A Commonwealth Approved Bootcamp Workout

While staring absentmindedly at a picture of the Australian flag over the Australia Day weekend I had the idea for this workout.

It was simple and involved tyres and ropes which my clients always get a kick out of using.

(By the way that heading is very tongue in cheek)

yarn bombing

Union Jack Attack

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: MatsCones/Markers, Battling Ropes, Skipping Ropes

Set up all equipment and stations in the centre of a large rectangular field (I used a cricket pitch). This will act as the centre of the union jack.

Place cones at each corner of the rectangle as well as half way along the perimeter along each side (8 cones total). These act as the points of the union jack.

union jack diagram

Form your bootcamp group into teams of 5 or 6 mixed fitness level clients.

Each team must complete two rounds of the circuit set up in the middle.

In between each station the team must run one leg of the Union Jack while carrying a battling rope on their shoulders before completing the next station.

Have a team take a drink break after their first circuit.

Exercise Stations

1. Tyre flip, jump and sprint across 30 meters. Description on Instagram.

2. 20 two handed rope slams each with their teams battling rope. Team members will need to take it in turns as only one person on either end of the rope can go at a time.

3. Overhead tyre lunges across 30 metres (15m up and back). Description on Instagram.

4. 100 skips (jump ropes) for each member.


Just to clarify the order of exercise here is a little sample of what a teams workout might look like:

  • Run to left most point of Union Jack and back
  • Complete tyre flip drill
  • Run to upper-left point and back
  • Complete 20 rope slams each
  • Run to upper point and back
  • Complete overhead tyre lunges
  • Run to upper-right point and back
  • Complete 100 skips each
  • Short drink break
  • Run to right point and back
  • Complete tyre flip drill
  • Run to lower-left point and back
  • Complete 20 rope slams each
  • Run to lower point and back
  • Complete overhead tyre lunges
  • Run to lower-right point and back
  • Complete 100 skips each

Total workout time = 25-30 minutes on a good sized field.

I hope your group gets a kick out of this workout!


Images: Yarn Bombing by George Rex, Bootcamp Ideas Instagram



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A Slammin’ Bootcamp Workout

I ran a very belated Halloween workout with my groups last week. There was a lot of fun had and a good share of dramatic faces and hands. I really wanted to share it with you.

You could easily take the concept and rework for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Werewolf Burpees

Werewolf Burpees


Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Battling Ropes, Cones, Mats, Dead balls (medballs will do)

Warm Up

Indian Runs and then a game. I played Rock, Paper, Scissors Sprint.

Main Bit

Clients will want to get into pairs of similar level.

These groups will move from station to station every two minutes (when the trainer calls out). If they finish the station before the two minutes is up they can have a rest. Some stations are purposefully unfinishable so participants should just get as much done as they can in the two minutes.


Complete 2 to 3 rounds of the circuit.

A. Zombie Slam and Run.

One person running to cone 40m away and back and the other zombie slamming on ropes (1 arm at a time like an exaggerated zombie walk). Slammers and runners swap when runners get back.

B. Survival Station.

Complete the following strength exercises twice:

  • 10x Frog squats
  • 10x Nightmare running high knees – high knees on spot, 10 per leg
  • 10x Mind bending staggered hand push ups – regular push ups with one hand slight forward and the other slightly back, 5 each way
  • (advanced) 5x Werewolf burpees – burpees with a nice big werewolf leap at the top

*The advanced exercises are some extra work for your fittest clients done in addition to the other exercises.

C. Pumpkin Smashing.

Take it in turns with your partner slamming the dead ball. Do 2 slams each, then 4 slams each, 6, 8,…, 20.

D. Survival Station.

Complete the following strength exercises twice:

  • 10x Coffin sit ups (hold each others legs if necessary) – lie completely flat with your arms across your chest and then sit up while keeping your legs down
  • 10x Spider push ups – aka spiderman push ups
  • 10x Frightening jump squats – jump squats like you are jumping out at someone
  • (advanced only) 5x Ghoul get ups – rolling get ups

E. Body Part Hustle.

Run bags of body parts (sandbags) in either a bear hug carry or  on the shoulder from cone to cone (cones 40m apart). Then bring them back. You can do this drill with another pair (in groups of 4) if you have a lot of sandbags. Once all are delivered clients can rest.

F. Monster Walks.

With a partner warrior walking lunge to cone 30m (40m advanced) away and back. Rest once get back.



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Pictures of some of the exercises.

Zombie Slams

Zombie Slams


Monster Lunges

Monster Walks

I set up the stations in a row.

I set up the stations in a row. Here you can see A, B, C, D and the sandbags are E.


Shoulder Day Bootcamp Workout

A few years ago when I did the Motivate To Train course we did a workout called Lunge Day. Those who have done this course will have that work out burned into their memories.

It’s one of those workouts where you are cursing everything as you do it, but then afterwards you think ‘That was awesome!’.

I ran it again with my group this round but felt I should balance it out with a grueling shoulder workout. It seemed only right that I call it ‘Shoulder Day’.

Push Up Bottom

Shoulder Day

Type: Muscular Endurance

Time: 45 to 60 minutes depending on the fitness of your group.

Equipment: Mats, Cones, Dumbbells, Exercise Bands, Battling Ropes

Warm Up

5 minutes of mobility warm up exercises.


Chain tag: like amoeba tag but you cannot break the chain when you tag another person. Play 3 or 4 rounds.

The Circuit

Set up the exercises below as a traditional 8 station circuit. Change the timekeeper method each round to keep things interesting and increase the intensity.

Clients may need to be in pairs for this circuit.

  1. Rope Slams
  2. Lateral bear crawls. Change directions every 10 metres.
  3. Band Shoulder Press
  4. Plank to Push Up
  5. 10m side shuttle and back. Drop into a squat thrust at each direction change.
  6. Bent over reverse flye w/ DBs
  7. Push Up w/ knee tap
  8. Timekeeper station

Take minimal rest moving from station to station.


Complete rounds 1 and 2 with out a break. Take a rest at the end of round 2.

Round 1: Run around circuit once with a medball overhead.

Round 2: Run around circuit twice with a medball overhead.

Round 3: Lunge across circuit and back with medball overhead. Lunge

Round 4 (for 60 minute workout only): Run around circuit once WITHOUT medball.

Cool Down

Various plank movements and stretches.


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Team Military Style Bootcamp Workout

This weeks workout is from Grant Jansen. Thanks Grant! It looks like a killer.

walk on

Barracks Bombshell

Purpose:  To test whole body muscular endurance and aerobic conditioning

Duration:  60 Minutes

Equipment:  Tyres, cones, cargo ropes, sandbags, car, timer


1 x 60 minute workout.  Teams are to be split into groups of even numbers and ability.  Failure to complete the workout in the time will result in a nil result for that workout.  Each team must get the workout signed off by the observing instructor prior to returning to the Barracks.  Each team has 45 minutes to complete the workout.

Warm Up

5 minutes running around each of the workouts.


Working as teams.  After completing the “Barracks” Workout, each team must proceed to the next workout on their workout sheet (click to see sample workout sheets).  All members must complete the distance/ rep for the workout.  In between workouts, each member must complete each exercise at their Barracks.

At the Barracks, team members must rotate one exercise at a time after all members have completed their 10 reps.  The Barracks is completed once all team members have completed 10 reps of all 4 exercises.  Points are awarded for each team finished.  16 – 14 – 12 – 10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2

For the duration of the Boot Camp we were awarding team points for various challenges and the top team won a prize at the end.  The points awarded for this workout were where the teams finished i.e. 16 points for first 14 for second etc.  This gave them the incentive to work harder as the second group in each team were of a lesser fitness level and had reduce reps to do.

Barracks – Sit ups – Push Ups – Squats – Side Planks

Team Workout 1.  Stairway to Heaven

Each team member must complete 3 stair climbs with 5 burpees at the top.  Once the stair climbs are completed return to the barracks.

Barracks  – Sit ups – Push Ups – Squats – Side Planks

Team Workout 2.  Overhead Tyre Carry

Each team member is to carry a tyre overhead to a cone 50 metres away and return.  Once everyone has completed the carry, return to the barracks.

Barracks – Sit ups – Push Ups – Squats – Side Planks

Team Workout 3.  Hill Crawl

Each team member is to bear crawl from the bottom of the hill to the top 3 times.   After each rep is completed the team member runs back down the hill.  Once all reps are completed, return to the barracks.

Barracks – Sit ups – Push Ups – Squats – Side Planks

Team Workout 4.  Vehicle Pull/ Push.

Each team is to pull a vehicle over a 50 metre distance and then push it back to the start line.  Once completed, return to the barracks.

In the car they have a team member driving.  They have to push it over the 100 m distance first then drag it back by the rope fixed to the tow ball.

Barracks  Sit ups – Push Ups – Squats – Side Planks

Team Workout 5.  Burpees

Each Team member must perform 30 x burpees.  For the elite groups, each male is to perform a burpee double push up to each female performing 1 push up.

Alternate Team Workouts

Grant also included a similar workout with some alternative missions you could sub in.

Team Workout.  Heart Break Hill

Each team member must complete 2 x 50 m hill sprints.  Once the hill sprints are completed return to the barracks.

Team Workout.  Overhead Rope Carry

Each team is to carry 2 x ropes around the distance of the oval.  Once back to the start point, return to the barracks.

Team Workout.  – Medicine Ball Throw and Chase

Each team member is to perform a medicine ball overhead throw.  Once thrown they run after the ball, collect the ball, repeat for the length of the football field.  Once they reach the end of the football field roll the medicine ball back to the start point.  Once all team members are back at the start point return to the barracks.


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Image: The U.S. Army

Another Drill Circuit Bootcamp

You will need a bit off space for this work out as there are a few different drills to set up. Feel free to improvise with your own stations if you don’t have the equipment shown or space to do it.


Tyred Of Ropes

Yes, the title is a pun or play on words (Any Terry Pratchett fans?)

Type: Muscular Endurance, Aerobic, Circuit

Time: 45 minutes (can be extended to an hour)

Equipment: Large truck tyre (50kg to 80kg), Battling rope x2, 16kg KB x2, Car tyres x8, Cones

Warm Up

Do something involving pairs. Your choice.


Split the group into teams of 4. Teams should be mixed in fitness level (some advanced with some beginners). I got my male pairs to team up with my female pairs.

Together, each team must complete the following circuit of drills twice. Time = 30 minutes.


1. Hustle

Set up: 5 cones in a line (a, b, c, d and e) 10m apart each (40m from a to e). Stack the eight car tyres by cone e.

The team must sprint out from cone a to cone e, pick up just one tyre and run back through the cones doing ladders (). Repeat until all tyres collected.

Leave tyres by cone a, the next team starts from the other end.

How to do ladders:

The basic concept is to run forwards two cones, then run back one cone. Then forwards two cones again and then back one cone. For this drill it would look like this – run e to c, c to d, d to b, b to c, c to a, drop off tyre.

2. Beach The Boat

Set up: Position the rope in a ‘U’ shape with kettlebells (use sandbags for indoors) at the bottom of the ‘U’. Position 2 markers 30m apart.

Two clients from a team must drag the rope together 30m. Clients must backpedal (run backwards). Then the other two teammates drag it back to the start.

Complete 3 times each.

3. Flip Jump

Set up: 2 cones 30m apart. Place heavy truck tyre at one end.

One at a time, flip tyre, then jump through, then sprint up to cone and back. Repeat once your team mates have completed their turn.

As soon as you have jumped through your teammate can flip the tyre. Keep flipping until tyre has been flipped all the way to the other cone.

4. Rope Run

Run as a group carrying a battling rope around ‘The Block’ (approx 500m).

5. Strong Man

Set up: Four mats in a circle.

The team must complete (as a group) 100 reps of the following 4 exercises.

  1. Renegade Push Ups
  2. Sea Turtles
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. Side Plank High 5s




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Find out more about drill circuits in the article I wrote about it or pick up my ebook for some more examples.


Image: visualpanic