Team AMRAP Circuit Workout

Today’s awesome workout is from Joy Moody. Thanks for sharing Joy!

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Hold It!

We divided up in 6 groups, about 4 people per group. (Adjust for your group size). There was a mixture of fitness levels in each group.

There are five stations that are AMRAPs with a twist. One person in each team has to hold an exercise for as long as they can while the other 3 people are working the AMRAP. When person 1 can no longer hold the exercise, everyone completes 7 burpees. Then a new group member starts the holding exercise.

AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible – Complete as many rounds as you can in the allotted time.

The 6th station was the time keeper, run for 7 minutes.

Quickly, rotate stations at the end of 7 minute run.

Station 1 - balance quadruped position (all fours with knees slightly off the ground. Good alignment required!

*7 burpees when holder needs to switch

  1. 10 military push-ups
  2. 10 push-ups to side plank
  3. 10 mountain climbers (R+L=1)
  4. 10 tricep dips

Station 2 – hold a plank, 7 burpees at switch

  1. 10 sit-ups
  2. 10 reverse burpees
  3. 10 bicycle sit-ups (R+L=1)
  4. 10 Russian twist (R+L=1)

Station 3 – hold a chin up, 7  burpees at switch

  1. 10 ball slams
  2. 10 wall ball
  3. 10 broad jumps
  4. 10 med ball overhead press

Station 4 - hold a wall sit, 7 burpees at switch

  1. 10 jumping lunges (R+L=1)
  2. 10 courtesy lunges (R+L=1)
  3. 10 right leg single dead lift-no weight
  4. 10 left leg single dead lifts-no weights

Station 5 – hold a Kettlebell in a front lateral raise, 7 burpees at switch

  1. 10 KB swings
  2. 10 thrusters
  3. 10 KB jacks
  4. 10 KB upright rows

Station 6 – run 7 minutes

  1. We used treadmills but you could also set up a run course and just have the team do as many laps as possible in the time limit. Rotate when runners return after 7 minutes.

Adjust the stations as needed. The “holding” allowed everyone to cheer each other on and push themselves individually as well. Challenging and lots of fun.

Variation: if you wanted to make it more competitive, you could have then keep track of the number of switches or burpees each group completes.

About Joy

My name is Joy Moody. I have been teaching Bootcamp classes for 12 years. My degree is in Exercise Science and I am PT, GX certified.

I love people and seriously believe we have the best job in the world!


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Image: Human Flag | ModernDope (CC)

Team AMRAP Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout

I ran this workout last Friday. I don’t know if it was the fact it was Valentine’s Day or what but my groups were ferocious in their competitiveness to be the winners of this workout.

I hope it inspires the same enthusiasm in your groups.

garden chess

Who enjoys these random pictures I add to the workouts?

As Many As Possible


Form clients into handicapped teams of 4. If you have less than 8 people, form them into smaller groups and adjust reps accordingly.

Teams must complete as many rounds of the circuit as possible (AMRAP) in the given time. For each round they complete they score one point. Points are added together at the end of the game. Include partial rounds (¼ points per completed exercise).

The repetitions shown is the TOTAL number of reps the team must complete (eg. 100 reps/4 = ~25 reps each). Fitter clients can do extra for less fit clients. Teams may only move to the next exercise once ALL reps of the previous exercise have been completed.

The run at the end of the circuit is only completed by one member. The team chooses which member they want to send. The others can rest while they wait for that person to return.


Circuit 1 – Upper (6 minutes)

  1. 80x push ups
  2. 80x mountain climbers (L+R=1)
  3. 80x railing dips
  4. One client runs 100m

Rest 2 minutes. Use this time to explain circuit 2.

Circuit 2 – Lower (6 minutes)

  1. 100x squats
  2. 80x high knees (L+R=1)
  3. 40x glute bridge marches (L+R=1)
  4. One client runs 100m

Rest 2 minutes. Use this time to explain circuit 3.

Circuit 3 – Full (8 minutes)

  1. 20x rolling get ups (use partner if need be)
  2. 40x tuck jumps
  3. 60x partner high 10 sit ups
  4. One client runs 50m

Total points from all 3 rounds wins!

Penalties - Stay strict on technique to keep things fair. On a third warning about technique, the client loses a ¼ point for their team.

Modification – For a 60 minute workout increase the first 2 rounds to 8 minutes and the final round to 10 minutes. Increase rest breaks between rounds to 3 or 4 minutes.


Rolling Get Ups

Assisted Rolling Get Ups

Glute Bridge Marches


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Images: Garden Chess by Beverley Goodwin


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AMRAP and Chipper Combined Workout

Good afternoon, I know for some of you this is coming rather late in the week, but hopefully you can use this workout next week in your bootcamp plans.

Today we have a really intense stair based workout. Challenge your groups to get through 4 rounds in the 25 minutes.

do not run

You Run, We’ll Stay

Goals: High Intensity Training, Teambuilding

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Mats, Stairs, Something for dips and step ups

Warm Up

5 to 10 minutes of running. Mobilize the calves.

Main Bit

This workout is a teamwork challenge set at an Amphitheatre. It combines two common bootcamp methods, AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) and Chippers (complete a set number of reps).

Get groups into mixed fitness level teams of 4. Working in teams clients must complete AMRAP of a set of exercises (see below). Repetitions for each exercise are the TOTAL number that the team must complete each round. For example: 50 squats could be completed by three of the team members, two doing 20 reps and a third doing 10 reps.

Team members do not all need to be doing the same thing. For instance, some could be running the stairs while others do strength exercises.

Each round clients must complete:

  • Run up stairs (about 80 stairs) x 6
  • Step Up w/ high knee x 50/leg
  • Push Ups x 50
  • Squats x 50
  • Dips x 50
  • Inverted Rows x 50

Remember: The reps above are the total number for the team.

Once a team completes the chipper above they make a mark on the whiteboard. They have just completed one round. The team with the most rounds completed at the end of 25 minutes wins.

Finisher (if time)

Get clients into pairs of similar fitness level and line them up at the bottom of the stairs. One pair at a time, send them off in a race, sprinting to the top of the stairs. Repeat two or three times depending on how stuffed they are.


Stretch it out

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Summer Time Means Hill Runs At Bootcamp

Good morning trainers!

It’s time to get your clients sweaty. All you need is a good hill and some way of keeping time. Ask your questions about the workout below.

Hamrap #2

Breaking in one of my Christmas presents. A new whiteboard!


Goals: High Intensity Training

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Some hills, Mats, Timer

Warm Up

1000m run incorporating butt kicks, high knees, warrior lunges. Follow up with calf mobility stretches.

The Workout

Divide the group into 4 handicapped teams. Use fitness test results to make sure you get an even spread of fitness levels.

Each person will complete As Many Rounds As Possible in the allotted time.

The goal of this workout is to accumulate the most number of COMPLETED rounds across a team. The team with the most rounds will win the prize of bring awesome. Partially completed rounds won’t count.

Round 1

7 minute round.

  1. Run up 20-30m hill – run back down
  2. 7x Star Jumps
  3. 21x Squats
  4. 7x HR Push Ups

Add up each groups total and record.

Round 2

6 minutes round.

  1. Run backwards up 10m hill
  2. 7x Mountain Climbers (14 total) at top of hill
  3. Run down hill
  4. 14x Jump Lunges (7 each leg – alt: reverse lunges)
  5. 7x Head bangers (aka pike push ups)

Add up each groups total and record.

Round 3

Combine both circuits together into one giant circuit.

AMRAP in 8 minutes over total circuit.

  1. Run up 20-30m hill – run back down
  2. 7x Star Jumps
  3. 21x Squats
  4. 7x HR Push Ups
  5. Run backwards up 10m hill to path
  6. 7x Mountain Climbers (14 total) at top of hill
  7. Run down hill
  8. 14x Jump Lunges (alt: reverse lunges)
  9. 7x Head bangers (aka pike push ups)

Add up each groups total and record. Combine the totals from each round and announce the team of awesome.



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Special Halloween Bootcamp Workout

I got this idea from The Bootcamp Girls pumpkin workout. Halloween is a bit of a smaller deal here in Australia but I thought my clients would appreciate a bit of a fun workout anyway.

You will need one pumpkin between two campers. I told clients they could bring one if they wanted or already had one, if not I had a bunch of Med Balls they could use instead.

Pumpkin Bootcamp

Goals: Crosstraining, Strength, Theme

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: ConesMats, Pumpkins/MedBalls

Warm Up

Rock Paper Scissors Sprint. Except once a client makes it around a full circuit, they must perform 5 frog squats (or 5 push ups or 5 spider lunges etc.) before continuing.

Partner Pumpkin Rounds

Have clients buddy up with someone of a similar fitness level. One partner does a strength exercise for 45 seconds while the other runs out to a cone and back. Each client gets a turn on each exercise.

Set the running cone around 20 metres away. When clients get back from the run they rest until it is their turn to exercise again.


  1. MB Push Ups – Close grip for advanced clients, 1 hand on the ball for less advanced
  2. MB Squat to Press
  3. Crunch with MB OH Press
  4. Mountain Climbers with hands on MB

Both clients rest for 1 minute and then start over. Complete 3 rounds total.

OH = overhead.

Partner Pumpkin AMRAP

Taking it in turns, pairs complete as many rounds as possible of the following circuit as possible in 8 minutes (12 minutes for more of a challenge). One partner rests while the other completes the entire circuit,then they swap roles.


  1. 15 m Walking OH MB Lunge
  2. 20x Standing OH Presses
  3. 15 m Travelling Jump Squat with MB (swing MB/pumpkin as you jump)

For example:

Let’s take one pair of clients, John and Bruce.

  • John starts of resting. Bruce does 15m walking lunge with pumpkin overhead, then 20 pumpkin presses and then 15m of travelling pumpkin jump squats. Bruce then gives the pumpkin to John.
  • Bruce then has a rest while John runs through the circuit.
  • Bruce and John keep alternating until the 8 minutes is over.
  • Reduce reps/distance or increase round length if they are taking too long to swap.

If you are running a 60 minute bootcamp, add a second AMRAP round in. You can repeat the one above of use 3 new exercises like the one below.

Or use a couple of games or finishers.

Bonus circuit:

  1. 15 m Travelling Sumo Walk with MB Overhead
  2. 15x Squat to OH MB throw and catch (like a squat to press, but let go of the MB at the top of the movement so it travels vertically into the air. Then catch it and return to a squat)
  3. 15 m Run holding MB




Something New

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- Kyle


Image: Jason OX4