Fourth Of July Challenge Workout

Today’s 4th of July themed workout is from Cheryl Kurn Sacks of Sacks Fitness. Thanks for sharing Cheryl!

Read to the end for something cool.

July 4 Fireworks

Fourth of July Workout

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Dumbbells


Do exercises in a circuit style. Rounds 1 & 3 are 20 reps, rounds 2 & 4 are 14 reps.

Exercises that have a left/right side do 20/14 reps total. With a 5 min warmup and 5 min cool down, will last for a 60 min class.


  1. Star Planks
  2. Firework Lunges
  3. Star Spangled Bicycles
  4. Ab Bursts
  5. Red, White & Glutes
  6. Side Plank Spectacular
  7. Squats & Stripes

Exercise Descriptions

Star Planks – While holding a high plank (straight arms), alternate opposite arm/leg reach. Keep hips square to floor. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

Firework Lunges – Step left leg back into back lunge. Bring left knee up to a balance and do a biceps curl. Then, reach left leg out to the side while doing a “V” Shoulder press. Repeat same leg for 10 or 7 reps, then switch.

Star Spangled Bicycles – Alternating oblique crunch with opposite leg extension. Slow & controlled, more like a Pilates single leg stretch. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

Ab Bursts – Knees bent in 90 degrees, lightly hug knees with head/shoulders off floor. Staying curled up, reach arms and legs out on a diagonal, making an “X”. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

Red, White & Glutes – On forearms and knees, put resistance tube around bottom of right sneaker and hold handles. Keep foot flexed (or you’ll snap yourself in the butt) as you reach right leg straight back. Same side for 10 or 7 reps, then switch.

Side Plank Spectacular – Holding side plank on right side (either knees bent, top leg straight, or both legs straight), perform a wide dumbbell row with left arm (elbow to ceiling), then extend arm at elbow to a straight arm (triceps). Same side for 10 or 7 reps, then switch.

Squats & Stripes – Stand hip width with arms straight out in front of you (very light dumbbells!). Step right leg out to wide squat and move arms to a “T”. Step right leg and arms to center, then step out with left leg to squat and arms to “T”. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

About Cheryl

I’m from central New Jersey and am a Personal Trainer and Pilates Mat instructor of 7 years, and also teach group fitness classes.

After working in the TV industry for several years post-college, I decided to embrace my life-long passion for fitness and health. I feel this is my sixth sense, and enjoy teaching others how to find success the natural way, just as I did. I may look sweet, but I train tough. My business website: Sacks Fitness

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Image: Fireworks | I’ll Never Grow Up

A Glute-licious Bootcamp Workout

We all know about the posterior chain right?

No? The posterior chain refers to the group of muscles running down the posterior (back) of your body. Usually people are referring to the glutes, hamstrings and lower back muscles (QL, ES).

All those muscles which tend to get neglected in our day to day lives. To remedy this I put together a workout for my clients to really work that area. It’s called:

Littlebootcamppics (85 of 158)

Hips Of Glory

Type: Muscular Endurance

Equipment needed: Large tyre for flipping, marker cones, car tyres, kettlebells, 6 sided die (d6)

Set Up

This workout is all about getting the glutes working.

Clients will need to group up into 6 mixed fitness groups – one for each station. Groups will rotate around the circuit when the timekeeper station is complete.

Complete two laps of the circuit.


Each station will keep exercising until the timekeeper station is complete.

Station 1

Keep repeating the following superset:

Station 2

Keep repeating the following:

Station 3

Tyre See Saw Pass – Two people face each other with the tyre in the middle. Clients take it in turns flipping the tyre towards the other and catching it before it hits the ground.

Station 4

Lateral plank walks. Set up 2 cones 5m apart. Groups take it in turns going up and back.

Station 5

Keep repeating the following superset:

  • Split Squats x10/leg – keep back leg straight at the hip.
  • KB Deadlift x10

Station 6 – Timekeeper

Tennis ball shuttle with 4 balls. Set up 5 cones in a row, each 5m apart. On cones 2 through 5 place one tennis ball on each. Leave cone 1 empty.

Starting at cone 1, one team member brings in the balls by sprinting out to a cone and retrieving one tennis ball at a time. Then another team member takes them back out. Repeat. Once all balls are back out for the second time it’s time to change stations.

Dice Finisher

To be done after 2 laps have been completed and a rest break has been taken.

Use the stations above but introduce a 6 sided die. Groups roll the die, the number the die lands on is the station they go to. Keep going until stretch time.


Do you love using tyres (and ropes) at your bootcamp?

Awesome! Equipment like car and truck tyres, battling ropes and sandbags give a real authentic feel to your bootcamp.

Transporting such items may restrict you from using them regularly, but they are great fun to get out a few times a month for some tough workouts.

If you are struggling to keep coming up with interesting things to do with your tyres or if you have been wanting to get some tyres and ropes but have no idea of where to even look then I might be able to help.

Next Monday I am bringing out The Little Bootcamp Book of Tyres and Ropes. This is the first manual I’ve done since taking on Bootcamp Ideas full time and I think you will really be able to tell by the quality of it.

You can read more about it here.


- Kyle

Indoor Partner Pyramid Workout

This week’s work out comes from Andrea Garcia of Longmont, CO. Thanks Andi!

P.S. This work out may seem complicated at first glance, but read it a couple of times. It’s a really great workout and simple for clients to follow once they get started.


Waste Time

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment needed: Cones, jump ropes, dumbbells

Here’s a class I did that that my bootcampers and I enjoy. I’ve set this up indoors in the recreation center I teach classes at. I’m confined to one full basketball court and usually get anywhere between 16-26 attendants.

This is a partner ladder or pyramid workout. I let my folks pick their own partners, similar fitness levels works well.

Warm Up

For a warm up I usually run the group through some plyometric moves, like jog in place for 10 sec, 10 but kickers, 10 high knees, 10 jumping jacks, 10 jump squats, 10 skaters, 10 push-ups, 10 plank jacks, 10 reverse plank jacks.

Partner Circuit

I divide the basket ball court in half, using cones or some other way to mark off the halves. One half of the court belongs to the partner who is wasting time (cardio related exercises) while the other partner is on the other half doing a station or stations pyramid or ladder style.

There are 4 different ways to waste time on the designated half of the BB court. On the other site there are 7 stations (any strength exercise will work, I like compound or full body ones) to do the ladder/pyramid. It’s the partner that’s on the station side doing the ladder/pyramid piece that determines when partners switch.

The idea is partner A does one station, while partner B wastes time. The after partner A is done with one station, they switch with partner B and partner B does one station while partner A wastes time.

Then they switch again, this time partner A does 2 stations before switching with partner B. Partner B does 2 stations and switches.

Partner A then does 3 stations and switches, then partner B does 3 stations, etc.

So you can see that at first, it’s not going to take long for your partner to do one station and thus you only have a short amount of time to waste time on the wasting time side of the court.  That time increases as your partner has to do more stations.

Here’s the choices for wasting time:

  1. Burpees: 10 reps
  2. Jump Rope: 75 jumps
  3. Inch worms: using towels or paper towels or gliders under your feet, move your hands out into a plank and tuck your knees in. Then move your hands out further and tuck your knees in again, inching your way along.
  4. Carry a med ball around while you jog 2 laps around the track.  (note:  we have an indoor track.  ~12 laps = 1 mile, therefore 2 laps = ~1/6 of a mile)

7 Stations:

You can have more or less than 7, but 7 is a good number for about 40-45 minutes or work.

  1. 15: chest press with pelvic thrusts
  2. 20: plank rows
  3. 10 each side: oblique lifts with exercise ball
  4. 10:  pull ups
  5. 10 each side:  Bulgarian hop squats holding a med ball and hoping on your leg.
  6. 20:  jumping jacks hold a weight.
  7. 6 box jumps and then 6 tricep dips

bb court wasting time



If there’s still time left in the hour, then I’ll do some running relays. Then cool them down and stretch them out.

About Andi

I work for the city of Longmont, Colorado. I’m a group fitness instructor of about 4 years (bootcamps, cardio kickboxing, sculpting). I grew up playing soccer most of my teenage years and early adulthood until about 27 years old.

I’ve done the tough mudder the past 2 years with some members that take my bootcamps.


Thanks again to Andi for sharing that workout with us this week. I’m always looking for new workouts to share, if you feel like sending one in just email me or use our cool submit form. I bet you run better workouts then you think, we’d love to see them!


Original Images: Vit HassanDavid Jones (CC)

Circle of Trust Bootcamp Circuit

Welcome to Workout Wednesday!

Today’s workout is from Jess Twomey of NJ Fit Training. I was lucky enough to sit in on one of Jess T’s workouts while visiting NJ Fit Training owner and good friend (also) Jess Griffin.

My wife, Zoe, participated in Jess T’s workout, I haven’t seen her quite that shade of red before.

I was glad I had to just watch because, you know, I had important things to do, like take photos.

Jess T demoing the circuit exercises.

Jess T demonstrating the circuit exercises.

Circle of Trust

Time: 1 hour

Equipment needed: NJ Fit Mom clients are required to bring their own set of dumbbells and are also recommended to bring a kettlebell to certain workouts. ‘Invest in yourself’ is their answer to new clients asking why. I think that is an awesome way to put it.

Warm Up

Part A: ARMRAP5 Warm-Up Square

Set up a 15mx15m square with cones. Clients will do 5 air squats at each cone. Clients aim to do as many rounds of the square as they can in 5 minutes.

In addition, between each cone clients will do a travelling walk instead of just running.

  1. High knee skips
  2. Karaoke
  3. Crab walk
  4. Lunge walk
Getting ready for AMRAP5

Getting ready for AMRAP5

Part B: Plank Races

Split the group into two teams. Teams assemble on the ground at a start line shoulder to shoulder.

One person at a time gets up and runs to the other side of the group. Then the next person goes and so on.

Slowly the team makes it’s way to the finish line.

After the entire team crosses the finish line they must straight arm walk back to the start line. The first team to have it’s whole team cross the start line again wins.

Plank races on Instagram.

Circle of Trust – R1

Split clients up over the 10 stations. Each should have a kettlebell.

The ‘Pacer’ station is the timekeeper. When the person(s) on that station have completed 30 KB Swings the group moves to the next station.

Before starting the next station though they must run a lap around the circuit. Once they return to their station they can start the next round.

Note: Clients should move their KB to their next station before running their lap.


  1. PACER – 30 KB Swings
  2. Push Up Jacks
  3. Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  4. Lateral KB Jumps
  5. Right Arm KB Row
  6. KB Goblet Lunges
  7. Left Arm KB Row
  8. KB Goblet Squats
  9. Mountain Climbers
  10. Straight Leg Deadlift

Complete one full round of the circuit before going on to the next part.

2014-05-07 09.44.08

Core Break

Complete this set of exercises once for the allocated time:

  • 60s abmat sit ups
  • 45s slow bicycles
  • 30s reverse crunches
  • 15s v-sit hold/hollow rock hold
  • 30s sea turtles
  • 45s superman raises
  • 60s abmat sit ups

Circle of Trust – R2

Repeat the Circle of Trust drill again with the same exercises.

This time though there are two differences. Clients no longer run a lap of the circuit between stations and the number of Swings is reduced to 20 reps.

Cool Down



Here are some of the videos you might need to see of today’s workout. Click here if you are reading in an email.

Push Up Jacks

KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull

KB Straight Leg Deadlift

Abmat Situps

Sea Turtles


Thanks so much to Jess Griffin for hosting me again in New Jersey. And thank you Jess T for sharing your workout with everyone on here.

If you like this style of work out, you will want to check out Beyond Burpees.

Jess T was behind some of the games and workouts you will find in there. You will recognize her mixture of fun workouts that kick your ass at the same time.

Simple 4 Station Bootcamp Circuit With A Twist

Today’s workout is thanks to Stacey Suntken from Melrose Boot Camp. Thanks Stacey!


Four And More

Equipment needed: Kettlebells, Cones, Agility Ladder, Mats

Preparation: Fill out a card for each station with all four levels or print of this one done for you.

This is a 4  station workout, with add ons each round.

1 round = 4 stations.

On the first round, do exercise number 1 on the card and then rotate to next station where you will do exercise 1 on that card.

On their second time around, clients should follow exercise number 2 and rotate and so on.

Hope this makes sense. It’s pretty easy to follow and lots of fun to do on a Friday!


1: 10 Full ROM Pushups

2: 10 Full ROM Pushups + 10 wide arm pushups

3: 10 Full ROM Pushups + 10 wide arm pushups + 10 close grip pushups

4: 10 Full ROM Pushups + 10 wide arm pushups + 10 close grip pushups + 10 staggered arm pushups (10 ea side)


1: 10 KB Goblet Squat

2: 10 KB Goblet Squat + 10 Single Leg Dead Lifts (ea side) (or 20 dead lifts)

3: 10 KB Goblet Squat + 10 KB Single Leg Dead Lifts (ea side) + 10 side lunge with bicep curl (ea)

4: 10 KB Goblet Squat + 10 KB Single Leg Dead Lifts (ea side) + 10 side lunge with bicep curl (ea) + 10 KB Haleos


1: 10 mt climbers cross overs

2: 10 mt climber cross overs + 10 side plank with hip raise (ea)

3: 10 mt climbers cross overs + 10 side plank with hip raise (ea)  + 10 v-ups (modify: asst leg lifts)

4: 10 mt climbers cross overs + 10 side plank with hip raise (ea) + 10 v-ups (or asst leg lifts) + 25 burpees (yes, 25! J)


1: cone drill & quick feet through ladders

2: cone drill & feet in/out through ladders ×2

3: cone drill & hi knees through ladders ×3

4: cone drill & side to side through ladders ×4

Zig Zag Cone Drill: Set up 12 cones in zigzag pattern. Sprint out to first cone then back pedal to second cone and repeat through all cones.

About Stacey

I’m an ACE certified fitness instructor with Melrose Boot Camp. I love seeing people of varying fitness levels working together and motivating one another toward a common goal – being healthy and fit.

When not instructing boot camp, I’m an avid runner and have coached a walk to run program.  I recently completed my 7th Boston Marathon. Overall, I love everything fitness and enjoy helping to make my community stronger through fitness.


Did your clients enjoy this workout? Awesome! Give back by sharing one of your own.


Image: DiddyOh (CC)