Summer Sports Circuit Workout

This workout is from Michelle Tebbets. Thanks for sharing Michelle!


I created this bootcamp workout after many of my participants really loved the idea of “thinking they’re not really working”. We did our workouts outside on good days, but when inside, I decided to surprise them with a circuit type workout that all simulated a summer sport. With a fun warm up, and a great playlist, you’ll have a blast!

It is a “low skill”, high intensity class that you can quickly teach to new generally active participants. I have used this class for fundraisers, “intro” or teaser classes because its fun and gives everyone a great workout.

Summer Sports Workout

Warm Up

5-10 minutes. Cover all range of motion, cardio. Then, have the participants jog in place while you demonstrate all 8 exercises.

I’ll say ” station one. TRX… we’re going WATERSKIING with the Single Leg Squat. (then I’ll show and explain the exercise).

The Circuit

Circuit Style:

  • 8 stations
  • :30 on, :30 off
  • complete 3-4 rounds – 1 min rest between rounds
  • 1-2 people at each station

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Risky Business: The Essentials For Bootcamp Risk Planning


We’ve probably all heard stories of injured bootcampers blaming their instructor for an accident and seeking compensation. Not nice.

Chances are at one time or another you’ve probably had a client injure themselves at bootcamp. Whether it was a pulled muscle during sprints, a turned ankle during the warm-up or even a client taking a dizzy spell after a particularly intense interval, whatever it was how you dealt with the situation says a world to your campers about how goddamn good you are and (fingers and toes crossed) can reduce the chances of any unhappy, injured clients taking you to court.

BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANT than being fully prepared to deal with issues as they arise is planning and predicting how/when these problems are likely to occur and putting into place a plan to prevent them from even happening. This process is called risk planning.


Fail-to-prepareAs super-professional fitness people our goal is to get our lovely clients fitter, stronger and healthier all without causing injury. So, to make it both safe and effective, not only should we need to think carefully about the physical training we deliver, but also the people, location, equipment, and environment we train with.

To do this I use the following five steps to plan and prep for every eventuality.


Many of you will read the following and think: No sh*t Sherlock, this is all just common sense. Well yes, kinda.

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Remix this: The Traditional Circuit Training Session


We all know that circuit training is a no-nonsense way to build a full body strength workout for boot campers without having to question if it will be a solid, well-rounded workout.

We know they will work every muscle in their body. We know they will be covered in sweat and be out of breath without having to make them run for miles. But the burning question instead becomes — will it be fun?

Think of an old song you’ve gotten tired of hearing over and over again. You cringe when you hear it on the radio as you sit in rush hour traffic. Just as you are reaching over to change the station, you realize that the DJ just dropped a REMIX! All of a sudden the song is fun again and you could care less if you end up downloading it later to play on repeat the next morning.

Here are some fun ways to remix a traditional circuit workout.

Start with your basic circuit template below and then modify:

8–10 Resistance Exercises (depending on length of session) + rest, 3 times through

Try the following:

1. Traditional Circuit + Cardio Blast

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