How To Include Low Rep Strength Training In Your Bootcamps

How To Include

This is an article from regular contributor Pat Carr.

A difficult part of running bootcamps (with limited equipment and multiple clients per trainer) is coming up with workouts that build strength, and in particular, having exercises that are high enough resistance to build strength.

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of thinking ‘more is always better’ with your programming (in terms of training volume). While most of our prospective (and current) clients could definitely do with more training, this doesn’t necessarily mean more reps and sets.

There are definite advantages to high rep training, such as building muscular endurance, but doing it every session can actually hinder the results that our clients are after – namely fat loss.

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The Dungeons and Dragons Handbook for Group Fitness Planning

dnd character sheet 2

Not many of you know this but I am actually a MASSIVE geek.

I mean hello I run an online business.

For most of my adult life every Friday night I would take my bag of dice and my character sheet to my friend’s house and for that evening I would become Roger Rift – a wily ninja saving the town of Cauldron with a band of heroes.

If you’re not familiar with D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) it’s a role playing game where each person controls a fictional character. You keep track of your characters stats on a written piece of paper.

Then you work together with the other players to go on quests which help you gain experience and improve your stats. One person takes the role of the DM (Dungeon Master) who controls the world around you and the people and monsters you interact with.

There is no computer screens or software, just old school pen and paper and imagination.

Each character has six key stats that are decided at the start of the game. These are:

  • Strength – how strong and powerful you are
  • Dexterity – how agile and accurate you are
  • Constitution – your healthiness and fortitude
  • Wisdom – how well you make decisions
  • Intelligence – how well you understand complicated things
  • Charisma – how other people react and are influenced by you

How to use this when bootcamp planning

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Why Your Workout Needs a Montage! [BCI Power Jams]

BCI Power Jams

There are a number of elements that can contribute to a successful bootcamp.

Program design and exercise selection play a huge role, of course. Trainer interaction with campers and creating a strong camper community are pivotal. But is it possible that music choice can be a difference-maker? I know that when I work out in gyms and studios, I often hear the same music over and over again. So much so that when I hear something unexpected – maybe an obscure 80’s jam or an indie rock song – I get super excited and find myself working harder and enjoying the workout even more.

Additionally, campers generally come to bootcamp not to zone out into a workout, but to participate in an interactive environment. And, of course, to have FUN!

Much like a themed workout can create a memorable workout experience for your campers, a themed playlist can up the fun quotient and be yet another distinguishing factor between your bootcamp and a standard workout.

It is in this spirit that Bootcamp Ideas is introducing a series of playlists called BCI POWER JAMS. In this series, you will find specialized hour-long playlists that include a warm-up song at the beginning, a cool-down song at the end, and a hand-picked selection of killer tunes in between. And each playlist will focus on a different awesome theme for your workout.

The first BCI POWER JAMS playlist came from a workout I recently did at my camp. It had a little bit of everything – long runs, short runs, sprints, resistance training, plyometric training and static holds. As we were starting the workout, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor started playing, which prompted one of my campers to say…

“This workout is a MONTAGE!”

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