“Is this Bundle or ‘Mother-Ship’ right for me?”

I hate it when I’m going through my week old emails only to realise I missed something like this so I wanted to send you an email updating you on what’s going on.

A few weeks ago I teamed up with the Melnicenko’s (UniqueBootcampWorkouts.com) with the idea of bringing you something to make you awesome. We wanted to create a bundle of manuals and resources that would really light a fire under you and get you excited and inspired.

About 36 ours ago we unleashed… The Mother-Ship.

(that’s what Leon started calling it and it just stuck)

Read more about it here.

Firstly, the feedback has been amazing! Here’s what people are emailing to us:

“Just want to say a huge massive thank you!! The bootcamp bundle is actually amazing and I cannot wait to try all the ideas on my bootcampers! Thank you thank you thank you!! I’ve only just started reading the first few pdf’s (30 day challenge) and it’s a great idea to get them moving on days they don’t see me! I’m sure I will love lots more as I keep reading haha :)

Very happy customer, Lorrena :)”

“Hi Kyle,

First of all, I am continually amazed at your generosity and business savvy. The way you operate in your business is such a testament to all you that you say to us in your training groups: to care authentically, offer a good product, and be as generous as possible, and it will come back to you.

Needless to say, I am super-stoked about my purchase of the bootcamp bundle.

Thanks again! Niki”

“I purchased the Mother Ship 24hrs ago and it’s looking like the best $99 I’ve ever spent.

Love Yer Work Lads, Sean McCrory”

One person who has been buying our stuff for ages sent this awesome photo of what her office looks like with all our books printed:

ebooks printed

This is so awesome!!

…and then…

There was this response on Facebook:

bundle social proof bundle social proof 2

We’re really happy we could put this on for you. But I’m also serious that on Saturday morning at 6am (PST) I’m going to shut it down and this bundle will be gone for ever.

I’ll send you another reminder tomorrow, but you should probably just get it now while you are thinking of it.

Find out more and get your Bootcamp Bundle here.

Introducing the Mega, Super, Fantastical Bootcamp Bundle

Just five days ago I shared with you some of the methods I use to bring life and fun back into my bootcamp workouts when they are feeling a bit stale.

If you remember, I suggest planning your workouts in advance and looking to others for ideas as a way to do this. The next thing we need to do then is find lots of fresh workout ideas to inspire us or to just copy and use ourselves.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce – with the help of Leon and Hanni Melnicenko and Nadinne Wilkinson – The Mother-Ship.

*dun dun dun dun*

An anthology of group fitness ideas and resources that will keep you chock stocked full of ideas months and months. All in one convenient location (you can put them on your computer, your phone, your tablet, your TV, you can print them, bind them, write them on whiteboard).

Introducing The Mother-Ship

This Bootcamp Bundle will give you all of the resources you need to run a successful group fitness business. Or to give your business a much needed boost if it feels like it’s fizzling out.

This is unlike any other bootcamp resource or bundle out there. Why? Because other resources out there are limited to just one person’s skills and perspective.

Instead, in this bundle you get to look inside the head of four experienced, sought-after trainers. Not just one.

More specifically you’ll get:

  • Over 200 bootcamp drills. Get access drills from four different authors with different training styles. Pick a trainer you like or mix things up by drawing on all four of us.
  • Never before seen boxing drills. The Bundle includes 3 books with a total 69 boxing drills that you can mix and match into dozens of workouts. These are brand new manuals that have never been available to the public before.
  • How to grow your group fitness business. Awesome workouts are the foundation of a group fitness business, but you also need to know the business of the business. We’ve included three top-notch resources for you to secure new training gigs and increase your class sizes.
  • Instant access. All of these manuals are downloadable digital products. That means no matter where you live, you can get access to all 17 manuals immediately after buying.

The best part that the first 20 who invest in the mother-ship will also get Leon’s new product for free, 2 weeks earlier than the scheduled release date. It’s called the Acronym Cheat Sheet. (value $49) These are never before seen workout concepts that you can draw inspiration from instantly. In fact, it’s physically impossible not to design a fantastic workout in under 3 minutes (and there’s over 1 million variations). Sold out in the first 30 minutes.

Click here to find out what’s included and grab your copy.


7 Rounds Group Fitness Boxing Workout

7 rounds boxing

This workout is from Nadinne Wilkinson of AMP Fitness Boxing. Read to the bottom to find out how to get more boxing workouts!

Warm Up

7 minutes

Walk > Jog > Run > Sprint

  • Set up two lines of cones about 20m apart & move from one cone to the next & back again
  • Make sure you keep an eye on time and tell everyone when to change intensity

Order of events:

  1. Walk – 30 seconds
  2. Power walk & pump arms – 30 seconds
  3. Slow jog/Shuffle – 30 seconds
  4. Full Jog – 30 seconds
  5. ¾ pace jogging – 30 seconds
  6. Sprint fast as you can – 30 seconds

Take a break and repeat.


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