Sea Turtles

What would you say are your too most commonly used exercises at your bootcamp are? I would hazard a guess to say pushups and squats.

While these exercises are great for strengthening the upper and lower body they lack focus on the posterior chain. To make up for this I like to use an exercise called Sea Turtles.

To be honest I didn’t come up with it myself, I borrowed it from Brian Devlin (of PT Explosion fame). It’s fantastic for strengthening the glutes, posterior deltoids, rhomboids and lower and middle traps and it’s much more interesting then doing supermans all the time.

Equipment needed: None

Start in a prone superman on the ground. Keeping your arms straight, move them in a circular motion parallel to the ground back by your sides.

Squeeze your scapula muscles in this position. Simultaneously while your arms are moving, move the feet apart into an inverted ‘V’ shape squeezing the glutes. Return to the superman position and repeat.


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Kyle Wood created Bootcamp Ideas in 2010 when he was hunting around on the internet for workout ideas. He runs a successful bootcamp in Victoria, Australia and spends his spare time managing this site, adventuring (or lazying) with his girlfriend and hanging out with his two cats, Boris and Peaches.

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