Burpee Filled Bootcamp Workout


This weeks workout comes from Jo Sharp at Sharp Moves. Jo is a very generous and regular contributor to Bootcamp Ideas. Thank you so much Jo! Be sure to check out her other workouts. Your link for 30 variations of burpees made me remember a favourite workout of Sharp Moves: Burpee Add On Workout Exercises: Select 10 […]

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Team AMRAP Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout

garden chess

I ran this workout last Friday. I don’t know if it was the fact it was Valentine’s Day or what but my groups were ferocious in their competitiveness to be the winners of this workout. I hope it inspires the same enthusiasm in your groups. As Many As Possible Concept Form clients into handicapped teams […]

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3 Books You Should Read To Reach Holy Grail Bootcamp Clients

bear crawl

Just a quick aside to begin: Today’s post is pretty different from what I normally put on here so please tell me if you love/hate it. If you love it I’d like to share more posts like this in the future. It was a sunny Saturday. I called out the next set of instructions to […]

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A Commonwealth Approved Bootcamp Workout

yarn bombing

While staring absentmindedly at a picture of the Australian flag over the Australia Day weekend I had the idea for this workout. It was simple and involved tyres and ropes which my clients always get a kick out of using. (By the way that heading is very tongue in cheek) Union Jack Attack Time: 45 minutes […]

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How To Create A Fantastic WordPress Website For Your Bootcamp

theme install 2

Quite often I get emails from trainers that don’t have a website. This seems crazy to me. A website is the postal address of your business online. Now most bootcamps don’t have a postal address because we run them in parks. So, if you don’t have a postal address or a web address, how on earth […]

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