The Simple Guide To Planning Sessions For Mixed Fitness Levels


The Fitness Variation Cure When someone joins the Bootcamp Ideas email list they are sent an email with a question: ‘What is the number one thing you are struggling with right now as a bootcamp trainer?’ I keep track of what trainers write back to me in a spreadsheet. To date over 250 trainers have taken […]

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Hardstyle Bodyweight and Kettlebell Interval Workout


This weeks workout is from Matt Shore of Train Strong Personal Training. This is a kick ass strength driven work out. Thanks for sharing Matt! Interval Weight Training – The Hardstyle Way Time: 60 minutes Equipment: Kettlebells This training session is uses Kettlebells to deliver a savage Interval Weight Training Workout that will increase Strength, Power […]

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6 Mistakes Bootcamp Trainers Make When Planning Their Sessions


I think about workouts a lot running this website. I can’t walk past a group training session in a park without stopping for a moment to work out what kind of drill the trainer is running. As a result I’ve started seeing some patterns between highly successful bootcamps and their workouts and other bootcamps that […]

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Starting A Bootcamp Business


Two months ago I got fed up. I got fed up reading about trainers waking up at 5am to find to 2 clients at their bootcamp. I got fed up reading about clients who love what they do but were so disheartened that they were ready to quit. I got fed up getting emails from […]

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How to Start a Bootcamp

I don’t want to take anything away from this story by Rob Jones. So I’m just going to hand straight over to him, I’ll see you at the end. How I (terribly) found my location Months before my bootcamp even began I was searching for the perfect location. Everytime I headed in, out or around town […]

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