Pairs Complexes [Competition Entry]

This workout is an entry in our annual Bootcamp Ideas competition from Ben Callaghan.

Workout type: Strength, Muscular Endurance

Length: 45 minutes

Equipment needed: Dumbbells (I used 5-6 kg), Kettlebells (I used 8-12 kg), Weight Plates (I used 10 kg plates but would recommend having lighter options)

Pairs Complexes

Set up

You’ll need a flat field/court/indoor space. Make sure you have enough equipment for everyone to work in pairs. Dumbbells, weight plates and kettlebells should be set up in separate areas, not too far away from each other but so that there is enough space between pairs.

Main drill

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Med Ball Madness [Competition Entry]

This workout is an entry in our annual Bootcamp Ideas competition from Colleen Dore.

Workout type: Cardio Endurance, Muscular Endurance

Length: 60 minutes

Equipment needed: 1 Medicine Ball per camper, Cones, Mats

Med Ball Madness!


Have cones set up 10 metres apart for med ball throw bunny hop, and another cone 50 metres from starting cone for sprints.


  • 5 med ball throw – then bunny hop to ball
  • 5 sprints
  • 20 med ball lunge with overhead press (10 ea. leg)
  • 5 sprints
  • 20 single leg squat (hold med ball in front) (10 ea. leg)
  • 5 sprints
  • 10 med ball weighted superman (hold ball out in front)
  • 5 sprints
  • 20 single leg hip bridge (hold ball up) (10 ea. leg)
  • 5 sprints
  • 10 straight leg med ball sit up
  • 5 sprints
  • 10 med ball ‘V’ ups (lying on back bring legs and arms up to a ‘V’)
  • 5 sprints
  • 20 med ball get ups (starting in a kneeling position ball help out in front stand up into a squat position, then back down to a kneeling position) (10 ea. leg)
  • 5 sprints


Once all the above has been completed go through just the med ball exercises once and omit sprints.


After all exercises have been done have everyone do one sprint for 100 metres.


Plank for 1 minute, plank legs in/out 10 each side, rest then plank to hand stand 10 each side.


About Colleen

I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years, at present I am working part time in a gym in a small country town and that I have lived in all my life and I enjoy seeing others get a good workout at my classes.


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Box To The Beat [Competition Entry]

This workout is an entry in our annual Bootcamp Ideas competition from Laura Gill.

Workout type: High Intensity, Fun

Length: 60 minutes

Equipment needed: Focus Pads & Gloves, Under Gloves, Music

Box To The Beat

Warm Up

Range of Movement Exercises – 4 minutes
Then Shadow Box – 6 minutes


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