I’m Calling You Out

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – The Amazing Spiderman #15

First, watch the video then read below.

As you can see I get really animated when I get angry (…not). If I pause a lot while I’m speaking it’s just because this is important to me and I want to make sure I word it the right way.

I could write more about it but for now I just want to leave you with two questions to ask yourself.

How are you going to leave a footprint on the fitness industry? Will you join the quick fix crowd or will you stand up for what is right no matter how scary and unsure that might be?

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  • eyesignful .

    Well Kyle, you are correct! There is no way to sell common sense in a bottle! I call it the D+ S diet! ( Dumb and simple). Calories in vs calories out! All about healthy eating, choosing exercise that you can do for the rest of your life! Not an unrealistic goal, that you put in place for a vacation, graduation, wedding etc! All about what you can do forever! That ‘s my soap box mantra!

    It doesn’t cost you to make smart decisions! This is what I market! No miracles , just keep moving and use common sense! Loved your heartfelt message! Here’ s to good health and good choices!

    • http://bootcampideas.com/ Kyle Wood

      D+S… Great!

  • Katie

    I agree whole heartily Kyle! Thank You for being the one to “put it out there”!

    • http://bootcampideas.com/ Kyle Wood

      Thanks Katie

  • Mel. P

    Well said Kyle. So many trainers work their clients into the ground (and into injuries) ‘to get results’ whilst so many overlook the holistic aspect of training for body, mind and soul.

    • http://bootcampideas.com/ Kyle Wood

      Thanks Mel

  • Fui Sagaga

    Hey Kyle
    I just wanted to say-thanks for the reminder….
    Living LIFE to the full is our business and helping OTHERS to see their new day is our encouragement…
    Awesome bro!!!
    *Cheers to *New days

    • http://bootcampideas.com/ Kyle Wood

      Thanks Fui.

  • Paul

    FHi Kyle,
    You are right, there are a lot of cowboy’s in the PT industry. I don’t give my client’s bullcrap. I’m a hard trainer though and tell them no one is perfect including myself. Stress will make it difficult to lose weight – I’m working with a lady whose going through some personal trauma and I do tell her there are no miracle cures. We live in a world of shit but if you bother to care about other people then you won’t sell them a pipe dream, instead tell them that you have to work every single day for that “dream body”, so many of us desire because of the press and pressure of glossy magazines. I know you are passionate about what you do. I worked with my sister for the last four and a half years and she’s lost seven stones now down to a size 8-10 dress size. No stupid diets, products or the latest gizmo. Simple walking, some yoga and six days per week eating clean. She’s looks beautiful. I told her straight. That’s how I deal with the people I work with. I’ll never be rich but I can look in the mirror and know that I’m not lying to the people who pay my way.

    You are a good man. Best wishes from Paul, Yorkshireman living in Derbyshire! England

    • http://bootcampideas.com/ Kyle Wood

      Thanks bud. I hope things are going well for you :)

      • Paul

        Hi Kyle,
        I’m doing okay! Regular clients & some new at my bootcamps, some PT work, some part time work industrial cleaning to keep the wolves away!
        Problem is my knees are “shot”, doc has referred me to a surgeon! Too many miles on the clock, all those years yomping in the armed forces I guess.
        Take care and let’s carry on with the no bullshit from Paul
        Sent from my iPad

  • http://www.Facebook.com/yourresultsguaranteed Fit For Success

    Nicely said! I pride myself in helping my clients create their perfect lifestyles – a healthy eating plan, regular activity, being more productive at work so they can spend more quality time with their families. Good things take time and amazing things just a little bit longer. Whilst we cannot stop these “quick fixers” we can continue to educate people so that they can make better choices. I’m on your bandwagon Kyle. 😉

    • http://bootcampideas.com/ Kyle Wood

      Wow thanks :)

  • Stephanie

    I have only just completed my qualifications and have been looking for inspiration from someone who is not just your run of the mill PT or group trainer. I’ve seen some shockers out there as well as trained with some shockers and become a trainer so that I can try and make a difference. I am yet to start training as I feel I’m not yet ready, but I spend hours following your training routines and reading all your advice. You have no idea how much you have helped without even knowing it. Thanks for sharing such valuable information and helping us as newbies get out there and stand out amongst the crowd. I somehow stumbled across your site and have never searched for any other since. I strive to be like you and stay true to what I believe in. Thank you.

  • Donna

    Just one word for this awesome heartfelt video…Amen! I have been an instructor/trainer for almost 20 years and now boot camp business owner for four
    years and feel my success is due to really putting your heart into it and being honest and true to your clients. (Also making it fun! And thanks to you Kyle and all the awesome trainers that contribute, we are having a blast!). All the best and thank you.

    • http://bootcampideas.com/ Kyle Wood

      Thanks so much Donna

  • Angela

    I love it Kyle, I have been angry about this for some time also and actually had the opportunity to speak at a women’s night about the image driven fitness industry. I actually said at that night that I am ashamed that the Fitness Industry have lost sight of health. I recently watched the program “the men who made us fat” and “the men who made us thin” and was so angry afterwards when I heard the statistics. They are just money grabbing people who are interested in lining their own pockets instead of getting people healthy. People wonder why I won’t do weigh ins and this is why. We are too focused on a number and dieting to get to a number. Thanks for sharing this.

    • http://bootcampideas.com/ Kyle Wood

      Angela you are kicking so much ass. Good on you for getting up and saying how you felt.

  • Melissa Hembrough

    I couldn’t agree more Kyle. I truly care for all my clients, short-term and long-term ones. I’m honest and real and don’t want to sell them a false dream. You are awesome, keep it going!

    • http://bootcampideas.com/ Kyle Wood

      Thanks Melissa

  • Tiffanie Reid

    This post makes me love you and this website even more! I run a small bootcamp and have a few personal training clients. I talk to them about eating healthy and regular exercise, but I really try to keep the focus off weight loss. I am not thin, even at my thinnest… never been thin, but I am healthy, fit and strong. I try to encourage my clients to think about having a strong, healthy body that they love more than anything else. Thank you for the inspiration! I take a lot of it from your website and books!

    • http://bootcampideas.com/ Kyle Wood

      Thanks Tiffanie. That first sentence is by far the most awesome thing someone has said to me on here.

  • Marie

    Thank you for your honesty and your confidence to step up and have principles without fear of what people may think. I work (mostly) with post- natal mums and it is such a privilege and an honour to help them improve their energy and nutrition through clean eating and adapted exercise. Teaching them to be patient, to nurture their bodies and not rush into the latest hardcore insane craze has been a challenge for me. If you don’t care about your clients and hear them – not just listen (as Jimi Hendrix would say) to them – how can you do this job effectively and with a clear conscience.
    Thank you so much for your generosity in building this site – I appreciate you. God bless from across the globe in UK.

    • http://bootcampideas.com/ Kyle Wood

      Hi Marie,
      Thanks for joining us :)
      I can tell you there definitely was fear of what people would think before I posted this but the response has been amazing so I’m super glad I went through with it.