The Nokia 3210 Bootcamp

This week’s workout is from Chris Kershaw of Outfit UK. Thanks Chris!


The Nokia 3210 Bootcamp

This is a novel way of planning classes and Personal Training sessions.

So, everyone fondly remembers the phone keypads of old.

nokia keypad

Essentially, after a good old fashioned warm-up lay out the cones 2, 3 or 5 metres apart and label the stations exactly the same as the Nokia key pad. Write the exercises on the paper and the amount of repetitions you want everyone to perform.

My first bootcamp set up looked like this:

1: 10x wide, narrow and regular press-ups
2: 10x kettlebell push-presses
3: 10x bodyweight walk outs
4: 20x kettlebell swings
5: 10x plank to press
6: 20x bodyweight row and press
7: 10x boxing combinations
8: 20x low jacks
9: 15x roll and get-ups
0: 10x burpees

To begin with you ask the participants to do all the exercises that correspond to the digits contained in their mobile phone number with as little rest as possible. So for example I would perform:

0 – x10 Burpees
7 – x20 boxing combinations
7 – x20 boxing combinations
0 – 10 burpees
3 – 10 bodyweight walkouts
6 – 20 bodyweight row and presses
7 – 10boxing combinations
9 – 15 roll and get-ups
6 – 20 bodyweight row and press
2 x20 kettlebell push-presses
2 x20 kettlebell push-presses

After mobile phone numbers I got all my participants to perform exercises corresponding to their date of birth and then all the exercises matching the date that we performed the class.

After what seemed like a few minutes, the full hour session had flown by, and by all accounts the session was great fun!

You can swap and change the exercises as you see fit, but whether you are a trainer, coach or just a casual exerciser you can use this layout to create some fun, varied and effective sessions.

Be creative, get your participants to pick numbers out of a hat, perform exercises corresponding to their lottery numbers. Anything to get all participants as engaged in the session as possible. They should really enjoy it.

I’d love to see some of the combinations and ideas you can come up with.

Please share them or ask any questions in the comments below.

About Chris

I’ve been running boot camps and Personal Training for a number of years, and I’ve often used the ideas on this website to help me on the way, so if I can help anyone else just a little bit then I have done a good job.

You can find me on my business website Outfit UK or my blog is Muscle Moose.

My philosophy is to train as hard as I need to for any given goal, to enjoy the journey and to help others diet without the guilt an binging it that comes along for the ride.

I hope this finds you well.

Chris Kershaw


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This workout first appeared here on Muscle Moose.

An Uneggspected Surprise Easter Workout

This week’s workout is a special for Easter! It’s from Yolanda Cardona. Thanks Yolanda!

Easter Bunny Sighting

Bunny Bootcamp

To make Easter fun and guilt free before the candy strikes back I thought of this Easter Bootcamp drill. It is really easy and simple.

Set up

I picked up a couple of dozens of plastic eggs. Depending on how many people are in your bootcamp you may need more. I filled them up with different exercises that were related to Bunnies and Easter.


  • Tri-dips – chocolate dips
  • Frog jumps- bunny hops
  • Toyota jump- Allstar bunny
  • Mountain climbers- rabbit feet
  • Superman- Super rabbit

and so forth.

I also took a few of the eggs and put it as the wild egg which is actually a rest for one minute. Each exercise is performed for one minute.

How it works

Place the eggs in an Easter basket around 20m away from your clients.

You have your clients run to the Easter basket as fast as they can and grab 4-5 eggs.

Use your timer to have them perform each exercise they collected for one minute. Afterwards, follow that with a minute rest. Repeat.


You can have your clients do suicide drills with running, lunging forward, or so forth to get to the eggs.

About Yolanda

I am a personal trainer and Insanity instructor. I was once overweight and miserable till fitness became my passion as well as calling. Find me on Facebook, Coach Yolanda.


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Image: Bunny Sighting | Kate Ter Haar

4 More Lessons Learned To Help Save Your Bootcamp Business

Around eighteen months ago, just after I released The Little Bootcamp Book of Workouts, I wrote a short article on lessons I learnt from launching a product that could equally be applied to running a bootcamp business.

Well last weekend I did something else for the first time. I helped organise a live workshop and once again I learnt a tonne about business. I feel compelled to share some of the universal lessons learnt that you should turn around and apply to your bootcamp.


1. Employ Risk Management

This was rather an unfortunate lesson to learn but I am glad the regular practice of risk management has become just a part of running outdoors group sessions for Garry and myself. If we hadn’t gone through steps to mitigate risk and protect ourselves, we could be in a world of hurt right now.

In a bootcamp environment, accidents will happen. Clients are trying to work intensely, they get excited, things happen.

You can’t stop it 100% but you can certainly manage it by identifying and eliminating or reducing your risks.

Here are just a few ways to protect yourself and your clients:

Get insurance. If you haven’t got it, get it now. Do I need to expand on this?

Plan your sessions. During the workshop Garry spoke about how planning your workouts is important to ensure clients keep progression. Well it’s also important so that in the event of an insurance claim you have evidence that you progressed your clients from A to B. Evidence that you had thought about why they were doing those exercises on that day. Winging your planning may seem more intuitive and fun to you now, but it really isn’t worth the risk.

Get clients to perform a written health screen and get them to sign a waiver. The health screen will bring to light any injuries or conditions you should be aware of and the waiver will help protect you in the case of an injury. This is the form we had trainers fill out and sign for our workshop. Of course this is an example only and you should check the wording with your lawyer.

Perform a risk analysis of your training area. I’m insured with Guild Insurance. They were fantastic in assisting us preparation for our workshop. They also have an entire section on their website dedicated to helping trainer think about risk. I recommend checking out their article on risk management. They are not paying me to say any of this, it just seemed like something useful to share.

Kyle and Karen

2. Have An Assistant

If you are training 15+ people, you should really consider hiring an assistant. I know this may seem like a difficult task to find someone but it doesn’t have to be.

I found my first assistant at  a bootcamp training course. He wasn’t ready for his own bootcamp at the time and I needed someone to help. Now he is one of my closest friends.

Now you may think ‘I run sessions with 25 people by myself and it’s fine’ but let me ask you these questions:

  • Does your insurance cover you for that many people at once?
  • What happens if someone rolls an ankle? (the most common bootcamp injury in my experience)
  • What do you do when on a group run and someone cannot keep up or is trying to nurse an existing injury?
  • How long does it take you to set up for bootcamp?
  • Who keeps the group motivated while you are looking at your stop watch?

Having Simon assist us on Friday was life saving. We were on a tight time frame so we had to be quick at setting up the next drill. Having two instructors to set up a drill while the other looked after the group made it possible.

When one of the girls collided with another, Simon was able to look after her while we kept the session running. The alternative would have been to stop the workshop while we tended to her, which I’m sure people would have been understanding of the situation, but it meant no time was lost.

Do not let your ego get in the way of giving your clients a safe and effective training environment.


3. Be Persistent and Patient With Councils

Who loves to deal with their local council?


We had quite a struggle with booking our workshop venue. In fact Garry was originally knocked back because he accidentally let slip the word ‘fitness’ which conjured up images of bootcamps to the council.

You must keep at it though because I assure you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It helps to understand your thought process and their thought process.

You are a cool business owner. You don’t like conforming to rules which is why you decided to be your own boss. When someone slams a closed door in your face you say ‘F*** it’ and knock a hole through the adjacent wall. You also drive a black Jeep Wrangler with a giant boot footprint painted down the sides because you are badass.

Now try to imagine the mindset of the average government employee who only has that job because of the safe paycheck it gives them every week.

Now you understand why you get frustrated. Because you both have different goals and values.

Now that you understand that, also consider that not all council employees are like that, some might be there because they genuinely want to help their local area. And those people are dealing with the same bureaucracy you are only day in and day out.

So give them a damn break!

Be patient with your council. Take the time to help them to understand what you are trying to do and be flexible in what you may need to change in order to do it.

Work with your council, not against them.

Manly Oval

4. Don’t Forget About the Experience

The experience of doing something is becoming almost as important as the actual service or product you give someone.

For example, I went shirt shopping the other day for some clothes. I have a few weddings coming up. I went into this smart casual type suit store and was blown away by the wood paneling on the wall and the floating wood floor. So much effort and money had gone into decking this place out.

This is a fairly big chain menswear store in a shopping centre (mall). The store next door was similarly extravagantly laid out.

I remember when pretty much every clothing store looked the same. White tile floors, white walls and ugly hanging racks.

It all worked, I enjoyed being in the store and bought two new shirts.

Now  I am seeing cafe’s, stores, websites and fitness studios putting a lot of money and effort into the look and feel (the experience) of their location. I think it’s really cool. These are modern expressions of art.

Leading up to the Bootcamp Training Ideas workshop, it was a real pleasure to work with Garry because he seems to understand how important experience is intuitively. He insisted that we hire Manly Oval and not just use some park. He insisted that we get the manuals we handed printed, covered and bound and not just stapled. He insisted that we ask Simon to come help us so things would run smoother on the day.

He was correct. All of these little things added up to making the day very enjoyable and memorable.

So in your own bootcamp don’t forget this. Don’t just deliver awesome workouts, deliver an experience to your clients and they will keep coming back for more.

Collect The Cones

This week’s drill

I know many of your were asking for a copy or a video of the content from our workshop so here is one of the drills we taught:

Collect the Coloured Cones

Part 1

Scatter 30-50 coloured cones in the centre of an area. Form your bootcamp group into teams of 4 or 5 and place the teams in a circle around 15 metres away from the cones.

On your word ‘Go’ each team sends one person running into the centre to grab one cone and then runs it back to their team.

Team members continue running in one at a time in the attempt to be the team with the most cones once all of the cones have been picked up.

Get clients to add up their total number of cones to see who is the winner!

Part 2

Now comes the fun part.

Each collected cone equals 10 reps of an exercise that must be completed by each individual in the team.

For example:

  • Each blue cone equals prisoner squats
  • Red equals push ups
  • Green equals get ups
  • Yellow equals power jacks

Have teams start by adding up how many reps they collected (eg. 4 yellow cones = 40 power jacks each). Then have them complete all of the reps and exercises, discarding each cone as they complete it.

Tip: If you want to use this drill for a warm up just have them complete 5 reps of each exercise and pick really basic warm up exercises.


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Images: Quentin Jones Photography

It’s Just A Roll Of The Dice

Today’s heart starting workout is courtesy of Sammie Kennedy, you can check out more about her at

double rainbow

Feeling Lucky?

Grab your dice and get ready for a fun workout! For this workout you will need a single “die” or one of a pair of dice.

Here’s how it works –

Your workout will consist of 12 exercises completed in the order shown. Each exercise will be allotted 60 seconds so set a timer that you can see the 60 seconds count down (online interval timers on a laptop are great to keep track or iphone timers like “UltraTimer”).

Kyle here, I really like A HIIT Interval Timer on my Android phone.

Be sure to warm-up first before beginning this exercise rotation!

How To

Roll the dice and see what number you have rolled.

Multiply that number by 10 and that will be the number of seconds you will perform the exercise.

Whatever time you have remaining in the 60 seconds is your REST before you move on to the next exercise. As an alternative to rest I have outlined a few static hold exercises you can perform until the next 60 seconds begins if you’d like more of a challenge.

Immediately roll the dice again and continue with the next exercise on the list at the start of each 60 seconds.

Once you have completed all exercises in the list, rest for 1 minute. Repeat the circuit 3 times.

Exercise List

  1. Sumo Squats
  2. Pushups
  3. Foot Fire
  4. Alternating Lunges
  5. Tricep Dips
  6. T-Jumps
  7. Curtsy Lunge
  8. Plank Rows
  9. Mountain Climbers – Can modify to a high knee run or march
  10. Squat Jacks – Can modify to regular jumping jacks
  11. Plank Hip Rotations – Can modify to regular plank
  12. Burpees – Can modify to squat

Static Hold Exercises (Optional during the remainder of the 60 second period)

Round 1 – Wall Squat
Round 2 – Plank
Round 3 – Sumo Squat Hold
Round 4 – V-Sit Hold

About Sammie

Sammie Kennedy is a Fitness Expert and Women’s Boot Camp Instructor in Toronto, Canada. She’s been teaching boot camps and transforming lives for nearly a decade!

Learn more about Sammie and her Boot Camps at


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Image (CC): oskaree

Hot Weather Bootcamp Ideas

It’s been a terrifically hot week here in Melbourne with four 40+ degree C days in a row (it got to over 110 degrees F).

It’s always important to keep a close eye on clients in this weather. I let them choose if they want to come or not.

Training in the morning wasn’t so bad with the temperatures around 30 degrees. I just cut back the workouts and increased the rest breaks.

Still, I thought it might be nice to finish out week at bootcamp with a cooling, water themed bootcamp so I reached out to our Facebook group.

They had some awesome drills that I wanted to share along with what I ended up using.

This might be a good one to bookmark for those warmer months if you are currently enjoying winter.


Cool off with these tips

  • Depending on your access to water, this past summer I had a cooler of ice water with a towel in it at the corner of the field. They sprinted to it, wrung out the wet towel on their head, and ran to the next station. – Leanne Claxton
  • Freeze washcloths ahead of time and keep them in a cooler then as they start to heat up, hand them out! – Jamie Keiffer
  • Bring an eski (cooler) filled with icy water for clients to put their water bottles in. We also used this water for duck duck splash. – Kyle

Try out these games

Duck Duck Splash

Just like the childrens’ game duck, duck, goose. The “ducks” hold a plank the “goose” has a cup of water and goes around the circle tapping and saying duck, duck, duck….then when they say ‘goose’ they dump the water on the new goose! – Christine Cook

Water Gun Tag

I have clients partner up. One partner gets a water gun (I have kids so we have a few!) and the other partner goes inside a marked square.

The partner with the gun has to stay outside of the square and the partner in the square has to stay inside. The partner has to try to shoot their partner with water. If they get shot, then they switch places. – Shanley Stepaniuk

water fight

Bucket Balance

Mine are in a wall sit with a bucket on their laps. Partner runs to giant bucket and fills cup with water to run back to parter and tips it in.

You can adjust by making them lunge walk, jumping squats etc instead of walking. Wall sit partner can’t touch their bucket with hands so it often ends up tipping all over them before full. First bucket full wins.

They top over bucket on either partner or the pair with lowest bucket. Then switch roles. – Maree Lloyd

Rock Paper Scissors Variation

I play Rock Paper Scissors and have an eski full of balloons filled with water in the middle and as people get a home run, they can grab a balloon n bomb another boot camper. – Amanda Kate

Alka Selzter Tag

I play a game with alka seltzas (you buy them from a chemist) and tie them on a string for people to wear as necklaces. Get $1 water guns from cheap as chips and fill buckets of water 30 m apart.

People wear the necklaces and try to shoot others. When alka seltzas get wet, they dissolve.

Rules are: You can’t cover your alka seltza, you can’t fill your water pistol from the same bucket and you have to keep running! I use 4 buckets. – Amanda Kate

Water Balloon AMRAP

We started off with some mobility exercises and then played Duck Duck Splash until everyone had been wet.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the game with the first group and then I participated with the second!

Main Bit

You will need 100 or so inflated water balloons plus a good sized container (think laundry bucket) for each team.

Split campers into teams of 4 or 5. Clients will complete the AMRAPs individually. Each time they complete a round they get to score a point for their team.

Points are counted by taking a water balloon from the water balloon box and placing in their team’s container.


8 minutes:

  • 15x Tricep Push Ups
  • 15x Jump Lunges
  • 15x KB Squat High Pull
  • Run 100m


8 minutes:

  • 5x Marine Push Ups
  • 5x Burpees (full)
  • 10/arm 1 arm KB Row
  • Backward Run 40m

The Battle

Set up a square for each team out of cones. Squares will border other team’s squares.

Each team places their balloon container in their square.

The water fight begins. Teams can only move about in their square but can obviously throw their balloons at the teams in the other squares.

Alternative: I did think afterwards that instead of having a battle at the end you could just throw a water bomb at one of the other teams every time you scored a point.

Water Fight

Thanks so much for all of your terrific ideas!


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Images: sun, water fight, mine