Small Group Team Bootcamp Workout


Last weekend I subbed in for a local bootcamp group called Home Grown Fit (check out their awesome logo). It had been 4 months since I had trained a group (3 months since the London Workshop) and I didn’t know what kind of group I was going to be teaching. It had also been a […]

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I’m Calling You Out

calling you out screen

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – The Amazing Spiderman #15 First, watch the video then read below. As you can see I get really animated when I get angry (…not). If I pause a lot while I’m speaking it’s just because this is important to me and I want to make sure I word […]

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Something New is Coming

in the form of a new and improved website. Over the next two weeks you are going to notice some changes to the website and content. In the video below I talk about what kind of changes you might see (including pointing in the wrong direction) and also why I’m making these changes. More will […]

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How To Add Star Rating Reviews To Your Facebook Page

facebook reviews

Ever wondered how to add those stars to the top of your Facebook page? It’s pretty straight forward, it just requires that you have your Facebook page set up a certain way. Watch the video below to learn how. Step by step 1. Go to your Facebook page. 2. Go to Settings (top of screen). […]

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Why Are My Bootcamp Clients so Flaky?


A few days ago I talked about how to make your clients change. Today I want to talk more specifically about flake-itis. An infection that can kill your business if you are not careful. One or two flaky clients is normal in all businesses. When most of your clients are missing most of their sessions, […]

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