Introducing Our New Writers

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Today I am pumped to announce to you all something.

For a long time Bootcamp Ideas has been a one man show.

I get help from time to time. You may remember the awesome ebook with Jessica Griffin I did called Beyond Burpees. Or a series that Garry Robinson ran on here. For the Bootcamp Ideas I called in the help of one of our community, Loren Williams.

And then of course any new projects I start, I run first by my Chief Balance Officer, my wife Zoe. (thanks Scott for coming up with the CBO title)

A few weeks ago though I decided it was time to start looking at adding some more permanent members to the team. People who could help Bootcamp Ideas and The Trainers Tribe grow to something that I alone cannot create.

I’ve brought on four new candidates who you will see writing for Bootcamp Ideas. I’m really excited about this as they each have their own styles and will bring a lot of new flavour and ideas to your workouts.

I’m now going to turn it over them to introduce themselves. [Read more…]

5 Agility Drill Combos for Fast Feet and Full Body Moves


This article is from our new regular contributor Lizelle Din of NTBFit.

Agility drills are a great way to mix up traditional cardio exercises in a workout. Not only do they work on coordination, campers get a little mental workout too. Agility drills are also easily adaptable to do for time, distance or rounds. Below are my favorite agility drills but upgraded, by adding a strength or plyometric exercise to incorporate the whole body and turn it up a notch. Each strength/plyometric exercise can be easily modified or substituted to adapt to the campers abilities and levels. Always challenge campers when performing agility drills to look up and not at their feet!

1. Ladder Scissor Jumps + Plank Walk


Starting at the beginning and moving laterally along the ladder, scissor jump so that both left and right feet hop in and out of each rung until the end is reached. At the end, drop down into a Plank and Plank Walk so that both left and right hands make it through each rung back to start. [Read more…]

Song-Based Mini Workouts: Hit The Right Note With These Five Drills


This article is by new writer Robin Legat.

While many trainers use music to give their clients and campers an extra motivational push during workouts, sometimes it can be fun to use music as part of the workout itself. Whether you’re looking for a quick finisher or just want to change things up in the middle of a longer workout set, a song-based mini workout can be a fun way to go.

While some songs have achieved popularity as song-based workout choices via viral internet videos, there really is a great deal of room for creativity when it comes to using a song as a workout.

That said, there are some basic tips that help determine what types of songs might be better choices, including: [Read more…]