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If you need more than the 250+ workouts on this website then here are several products that will quickly expand your workout collection in a couple of clicks.

Highly Recommended

Bootcamp Workout Ideas

With it’s 50 workouts, 10 warm up drills, recommended stretches and workout schedule, Bootcamp Workout Ideas takes out all the time consuming work out of your bootcamp business so that you can focus on giving your clients the best service and growing your business.

The workouts are quite similiar to the style of workouts and drills that I put on this site so if you like my workouts, you will enjoy these workout ideas. It’s a great instruction manual for your employees too and at $59 it’s pretty affordable too.

Read my full review or pick it up here.

The Bootcamp Alliance

Starting your own Bootcamp business is pretty daunting. Sometimes it would be useful to have access to some sort of ‘bootcamp club’ (apart from our forums).

Hey wait! There is something like that. It’s called the Bootcamp Alliance. These guys specialise in creating safe, smart, accredited bootcamp instructors. And they are the real deal being currently enlisted in the Australian military.

These guys have complete integrity and a great business ethic. They will teach you how to create fun and effective training sessions while also giving you a heads up on other factors required. At the end of it you will be listed on their database as an officially recognised (by Fitness Australia, Kinect, ACE, REPS and ACSM) bootcamp instructor. Do it in person if you can, if not check out their online course.

Oh and their $12.50/month membership will give you pre-activity forms, new client checklists and a constantly updated library of workouts.

Enlist today.

Worth A Read

Complete Bootcamp Workouts

I have finally gotten around to purchasing The Bootcamp Girls Complete Bootcamp Workouts and I am pretty impressed.

The ebook design is pretty no frills in design but the workouts are easy to follow and contain a huge variety of styles. There are strength workouts, cardio workouts, team challenges, individual challenges, bodyweight workouts and weight workouts.

There is an accompanying ebook that is chock full of exercises. Some of which I’ve never seen before. But the thing I like the most is the VARIETY in the workouts. Also, in terms of value for a money it’s a lot cheaper then Turbulance Training Bootcamps.

You can pick it up off their site for $67 (included 35 workouts).

I’ll be sure to let you know how the Advanced Bootcamp Workouts book is when I buy it.

Turbulance Training Bootcamp 2.0

You’ve probably seen this product already on many of the spammy bootcamp workout sites out there. While those sites offer little of value, this product does. The author Craig Ballantyne is not the creator of the most successful online training guide family, Turbulance Training, without good reason.

TT Bootcamp offers you 21 done for you workouts, so that’s 7 weeks worth if you run 3 days a week. All of the workouts require no equipment, just your clients bodyweight.

Craig has bundled the workouts up with some audio tips and meal plans for $97 (just $5 a workout) over at the TT Bootcamp website. Which is pretty cool and by all means grab it that way…


You could sign up for the Turbulence Training Members program for $19.95 and get the 21 workouts as well as his ebook Bodyweight Cardio 3. If you cancel within 30 days, you only get billed the initial fee ($19.95). This is new and wasn’t available when I bought TT Bootcamp, I know which one I’d chose now though.

If your sitting on the fence, download his free 4 week BW training manual and his TT Bootcamp intro [Right-click and Save As]. Free workouts YAY!

Update: Check out my take on TT’s new program, MRT Bootcamps.


This site is supported by commissions paid on the above products. If you disagree with that, simply enjoy the free content on this site, no harm done. On the other hand, if you like this site and want to support it, consider buying one of the products on this page.

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