Christmas Bootcamp Boxing Workout

And now to continue with our Christmas Workouts! Here’s a boxing one I did this week.

Beautiful Christmas Trees in Field

Christmas Boxing

Time: 45 minutes (can be extended to 60 minutes with longer rounds)

Equipment: Boxing Gear, Cones

Warm up

Do a basic warm up and then move onto part 1 for the second part of your warm up.

Part 1 – Christmas Lunch Grab

Boxing pairs must grab as much ‘food’ as they can. To be able to send one of the pair out to grab some food they must first work for it by completing an exercise.

I had my pairs complete this simple shadow boxing combo:

Jab-cross, jab-cross, switch feet from orthodox to southpaw. Repeat in southpaw and switch back. x2

Once all the food has been picked up the game ends. Hopefully pairs have some matching boxing gloves and pads. If not have them trade with other pairs.

Food = one piece of boxing equipment (a focus pad or glove).

Part 2 – Christmas Waltz

Use these drills to work on your groups footwork. The pad holder should lead the movement.

Spent 2 minutes on each drill.

Combo 1 - 

Jab-cross, L uppercut, R uppercut.

Footwork: Between each combo move one step in a square.

Eg. Combo, step forward, combo, step left, combo, step back, combo, step right. Pairs should be back where they started.

Combo 2 -

Jab-cross, duck, R uppercut.

Footwork: Move in an ‘L’ shape like a traditional waltz.

Eg. Combo, step forward, combo, step back, combo, step left, combo, step right. Pairs should be back where they started.

Swap gloves and pads and go back to combo 1.

Part 3 – Another One, Please

Get your pairs into two lines, pad holders on one side and boxers on the other.

Start out everyone on the same two punch combo; jab-cross. Then ask one pair to add another punch/movement to the combo.

I let my group add a jab, cross, uppercut, hook or duck.

Then get another pair to add a movement and another and so on until you have a rather complicated combo that will test your clients coordination skills and memory.

Add punches every 20-40 seconds and cut the drill off at 4 minutes to let pairs swap over.

Part 4 – Knocking Out The Christmas Tree’s Lights

Set up around 13 cones in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Position pad holders at various cones around the tree excepting the cone at the top of the tree.

Boxers will complete three rounds of a combo before running in a clockwise direction to the next pad holder. At the cone at the top of the tree boxers will stop and complete 10 star jumps (jumping jacks) before continuing on.

The combo I used was jab-cross, uppercut-hook.

Continue for 2.5 minutes and then swap over.

boxing christmas tree



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Image: Photo Extremist

The Fantastic Five Bootcamp Workout and Some Christmas Workouts

Give me all of your Christmas Workouts!

This time of year is my favourite for giving exercises silly holiday season names and coming up with elaborate workouts that in some way relate back to Christmas.

Christmas time doesn’t have to be about just buying people stuff or scoring some sweat deals at the stock take sales. It can be a time to reflect on your year, the people that were in it and to have a bit of fun.

Here are the awesome Christmas workouts we put up last year.

Now it’s you turn. What have you got planned this December? Share your workout with the Bootcamp Ideas community.

Now on to today’s workout.

Our Christmas Party this year for our bootcampers and PT clients

Our Christmas Party this year for our bootcampers and PT clients

Fantastic Five

This workout looks like it has a lot of set up, but it’s really quite simple. I’ve just been very thorough with my description.

Type: Crosstraining, Cardio

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment needed: Mats, Cones, Tennis Balls, Exercise Bands


Get clients into groups of 4 around the same fitness level. Assign each team as level 1, 2 or 3. Level 1 being for beginners and level 3 for advanced.

Teams will aim to complete as many of the Fantastic Five as possible. For each completed FF they get 1 point. They must complete each station at least once, but then may complete any of their choosing.

Before attempting a Fantastic Five drill teams must first complete the Thankful Three.

Thankful Three

Teams complete this trio of exercises together each time before attempting a Fantastic Five.

  1. 10x Push Ups
  2. 10x Simultaneous Partner Band Rows – both row at the same
  3. 10x Forward Lunges (10 each leg)

Fantastic Five

Teams do the version appropriate to their assigned fitness level.

  Drill Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
1 The Snake Green Cone Yellow Cone Red Cone
2 The Bear Green Cone Yellow Cone Red Cone
3 The Little Balls 1 round 1.5 rounds 2 rounds
4 The Big Balls 3 runs each 4 runs each 5 runs each
5 The Mountain 3 rounds 4 rounds 5 rounds


The Snake:

A windy path down a hill that takes around 90 seconds from top to bottom and back to top. Adjust for a hill you have access to. Set a red cone at the bottom, a yellow cone 3 quarters down and a green cone half way.

The Bear:

Bear crawl out and back. Set up a green cone 15m away and a red and a yellow cone at 20m. Level 3 do forwards bear crawl out and reverse bear crawl back.

The Little Balls:

Tennis ball suicides. Clients take it in turns grabbing one tennis ball at a time. Once all balls are brought in client take it in turns taking balls back out. This equals 1 round.

The Big Balls:

Medball suicides. A partner suicide run (tag out after each run) with a medball burpee at each cone on the turn around. Run with medball overhead. (from Bootcamp Workout Ideas)

The Mountain:

A circuit completed the required number of rounds.

  • 20x mountain climbers each leg
  • 10x high knees each leg
  • 5x jet stars

fantastic five workout


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Spooky Halloween Workout featuring Pumpkins

Here in Australia Halloween gets a little overlooked. Surprise your bootcampers with the fun workout. You can of course sub medballs in for pumpkins.

For those celebrating, I hope you get to meet some cool ghosts and stuff.

Thanks to Jess Dietrich of Destination Fit for the workout.

polar pumpkin

The Halloween Workout

Today I put my boot campers through a special halloween workout (complete with pumpkins!). They loved it so I thought I would share it here.

Warm Up

Pumpkin relay

I divided the group into 2 and made them run relay style across the park with the pumpkin. I mixed it up having them run with the pumpkin above their head, in their right arm/left arm etc


Standing in a line pass the pumpkin over your head to the person behind and then under between your legs to the next person along the line. When the pumpkin reaches the end the person runs back to the start of the line and it starts again.

Main Workout

I set up a circuit with the following exercises which we completed twice:

  1. Chest press with bridge hold (pumpkin)
  2. Star jumps
  3. Squat press (pumpkin)
  4. Burpees
  5. Pumpkin bent over row
  6. Zombie run (shuttle run)– backwards
  7. Russian twist (pumpkin)
  8. Zombie run- skipping
  9. Walk the plank (plank to hands and back)
  10. Frankenstein walk
  11. Zombie run – lunge walk
  12. Park lap (timekeeper)


I had 2 plastic skeletons cut up into pieces which I had under cones around the park. I put the group into two teams and one person from each team had to run out to collect a skeleton piece, the first team to present me with a full skeleton was the winner.

About Jess

I run boot camps in Bathurst, NSW under the name Destination Fit. I focus on beginner clients aiming to get them moving again after being out of exercise for a long time.


Competition winners and 30 brand new workouts

Our Ice Breaker and Team Building competition entries went up on the site earlier in the week.

A small group of trainers and myself are currently testing them out and seeing which one’s we like. Peg Tag was hilarious to watch.

The winner will be announced on Monday 4th Australia time which will be Sunday for those in the US and UK.


On the next day you will be able to get your hands on the newest Bootcamp Ideas emanual, Beyond Burpees.

I’ve been working away on this with my friend and trainer extraordinaire, Jess Griffin. You may know her from this workout or her business NJ Fit Mom.

Inside are 30 brand new workouts that have never been on Bootcamp Ideas. There is also 10 warm up games and some insight into how Jess has built her successful business.

There will also be a ton of new exercise videos which will be added to our YouTube channel over the weekend. Of course anyone can access those for free.

All of this – and a special launch discount – will be announced to those on our email list. So if you are not on it, join now for free.


Image: ucumari

Best Teambuilding Drill Competition

This time last year we ran a cool competition looking for some awesome games to share with the community. The result was 15 or so new games to add to our repertoire.

Well it’s time again for a new competition, although this one will be more a giveaway then a competition because most submissions will win something.


The Theme Is…

… ice breakers and team builders.

I am wrapping up an ebook project I have been working on with friend and trainer, Jess Griffin. Her business has boomed in the short time since she started it and it is apparent to me that a large part of her success has been from using plenty of partner and team drills in her workouts.

These drills have allowed clients to get know each other. They are very supportive of each others efforts, something which is evident just by looking at the comments on the business’s Facebook page.

So with that in mind – and also with the pleas on the Bootcamp Ideas Facebook page for more partner drills – I thought it would be awesome for everyone to throw their best drills into the ring.

How You Can Win

Follow the steps below to make your submission. Jess and I will pick the best 5 to 10 submissions form each category. I say 5 to 10 because at this stage I have no idea how many entries we will actually get. We may only get 5 in each entry so get on it!

Videos that help with the explanation will go a long way to being picked.

The best 5 to 10 will appear on the website next week for you to try out. Now to avoid people with a large fan base from telling their lists to vote for them, the voting will be done by the 40 members of the Bootcamp Ideas private Facebook group.

The highest voted winner of each category will get to choose a prize from the prize pool (which will be announced soon – ~$200 value for the winners). Every single person who’s drill gets through to the final 5 to 10 will get a copy of Bootcamp Ideas brand new ebook.

There will also be an additional giveaway for anyone who submits – even if you didn’t make it into the final list.

Winners will be announced on the 4th of November 2013 (Australian Time).

ice break

The Categories

You can submit your entry under one of two categories; Ice Breaker or Team Builder.

I understand these aren’t really mutually exclusive so use the identifiers below as a guide.

Ice Breaker Team Builder
  • Often a game
  • May involve introducing oneself or using names
  • May involve physical contact eg. partner squats
  • Make people feel silly and laugh
  • Usually a drill not a game
  • Has a goal to aim for – eg. number of reps or rounds
  • Score is kept against other teams
  • OR entire group works as a team

How To Enter

Entries close 9am Sunday morning on 27/10/2013 Australian time.

  1. Scour your notes and pick out your best/favourite drill.
  2. Head to the Submit page and fill it out.
  3. Be sure to include the category and what size group your drill/game is suitable for.
  4. You may also want to include a link to a video(s) to help with your explanation. If you want to attach anything just let me know in your workout and I will email you back so you can send it through.

Disclaimer and Legal Stuff

Firstly, this competition is for fun! I apologise in advance if your drill doesn’t get picked. It is nothing personal, I would just like to keep the quality level high and reward those who put in a lot of effort.

Prizes may not equal exactly $200. That is just an estimate. Actual prize value and contents will be announced this weekend. Entries will close 9:00am Sunday morning (27/10/2013).

Prize contributors cannot enter. Only one entry per person.

Now I leave you with a buddy sprinting drill that I would class as a Team Builder.

2013-09-15 10.32.07

Sample Drill: Partner Fartleks

Pair up clients with similar fitness levels.

Partners begin running slowly around oval (or field) in pairs. On first whistle blow partner A starts sprinting, partner B keeps running slowly. On second whistle blow partner A slows to an easy run and partner B sprints until they catch up to partner A. Partners jog together until next whistle blow (when Partner A sprints off again).

Note: Modify for beginners by making them walk instead of run in between sprints.

Run for two rounds of 5 minutes. In the second round partner B will sprint first and partner A will catch up.

For timing intervals, start with 30 second sprints (allow another 30 seconds for the next person to catch up) then 30 seconds of slow running. Then do some 20 second sprints. Then finally finish with 10 second sprints.

Enjoy guys and gals and good luck.


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Images: Shaun MerrittThat Hartford Guy

A Powerful Bootcamp Workout

This weeks workout is the final workout in Garry Robinson’s bootcamp series.

Partner Power Ladders

Category: Strength

Method: Low Reps, High Resistance

Purpose: Strength (Power)

EquipmentDumbbells, Medicine Balls, Stopwatch, Cones or Markers

Pair up similar fitness levels. Use appropriate size medball and DB weights (each person in the pair will use the same weight).

As a guideline, guys should use 8kg to 10kg medballs and dumbbells, and girls 4kg to 6kg.

Pairs will spend 2½ minutes at each station and try to complete the challenge together in the given time by alternating reps in a ladder format. One partner works while the other rests.

Once they have completed two ladders of the required number of ‘rungs’ they can rest for the remainder of the 2½ mins and use it to move to the next station.

For example,

Partner A does 1 rep, then Partner B does 1 rep
Partner A does 2 reps  then Partner B does 2 reps
Partner A does 3 reps, then Partner B does 3 reps

Each round takes exactly 10 mins (4 stations x 2½ mins)

Rest up to 5 mins between rounds


  • 2 rounds = 25mins
  • 3 rounds = 40mins
Station Exercise  Partner:
A,B    A,B    A,B    A,B    A,B
Total Reps Per Person
#1 Medball thrusters
5 rung ladder
1,1        2,2       3,3        4,4       5,5
1,1        2,2       3,3        4,4       5,5
#2 Burpees
4 rung ladder
1,1        2,2       3,3        4,4
1,1        2,2       3,3        4,4
#3 Single Arm DB Snatch
(Ground to Overhead)
3 rung ladder
1,1        2,2       3,3
1,1        2,2       3,3
#4 Sprint to a cone and back
Out and back = 1 rep
(place cones 25m to 30m apart)
2 rung ladder
1,1        2,2
1,1        2,2


Stretch the Quads, Hip Flexors, Glutes, Hammies, Upper Traps (Neck) and Shoulders

About Garry

Garry Robinson is a Group Outdoor Personal Training Expert and the creator of Bootcamp Workout Ideas, a field manual for personal trainers who love training outdoor fitness groups.

Originally from England, he now lives in Sydney, Australia, where he has developed his own unique brand of group outdoor fitness. He is a massive fan of outdoor exercise and continues to research ways to make fitness camps fun and effective for participants and profitable for their owners.

You can receive free weekly workouts and business building advice by subscribing to his newsletter and blog over at

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