbag off ground to one shoulder, place back on the ground and repeat). The pair completes this station together.

Do just 5 reps of each exercise each round to speed up.

4 – Boxer’s Shuttle

Set up two cones 10 metres apart, lets call them cone A and cone B. The pair start at cone A with the boxer doing 20 uppercuts. Then the boxer runs from cone A to cone B, back to cone A and then finishes on cone B. Meanwhile the pad holder just trots over to cone B and waits for the boxer. Repeat for a total of 6 times and then swap pads and gloves.

To speed up just do 3 rounds each.

5 - Punch Ladder and Push Up Combo

Boxer does 2 jab-crosses. Both boxer and pad holder do 2 push ups. Boxer does 4 jab-crosses. Both do 2 push ups. Boxer does 6  jab-crosses and so on until the final round of 20 jab-crosses.

To speed this one up go up by 4 punches each set instead of 2.

6 – Kick Me

Set up a couple of kick pads at this station. Partner A does 10x front kicks (each side) and 10x knees (each side). Repeat 2 more times for a total or 3 times. Swap and repeat for partner B.

To speed up just do one round each.

7 – Core station

10x side plank high 5′s (each side) and 10x partner plank low 5′s. Repeat for a total of 3 times.

To speed up just do one round each.

8 – Box and Push

Set up two cones 10 metres apart (cone A and cone B). The boxer does 4 hard jab-crosses immediately followed by 4 fast jab-crosses. Then the boxer pushes pad holder from cone A to cone B. Repeat again at cone B for total of 4 sets. Swap pads and repeat.

To speed up just do two rounds each.


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The Boxing Workout That Just Keeps On Giving

Give a real gift to your clients this Christmas. The gift of exercise. To quote a very un-PC trainer that I follow, ‘To be able to exercise on a regular basis is a gift. Use it.” – Kane Sumabat

Presents Under The Tree

Type: Cardio, Challenge

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Presents, Boxing Gloves, Focus Pads

Pre-Workout Set Up

Gather 30 envelopes. On 10 of them write ‘A’, on another 10 write ‘I’ and in the rest write ‘B’. These mark your advanced, intermediate and beginner presents respectively.

On some paper write or print out the exercises/drills below (or 10 others of your choosing). Cut them out and then place one exercise/drill in each envelope.

A sample advanced present. I numbered the corners to help clients keep track. I also laminated the exercises to make them easier to handle.

Warm Up

Instruct clients how to punch properly. Then go through some shadow boxing drills. I did uppercuts, jab cross squat thrust and jab cross jab cross shadow shove.

Main Drill

During your workout set up, select three trees to be your Christmas Trees. Under each place some boxing gloves, pads and a set of envelopes. One tree will have envelopes with advanced exercises in them, one will be intermediate and the other will have the beginner ones.

Clients will start by getting in pairs.

In their own time, clients should run to their fitness level tree and grab an envelope. Inside the envelope will be a drill/exercise. The group should complete it and return the envelope to under the tree. Note: both team members need to complete what is in the envelope. 60 punches means 60 punches each person.

I numbered my envelopes so that clients could keep track of which one’s they had completed.

My group took around 30 minutes to complete all envelopes under their tree. A couple of beginners and intermedidies finished early so I had them choose one or two envelopes from the advanced and intermediate trees while the other groups finished.

Drill/Exercise Beginner Intermediate Advanced
High Punches 60 each 80 each 100 each
10 Pushups + 50 Uppercuts Once each Twice each Three times each
Run around the block Once Once Once
Band Rows (partner holding) 40 each 55 each 70 each
Seated Vertical Punches 60 each 80 each 100 each
Uppercuts 70 each 100 each 130 each
Run The Snake Turn around at first bend Turn around at second bend Turn around at bottom
Split Squats 20 each leg 35 each leg 50 each leg
Jab, Cross, Squat Thrust 12 times each 18 times each 24 times each
J, C, J, C, Push 8 times each 10 times each 12 times each

Exercise descriptions

  • Run around the block: A run around the park approximately 500m long.
  • Seated Vertical Punches: The boxer sits on the ground with the pad holder standing behind them. The boxer punches straight up into the focus pads.
  • Run The Snake: The Snake is a very steep winding path in our park. It’s probably 100m long total but is quite tough. You could use multiple hill runs in place of this.
  • J, C, J, C, Push: This means jab, cross, jab, cross, push your partner back. To push the pad holder back, boxers should place both hands on their partners focus pads and shove them back in one big push. The pad holder will resist but still move backwards. The boxer then steps forwards and repeats.
  • Squat ThrustClick link for video.
  • High Punches: Jabs and crosses above the head height of the boxer.

Alternative: Don’t have boxing gloves? No worries, just use normal exercises and running drills.



That’s all for the Christmas workouts. However, we will still be running new workouts over the holidays so stay tuned.


Original Image: kevin dooley

Quick Boxing Interval Workout

We recently moved to shorter sessions for our bootcamp (60 minutes to 45 minutes) so I have been experimenting with some different workout techniques and drills to accommodate for having less time.

Below is a boxing workout I designed to keep both the pad holders and boxers moving for the entire session.

Bootcamp Boxing Intervals

Goals: HIT

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Boxing Gear, Mats

Warm Up

Get group in a circle. Run through some simple boxing combos (eg. Jab, cross, left hook, right hook) with feet shuffles and squat thrusts at the start of each combo. Use counting to get everyone in the same rhythm.

Move into shadow boxing using the drills below as a guide. Covering these exercises in the warm up will save time later in the drill.

Boxing Rounds

Each iteration below will last for 45 seconds unless otherwise indicated. Strength exercises are performed by both the pad holder and the boxer.

Round 1

45 seconds on each drill.

  1. Fast straight punches
  2. Push Ups
  3. Fast uppercuts
  4. Deck Squats
  5. Hooks
  6. Jump Squats
  7. Hard and heavy straight punches
  8. 90 sec rest for drinks and to swap pads

Time: 7 minutes x2 = 14 minutes

After both clients have completed round 1, take a slightly longer rest (~2 minutes) and prepare for round 2.

Round 2

  1. Combo: Jab, Cross, Hook, Hook
  2. Reverse Lunges on the spot
  3. Hard left hand uppercuts
  4. Alternating oblique crunches
  5. Hard right hand uppercuts
  6. Bent over shadow punches – bend over like doing a BB row, punch fast down towards to the ground – for both pad holder and boxer
  7. Fast high straight punches
  8. 90 sec rest and swap

Time = 7 mins x2 = 14 minutes


Pack up and stretch.

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Image: Marshall Astor – Food Fetishist