Quick Boxing Interval Workout

We recently moved to shorter sessions for our bootcamp (60 minutes to 45 minutes) so I have been experimenting with some different workout techniques and drills to accommodate for having less time.

Below is a boxing workout I designed to keep both the pad holders and boxers moving for the entire session.

Bootcamp Boxing Intervals

Goals: HIT

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Boxing Gear, Mats

Warm Up

Get group in a circle. Run through some simple boxing combos (eg. Jab, cross, left hook, right hook) with feet shuffles and squat thrusts at the start of each combo. Use counting to get everyone in the same rhythm.

Move into shadow boxing using the drills below as a guide. Covering these exercises in the warm up will save time later in the drill.

Boxing Rounds

Each iteration below will last for 45 seconds unless otherwise indicated. Strength exercises are performed by both the pad holder and the boxer.

Round 1

45 seconds on each drill.

  1. Fast straight punches
  2. Push Ups
  3. Fast uppercuts
  4. Deck Squats
  5. Hooks
  6. Jump Squats
  7. Hard and heavy straight punches
  8. 90 sec rest for drinks and to swap pads

Time: 7 minutes x2 = 14 minutes

After both clients have completed round 1, take a slightly longer rest (~2 minutes) and prepare for round 2.

Round 2

  1. Combo: Jab, Cross, Hook, Hook
  2. Reverse Lunges on the spot
  3. Hard left hand uppercuts
  4. Alternating oblique crunches
  5. Hard right hand uppercuts
  6. Bent over shadow punches – bend over like doing a BB row, punch fast down towards to the ground – for both pad holder and boxer
  7. Fast high straight punches
  8. 90 sec rest and swap

Time = 7 mins x2 = 14 minutes


Pack up and stretch.

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Image: Marshall Astor – Food Fetishist

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  • http://www.davisbootcamp.com Sean Davis

    This was another killer! This one and the Accumulator are awesome!

    • Kyle

      Glad you liked it Sean. Would love to see one of your workouts!