Bodyweight Partner Circuit Workout

Just a heads up. Later in the week I have something pretty cool to share with you all. It involves some new tools to help you get your work done so stay tuned for that.

Somehow, I have been able to get some work done between flights, exploring the UK, dinner and lunches with family, visiting Leon and camping. I must admit though, I had some seriously high hopes for getting more stuff to you guys that I just haven’t been able to meet.

For those who are interested I am now in Corfu, an island off the west coast of Albania and Greece. We are fortunate enough to have friends who are loaning us the use of their holiday house.

I have seen one small fitness centre that offers Karate and fitness classes. It’s situated above what looks to be a no longer used car garage. Other then that just walking up and down the hills each town is built on will keep you plenty fit.

I’m really excited to meet up with 18 trainers in London next week to exchange ideas and take them through some new drills. England was just a fantastic place and I can’t wait to meet some more of it’s people.

Now onto today’s workout.

This one is great partner workout.

The concept is simple and can easily be modified (via exercises or reps) for beginner to advanced clients and everyone in between.

Yea High Five

10 to 2 to 10

Type: Strength

Equipment needed: None (maybe just some mats and cones for the finisher)

How it works

Clients will be in pairs of similar fitness levels for this workout. Assign each pair as a beginner, intermediate or advanced pair (you could also call it level 1, 2 and 3).

One partner will complete the circuit as fast as possible while the other rests. Then they will swap roles.

After the second partner is done, the pair moves on to the next round. Each round they continue to take it in turns.

  • Round 1 – 10 reps
  • Round 2 – 8 reps
  • Round 3 – 6 reps
  • Round 4 – 4 reps
  • Round 5 – 2 reps
  • Round 6 – 4 reps
  • Round 7 – 6 reps (beginner pairs stop after this round)
  • Round 8 – 8 reps (intermediate pairs stop after this round)
  • Round 9 – 10 reps (advanced pairs stop after this round)

Each circuit should take around 15 minutes – including rest time.


Circuit 1

  1. Marine Push Ups
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Side Plank Elbow Touches (gravediggers) (full reps each side)

Take a 3 minute rest after circuit 1, then begin circuit 2 back at round 1.

Circuit 2

  1. Deck Squats
  2. Reverse Lunges (full reps each side)
  3. Plank with Reach (half reps each side)


Tabata sprints

If you don’t have room for sprints or it is too wet do a Tabata Medley of surfer jump squats and head banger push ups.


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Burpee Filled Bootcamp Workout

This weeks workout comes from Jo Sharp at Sharp Moves.

Jo is a very generous and regular contributor to Bootcamp Ideas. Thank you so much Jo! Be sure to check out her other workouts.


Your link for 30 variations of burpees made me remember a favourite workout of Sharp Moves:

Burpee Add On Workout


Select 10 different kinds of burpees:

Some ideas for burpee variations can be found here and here.

1. Burpee

2. Burpee with prone jumping jack

3. Burpee with push up

4. Burpee with push up & prone jumping jack

5. Burpee suicide (down on to elbows then up onto hands)

6. Burpee with prone arm lift (lift one arm up replace then then other)

7. Burpee with bunny hop (jump to one side then the other)

8. Burpee with 8 mountain climbs

9. Burpee with one leg (change do other side)

10. Travelling Burpee


Round 1 – burpee number 1

Round 2 – burpee no 1, burpee no 2

Round 3 – burppee no. 1, burpee no 2, burpee no 3. etc working through to all completed.

If you might to be really evil add a rep each exercise (burpee 1 – 1 rep, burpee 2 – 2 reps etc). Otherwise do just one rep per exercise.

About The Trainer

Hi Jo Sharp here from Sharp Moves Fitness I have over 18 years experience in the fitness industry. I bounce back and forth between  Sydney & Bali, where I run  fitness retreats in Byron Bay & Bali .I am a qualified bootcamp instructor as well as a pilates practitioner. Checkout and Sharp Moves – facebook for my online fitness challenges, fitness motivation and workouts.


Image: Quick Meme


Thanks for checking out this workout. I love getting workouts like this from you guys, it helps me provide more variety in the workouts on this site.

I would like to see one of your workouts too. Send it in via the submit a workout page to see it up on the website!

Team AMRAP Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout

I ran this workout last Friday. I don’t know if it was the fact it was Valentine’s Day or what but my groups were ferocious in their competitiveness to be the winners of this workout.

I hope it inspires the same enthusiasm in your groups.

garden chess

Who enjoys these random pictures I add to the workouts?

As Many As Possible


Form clients into handicapped teams of 4. If you have less than 8 people, form them into smaller groups and adjust reps accordingly.

Teams must complete as many rounds of the circuit as possible (AMRAP) in the given time. For each round they complete they score one point. Points are added together at the end of the game. Include partial rounds (¼ points per completed exercise).

The repetitions shown is the TOTAL number of reps the team must complete (eg. 100 reps/4 = ~25 reps each). Fitter clients can do extra for less fit clients. Teams may only move to the next exercise once ALL reps of the previous exercise have been completed.

The run at the end of the circuit is only completed by one member. The team chooses which member they want to send. The others can rest while they wait for that person to return.


Circuit 1 – Upper (6 minutes)

  1. 80x push ups
  2. 80x mountain climbers (L+R=1)
  3. 80x railing dips
  4. One client runs 100m

Rest 2 minutes. Use this time to explain circuit 2.

Circuit 2 – Lower (6 minutes)

  1. 100x squats
  2. 80x high knees (L+R=1)
  3. 40x glute bridge marches (L+R=1)
  4. One client runs 100m

Rest 2 minutes. Use this time to explain circuit 3.

Circuit 3 – Full (8 minutes)

  1. 20x rolling get ups (use partner if need be)
  2. 40x tuck jumps
  3. 60x partner high 10 sit ups
  4. One client runs 50m

Total points from all 3 rounds wins!

Penalties - Stay strict on technique to keep things fair. On a third warning about technique, the client loses a ¼ point for their team.

Modification – For a 60 minute workout increase the first 2 rounds to 8 minutes and the final round to 10 minutes. Increase rest breaks between rounds to 3 or 4 minutes.


Rolling Get Ups

Assisted Rolling Get Ups

Glute Bridge Marches


Do you live in Sydney, Australia?

We will be covering AMRAPs and over a dozen other drills, techniques and games at a live workshop I am doing with Garry.

Bootcamp Training Ideas will give you some awesome new ideas and inspiration for creating great workouts in your own bootcamps.

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Images: Garden Chess by Beverley Goodwin


More bodyweight workouts:

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A Commonwealth Approved Bootcamp Workout

While staring absentmindedly at a picture of the Australian flag over the Australia Day weekend I had the idea for this workout.

It was simple and involved tyres and ropes which my clients always get a kick out of using.

(By the way that heading is very tongue in cheek)

yarn bombing

Union Jack Attack

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: MatsCones/Markers, Battling Ropes, Skipping Ropes

Set up all equipment and stations in the centre of a large rectangular field (I used a cricket pitch). This will act as the centre of the union jack.

Place cones at each corner of the rectangle as well as half way along the perimeter along each side (8 cones total). These act as the points of the union jack.

union jack diagram

Form your bootcamp group into teams of 5 or 6 mixed fitness level clients.

Each team must complete two rounds of the circuit set up in the middle.

In between each station the team must run one leg of the Union Jack while carrying a battling rope on their shoulders before completing the next station.

Have a team take a drink break after their first circuit.

Exercise Stations

1. Tyre flip, jump and sprint across 30 meters. Description on Instagram.

2. 20 two handed rope slams each with their teams battling rope. Team members will need to take it in turns as only one person on either end of the rope can go at a time.

3. Overhead tyre lunges across 30 metres (15m up and back). Description on Instagram.

4. 100 skips (jump ropes) for each member.


Just to clarify the order of exercise here is a little sample of what a teams workout might look like:

  • Run to left most point of Union Jack and back
  • Complete tyre flip drill
  • Run to upper-left point and back
  • Complete 20 rope slams each
  • Run to upper point and back
  • Complete overhead tyre lunges
  • Run to upper-right point and back
  • Complete 100 skips each
  • Short drink break
  • Run to right point and back
  • Complete tyre flip drill
  • Run to lower-left point and back
  • Complete 20 rope slams each
  • Run to lower point and back
  • Complete overhead tyre lunges
  • Run to lower-right point and back
  • Complete 100 skips each

Total workout time = 25-30 minutes on a good sized field.

I hope your group gets a kick out of this workout!


Images: Yarn Bombing by George Rex, Bootcamp Ideas Instagram



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New South Wales residents, you can expect some new workout ideas, plenty of fun and a chance to pick our brains over lunch afterwards.

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- Kyle

Incremental Bootcamp Workout

Near where I run my bootcamp there is a fantastic amphitheater.

I used this for the core of my workout but I’ll lay out the basic concept so that you can do something similar with your own environment.

The Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre

Take 10

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Mats, Cones/Markers

Set Up

This workout contains 3 or more parts. The Counter, Drill A and Drill B.

You can add more drills if you like (C, D etc) for more variety or a longer workout.

How It Works

The Counter

Use this drill to keep track of how many rounds a client has done. It should increment by one each round.

Drills A and B

These can be anything really. I chose one to be a muscular strength circuit and the other to be more of a short intense cardio drill.

Alternate between drills in between each round of the Counter (see below for example).


Here’s what I did.

The Counter

I set the Counter as a step up-squat combo.

Round 1 clients started at the bottom of the large amphitheater steps and did and did 1 step up and then squat, round 2 they started at the bottom but this time did 2 step up-squats.

Each round they added an additional step up squat until the final round of 10.

Step up-squat: step up onto a bench/step, perform a squat then step down or repeat upwards. Alternate stepping leg each rep.

Drill A

Run up the stairs and back down (around 60 stairs).

Drill B

Perform 10 reps of each exercise. Advanced clients should perform 15 reps each.

  1. Super Man Reach Push Ups
  2. Inverted Rows on railing
  3. Jump Squats

Super Man Reach Push Ups: Perform a regular push up. At the top of the movement raise 1 arm off the ground and reach in front of you. Stabalise with core and other 3 points of contact.
Return your hand to the ground and complete another push up. This time raise the other hand.

When the workout is completed in order it would look  like this:

  • 1x step up-squat
  • Drill A – run stairs
  • 2x step up-squats
  • Drill B – strength circuit
  • 3x step up-squats
  • Drill A
  • 4x step up-squats
  • Drill B
  • 5x step up-squats
  • Drill A
  • 6x step up-squats
  • Drill B
  • 7x step up-squats
  • Drill A
  • 8x step up-squats
  • Drill B
  • 9x step up-squats
  • Drill A
  • 10x step up-squats
  • Drill B

Clients started the step up-squats from the bottom each time.

I gave each client a cone that they moved one step higher at the end of each round so they could keep track of which step they were up to.

You can use lunges, push ups, suicides or anything you can really think of to replace the Counter. Go nuts!

Total Sample Drill Time: 25 minutes


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