Fourth Of July Challenge Workout

July 4 Fireworks

Today’s 4th of July themed workout is from Cheryl Kurn Sacks of Sacks Fitness. Thanks for sharing Cheryl! Read to the end for something cool. Fourth of July Workout Time: 60 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells Directions Do exercises in a circuit style. Rounds 1 & 3 are 20 reps, rounds 2 & 4 are 14 reps. […]

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Using Workouts to Fight Depression

amy tour 1

Last week, through a series of fortunate events, I spent the afternoon with a guy who was just introduced to me as ‘Jamie who runs a non-profit’. Later on I worked out that he was actually the founder of the charity To Write Love On Her Arms. I was familiar with the charity from Amy […]

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3 Seriously Helpful Things That Minimalism Can Teach Us About Running A Bootcamp Business


Some of you may have heard of this thing that has been making its rounds across the internet over the pass few years and lately even into print media. It’s called Minimalism. Minimalism is all about reducing what you have to the bare essentials. It’s often mistaken as simply throwing everything you own away and […]

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Team AMRAP Circuit Workout

human flag

Today’s awesome workout is from Joy Moody. Thanks for sharing Joy! Hold It! We divided up in 6 groups, about 4 people per group. (Adjust for your group size). There was a mixture of fitness levels in each group. There are five stations that are AMRAPs with a twist. One person in each team has to hold an […]

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Something Awesome Is Coming

Today’s post is coming to you through the magic of video. Video is something that I would like to supply more of for you so if you like it be sure to let me know in the comments below. Sign up for the email list (it’s free) right here.

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