Great Bootcamp For A First Class (killer ice breaker inside)

Today’s workout is from Suzie DeBar of Billings Adventure Boot Camp. This is an awesome session to run if you have a new group that doesn’t know each other very well and there is a big fitness level variation.

crazy push ups

The First Bootcamp Session

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: None


Introduction and warm up: ~15 minutes

Find my shoe

Each person will take one shoe off when they enter the gym and place it in the trash bag.  Then they will go set up somewhere they haven’t set up before.  When I call everyone’s attention they will go and find the owner of the shoe and find out 3 things from each other.  Favorite active recovery activity, Favorite food, Favorite Beverage.

Basic warm up

Run around perimeter of gym doing high knees, butt kicks, side slides, grapevines.  Have them head back to mat and do pushups, hand release pushups, squat thrusts, Jumping jacks, plank holds, crunches, flutter kicks.


~12 minutes

Use the time to watch and correct form. Complete 3 times.

Take a short break between exercises to explain and demo longer break after completing full set.

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Fourth Of July Challenge Workout

Today’s 4th of July themed workout is from Cheryl Kurn Sacks of Sacks Fitness. Thanks for sharing Cheryl!

Read to the end for something cool.

July 4 Fireworks

Fourth of July Workout

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Dumbbells


Do exercises in a circuit style. Rounds 1 & 3 are 20 reps, rounds 2 & 4 are 14 reps.

Exercises that have a left/right side do 20/14 reps total. With a 5 min warmup and 5 min cool down, will last for a 60 min class.


  1. Star Planks
  2. Firework Lunges
  3. Star Spangled Bicycles
  4. Ab Bursts
  5. Red, White & Glutes
  6. Side Plank Spectacular
  7. Squats & Stripes

Exercise Descriptions

Star Planks – While holding a high plank (straight arms), alternate opposite arm/leg reach. Keep hips square to floor. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

Firework Lunges – Step left leg back into back lunge. Bring left knee up to a balance and do a biceps curl. Then, reach left leg out to the side while doing a “V” Shoulder press. Repeat same leg for 10 or 7 reps, then switch.

Star Spangled Bicycles – Alternating oblique crunch with opposite leg extension. Slow & controlled, more like a Pilates single leg stretch. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

Ab Bursts – Knees bent in 90 degrees, lightly hug knees with head/shoulders off floor. Staying curled up, reach arms and legs out on a diagonal, making an “X”. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

Red, White & Glutes – On forearms and knees, put resistance tube around bottom of right sneaker and hold handles. Keep foot flexed (or you’ll snap yourself in the butt) as you reach right leg straight back. Same side for 10 or 7 reps, then switch.

Side Plank Spectacular – Holding side plank on right side (either knees bent, top leg straight, or both legs straight), perform a wide dumbbell row with left arm (elbow to ceiling), then extend arm at elbow to a straight arm (triceps). Same side for 10 or 7 reps, then switch.

Squats & Stripes – Stand hip width with arms straight out in front of you (very light dumbbells!). Step right leg out to wide squat and move arms to a “T”. Step right leg and arms to center, then step out with left leg to squat and arms to “T”. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

About Cheryl

I’m from central New Jersey and am a Personal Trainer and Pilates Mat instructor of 7 years, and also teach group fitness classes.

After working in the TV industry for several years post-college, I decided to embrace my life-long passion for fitness and health. I feel this is my sixth sense, and enjoy teaching others how to find success the natural way, just as I did. I may look sweet, but I train tough. My business website: Sacks Fitness

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Image: Fireworks | I’ll Never Grow Up

Team AMRAP Circuit Workout

Today’s awesome workout is from Joy Moody. Thanks for sharing Joy!

human flag

Hold It!

We divided up in 6 groups, about 4 people per group. (Adjust for your group size). There was a mixture of fitness levels in each group.

There are five stations that are AMRAPs with a twist. One person in each team has to hold an exercise for as long as they can while the other 3 people are working the AMRAP. When person 1 can no longer hold the exercise, everyone completes 7 burpees. Then a new group member starts the holding exercise.

AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible – Complete as many rounds as you can in the allotted time.

The 6th station was the time keeper, run for 7 minutes.

Quickly, rotate stations at the end of 7 minute run.

Station 1 - balance quadruped position (all fours with knees slightly off the ground. Good alignment required!

*7 burpees when holder needs to switch

  1. 10 military push-ups
  2. 10 push-ups to side plank
  3. 10 mountain climbers (R+L=1)
  4. 10 tricep dips

Station 2 – hold a plank, 7 burpees at switch

  1. 10 sit-ups
  2. 10 reverse burpees
  3. 10 bicycle sit-ups (R+L=1)
  4. 10 Russian twist (R+L=1)

Station 3 – hold a chin up, 7  burpees at switch

  1. 10 ball slams
  2. 10 wall ball
  3. 10 broad jumps
  4. 10 med ball overhead press

Station 4 - hold a wall sit, 7 burpees at switch

  1. 10 jumping lunges (R+L=1)
  2. 10 courtesy lunges (R+L=1)
  3. 10 right leg single dead lift-no weight
  4. 10 left leg single dead lifts-no weights

Station 5 – hold a Kettlebell in a front lateral raise, 7 burpees at switch

  1. 10 KB swings
  2. 10 thrusters
  3. 10 KB jacks
  4. 10 KB upright rows

Station 6 – run 7 minutes

  1. We used treadmills but you could also set up a run course and just have the team do as many laps as possible in the time limit. Rotate when runners return after 7 minutes.

Adjust the stations as needed. The “holding” allowed everyone to cheer each other on and push themselves individually as well. Challenging and lots of fun.

Variation: if you wanted to make it more competitive, you could have then keep track of the number of switches or burpees each group completes.

About Joy

My name is Joy Moody. I have been teaching Bootcamp classes for 12 years. My degree is in Exercise Science and I am PT, GX certified.

I love people and seriously believe we have the best job in the world!


Kyle here again. I don’t know about you, but I am loving the variety from all of these trainer submitted workouts. I would love for you to share one too: Submit A Workout.

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Image: Human Flag | ModernDope (CC)

Time Bomb Pyramid Workout

After seeing Jess Twomey’s Circle of Trust workout last month, Emma Nunn was hit by a moment of inspiration causing her to come up with this workout. Thanks for sharing Emma!

time 2

Count Down Count Up

Time: 60 minutes

Each of the drills below take just under 5 minutes to complete. Do a  5 minute warm up and a 10 minute cool down and allow just 30 seconds between each circuit.

Do all 4 drills twice.

Drill 1 – Legs 

  • 60 sec squat hold
  • 45 sec alternate lunges
  • 30 sec lily pad squats
  • 15 sec jump squats
  • 30 sec lily pad squats
  • 45 sec alt lunges
  • 60 sec squat hold

Lily Pad Squats: Like a frog really. Squat then you tap the floor between your legs jump up and turn 180 degrees, repeat and jump the way you came so you don’t get dizzy… Pair it up by doing high 5′s when you meet face to face again.

Drill 2 – Arms

  • 60 sec lat raise
  • 45 sec tricep dips
  • 30 sec press up
  • 15 sec bicep curl
  • 30 sec press up
  • 45 sec tricep dip
  • 60 sec front raise

Drill 3 – Cardio 

  • 60 sec skipping
  • 45 sec jumping jacks
  • 30 sec high knees
  • 15 sec jump squats
  • 30 sec high knees
  • 45 sec jumping jacks
  • 60 sec skipping

Drill 4 – Core 

  • 60 sec plank
  • 45 sec right side plank
  • 30 sec mountain climbers
  • 15 sec v sit
  • 30 sec mountain
  • 45 sec left side plank
  • 60 sec plank

About Emma

I’m a personal trainer down in the far reaches of Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. My passion is in the camaraderie of group workouts, and with my boot camps reaching over 60 people, I know that there’s a much better chance of success if we stand together (and hobble away after). My workout’s are not for the feint hearted, and definitely not for the client with the excuses.


Portland Meet Up

Due to everyone being busy with life, I have moved the date of the Portland meet up to Saturday 28th June. It would be fantastic to meet you if you are local and help answer any questions you have about running a bootcamp. Reserve your spot here.

A San Fransisco meet up will also be announced in the coming weeks for July.

P.S. I’ve had a couple of emails this week from people asking if Tyres and Ropes is still available. It is, you can grab it here.


Image: Fabiola Medeiros (CC)

Indoor Partner Pyramid Workout

This week’s work out comes from Andrea Garcia of Longmont, CO. Thanks Andi!

P.S. This work out may seem complicated at first glance, but read it a couple of times. It’s a really great workout and simple for clients to follow once they get started.


Waste Time

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment needed: Cones, jump ropes, dumbbells

Here’s a class I did that that my bootcampers and I enjoy. I’ve set this up indoors in the recreation center I teach classes at. I’m confined to one full basketball court and usually get anywhere between 16-26 attendants.

This is a partner ladder or pyramid workout. I let my folks pick their own partners, similar fitness levels works well.

Warm Up

For a warm up I usually run the group through some plyometric moves, like jog in place for 10 sec, 10 but kickers, 10 high knees, 10 jumping jacks, 10 jump squats, 10 skaters, 10 push-ups, 10 plank jacks, 10 reverse plank jacks.

Partner Circuit

I divide the basket ball court in half, using cones or some other way to mark off the halves. One half of the court belongs to the partner who is wasting time (cardio related exercises) while the other partner is on the other half doing a station or stations pyramid or ladder style.

There are 4 different ways to waste time on the designated half of the BB court. On the other site there are 7 stations (any strength exercise will work, I like compound or full body ones) to do the ladder/pyramid. It’s the partner that’s on the station side doing the ladder/pyramid piece that determines when partners switch.

The idea is partner A does one station, while partner B wastes time. The after partner A is done with one station, they switch with partner B and partner B does one station while partner A wastes time.

Then they switch again, this time partner A does 2 stations before switching with partner B. Partner B does 2 stations and switches.

Partner A then does 3 stations and switches, then partner B does 3 stations, etc.

So you can see that at first, it’s not going to take long for your partner to do one station and thus you only have a short amount of time to waste time on the wasting time side of the court.  That time increases as your partner has to do more stations.

Here’s the choices for wasting time:

  1. Burpees: 10 reps
  2. Jump Rope: 75 jumps
  3. Inch worms: using towels or paper towels or gliders under your feet, move your hands out into a plank and tuck your knees in. Then move your hands out further and tuck your knees in again, inching your way along.
  4. Carry a med ball around while you jog 2 laps around the track.  (note:  we have an indoor track.  ~12 laps = 1 mile, therefore 2 laps = ~1/6 of a mile)

7 Stations:

You can have more or less than 7, but 7 is a good number for about 40-45 minutes or work.

  1. 15: chest press with pelvic thrusts
  2. 20: plank rows
  3. 10 each side: oblique lifts with exercise ball
  4. 10:  pull ups
  5. 10 each side:  Bulgarian hop squats holding a med ball and hoping on your leg.
  6. 20:  jumping jacks hold a weight.
  7. 6 box jumps and then 6 tricep dips

bb court wasting time



If there’s still time left in the hour, then I’ll do some running relays. Then cool them down and stretch them out.

About Andi

I work for the city of Longmont, Colorado. I’m a group fitness instructor of about 4 years (bootcamps, cardio kickboxing, sculpting). I grew up playing soccer most of my teenage years and early adulthood until about 27 years old.

I’ve done the tough mudder the past 2 years with some members that take my bootcamps.


Thanks again to Andi for sharing that workout with us this week. I’m always looking for new workouts to share, if you feel like sending one in just email me or use our cool submit form. I bet you run better workouts then you think, we’d love to see them!


Original Images: Vit HassanDavid Jones (CC)