Killer Hills Bootcamp Session


Trying to think of an easy to organise, high intensity cardio session that requires no equipment, and will quickly have your clients out of breath and working hard?

Look no further than the simple – yet challenging – hill sprints! You can easily get a one hour session out of hill sprints that is challenging enough for your fit clients, and with enough variety to keep your members from getting bored.

Depending on the geography of your training venue, most groups will have a perfect hill nearby. What you are looking for is a hill that is 30 – 50 metres long, at a steep gradient, with room for several people to run up at once side by side (not a main road!). It works well if this is within 1 – 2 kms of your normal training venue, as jogging there and back can be your warmup and cooldown.

The benefits of hills training are substantial:

  • It lends itself to effective HIIT training, as quite often you sprint up the hill and walk down
  • It gives your body substantial EPOC
  • Great to improve your speed and sprinting technique
  • Great for improving muscular endurance for any serious runners in your group
  • Easy to manage differing fitness levels, as there are regular breaks in the session and the difficulty can easily be changed by giving clients a different distance to run to.

The Workout

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Everything But the Kitchen Sink Workout

photo credit: cant deal via photopin (license)

This workout has a little bit of everything—get campers heart rate pumping, then bring it down a little and lift. End with a game of all core exercises!

Workout Type: Literally everything but the kitchen sink (HIIT, strength supersets, core)

Length: 45 minutes

Equipment: Dumbbells, Mats (+ paper plates and a tub as props)

7 minutes

Between 5 to 10 reps each: Side to Side Squats, Around the World Lunges, Frankenstein Kicks, Walkout to Spider Lunges, Push Up to Side Rotations, Jumping Jacks

30 minutes [Read more…]

Leaving The Corporate Job To Pursue Fitness Full Time

Today we have a guest post from Laura Jackson of Fit Chicks telling us about how she left her stable job and started and grew her fitness business. I love reading stories like this about people pursuing something they love.

She also wants to tell you about the program she puts on every year for fit pros so make sure you read to the bottom to see what that is all about.

She introduces herself pretty well so I’ll let her take it away!

Deciding to ignore my Dad’s advice, I have built the largest female fitness company in Canada (and you can too!)

I still remember the day I told my Dad that I was leaving my corporate job in International Marketing to pursue a career in fitness.  I was 29 years old, climbing the ladder and had a million opportunities ahead of me. My dad basically told me that I was insane and that I would never be able to make any money much less a career teaching women how to get their sweat on.    He said I was in for a big struggle ahead.

But I knew this was not my path. After my own personal health makeover including an overhaul in fitness, nutrition & wellness that completely changed me (at my highest weight I hit 200lbs, smoked, drank and battled with an eating disorder & anxiety), I knew the power of combining ALL of these aspects to change your ENTIRE life – inside & out.   And I wanted to bring that to others.

Fast forward 7 years later.  [Read more…]