20/20 Killer (Mostly) Bodyweight Workout

Today’s workout is from Christa Berry-Bortolin of Toadal Fitness.

It actually included a spinning section as well making it a 20/20/20 workout. Seeing as most of us don’t have access to spin bikes during our bootcamps I cut it out. Still, these two 20 minute drills will leave your clients begging for more mercy.



Time: 60 minutes (with warm up and cooldown)

Equipment: A set of DBs for man makers (or do them with bodyweight) and for the cross body sit up.

Round 1 – Decreasing rep rounds

(20 minutes)

Start with 15 reps of each, then 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, 1

  • Manmakers
  • Jumping Lunge (per leg)
  • Mountain Climbers (per leg)
  • Push ups
  • Tricep Dips
  • Cross Body Reach Situp w/ Weight
  • Leg Lifts
  • Chinees
  • Run


Its basically like a sprinter sit up (see video below) but you keep your arms straight at your side. You start in a supine plank, sit up to your hips bring one knee to your chin and lay back down. Then repeat with the other side. Make sure you keep tight on the start and end plank position on your back. No resting your feet on the ground.

Round 2 - Swap it out

(20 minutes)

3 rounds:

First round do burpees, second time through do sit ups and the final time through do back flys. The other exercises stay the same.

  • 5 Burpees/Sit Ups/Back Flys
  • 10 Pike Push Ups
  • 5 Burpees/Sit Ups/Back Flys
  • 20 Lateral Lunges
  • 5 Burpees/Sit Ups/Back Flys
  • 20 DB Snatch
  • 5 Burpees/Sit Ups/Back Flys
  • 10 Hindu Push Ups
  • 5 Burpees/Sit Ups/Back Flys
  • 10 Plank Jacks
  • 5 Burpees/Sit Ups/Back Flys
  • 10 Low Jacks

And that’s it. Give your clients a maximum of 20 minutes on Round 1 and then Round 2 (incl all three exercise rounds).

About Christa

Christa Berry-Bortolin is currently a personal trainer and RKC certified crosstraining instructor at Toadal Fitness in Santa Cruz California.  She also leads two Fitness and Health courses at the Annual Women building California and the Nation Conference in Sacramento.

The sports that I have enjoyed as a hobby and/or competed in are Triathlon, Skateboarding, Dirt Biking, Surfing, Backpacking, Running, Kickboxing, Snowboarding, Water skiing, Soccer, Diving and Crossfit.

These sports have helped contribute to her love of exercise and knowledge of how using your body correctly will help you achieve your best.


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Dice Accumulator Bootcamp Workout

anne koskiHi guys,

Meet Anne Koski, owner of Homegrown Fit in Portland, OR.

We have spent the last two months learning from each other and more recently I have been draggin my butt out of bed at 5am to head to her bootcamp sessions. It’s been an awesome way to keep my training skills sharp.

You will be seeing some more workouts from her as we continue to work together. She is a complete master of using exercise bands for really cool exercises so stay tuned from some cool videos too.

Enjoy today’s workout!

- Kyle


Dice Accelerator

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: At least ten 6 sided die. Preferably 50. Whiteboard. Bands.

Warm Up

Indian run 500-800 m. Mobiltiy warm up.

How it works

For this workout you will need a whole bunch of 6 sided die (d6).

I used a set that included 4 different dice colors. Red, White, Blue and Yellow. You will want some different colors too.

Workout method

This workout runs like an accumulator. There is 10 rounds starting with just exercise 1 in the first round and then adding an additional exercise each round.

For example:

Round 1: Do exercise 1.
Round 2: Do exercise 1, then exercise 2.
Round 3: Do exercise 1, then exercise 2, then exercise 3.

Round 10: Do exercise 1, then exercise 2, … , and finally exercise 10.

Rolling the dice for reps

The number of reps is  where the dice come into play. Round 1 clients roll one red die. The number that they get is how many Jet Star reps they will do.

Round 2 clients roll a red die and a white die. The red die shows how many Jet Stars they will do and the white die shows how many HRPU’s they will do.

Each round the client adds one more die to their roll for the additional exercise. If two exercises have the same corresponding die color then the client gets to chose which die goes with which exericse.

Let’s do another example to explain that.

In round 5, Kyle rolls 5 dice: 2 red dice, 1 white die, 1 blue die and 1 yellow die. The white die lands on 3. That means 3 HRPU. The blue die lands on 6, that means 6 Froggers. The yellow die lands on 4, that means 4 Prone Pulldowns. The two red dice land on 2 and 6, that means Kyle then choose to do either 2 Jet Stars and 6 Pull Ups or 6 Jet Stars and 2 Pull Ups. It’s completely up to him.

In between each round clients should run to a cone 50m away and back. This will help spread them out so they aren’t all doing their dice rolls at the same time.

Exercise Dice Color*
1 Jet Star Red
2 HRPU White
3 Froggers Blue
4 Prone Pulldowns Yellow
5 Pull Up/Inverted Row Red
6 Sandbag Overhead Squat White
7 Nose-to-knee (R+L=1) Blue
8 Boulders (R+L=1) Yellow
9 Band Goblet Squat Red
10 Crab Toe Touch (R+L=1) White

*Change the colors to what you have available.

Early finishers: If any clients finish early. Have them start reducing the number of exercises 1 round at a time starting at the top of the list. Round 11 would consist of exercises 2 through 10.

Measuring dice

Clients sorting out their dice for round 10.

Notes on clients remembering

We thought we might come across the problem of clients not being able to remember up to 10 different numbers. We didn’t. They all did fine.

If you did though or you are limited with your number of dice. You could have them throw just 4 dice at a time. So after round 4 they would then have to start doing 2 dice throws. One for exercises 1 to 4 and then come back after their prone pulldowns for a second  throw for exercises 5 to 8. After round 8 they would have to come back for a third throw.

Total time of accumulator drils = 25-35 minutes.



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Fourth Of July Challenge Workout

Today’s 4th of July themed workout is from Cheryl Kurn Sacks of Sacks Fitness. Thanks for sharing Cheryl!

Read to the end for something cool.

July 4 Fireworks

Fourth of July Workout

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Dumbbells


Do exercises in a circuit style. Rounds 1 & 3 are 20 reps, rounds 2 & 4 are 14 reps.

Exercises that have a left/right side do 20/14 reps total. With a 5 min warmup and 5 min cool down, will last for a 60 min class.


  1. Star Planks
  2. Firework Lunges
  3. Star Spangled Bicycles
  4. Ab Bursts
  5. Red, White & Glutes
  6. Side Plank Spectacular
  7. Squats & Stripes

Exercise Descriptions

Star Planks – While holding a high plank (straight arms), alternate opposite arm/leg reach. Keep hips square to floor. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

Firework Lunges – Step left leg back into back lunge. Bring left knee up to a balance and do a biceps curl. Then, reach left leg out to the side while doing a “V” Shoulder press. Repeat same leg for 10 or 7 reps, then switch.

Star Spangled Bicycles – Alternating oblique crunch with opposite leg extension. Slow & controlled, more like a Pilates single leg stretch. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

Ab Bursts – Knees bent in 90 degrees, lightly hug knees with head/shoulders off floor. Staying curled up, reach arms and legs out on a diagonal, making an “X”. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

Red, White & Glutes – On forearms and knees, put resistance tube around bottom of right sneaker and hold handles. Keep foot flexed (or you’ll snap yourself in the butt) as you reach right leg straight back. Same side for 10 or 7 reps, then switch.

Side Plank Spectacular – Holding side plank on right side (either knees bent, top leg straight, or both legs straight), perform a wide dumbbell row with left arm (elbow to ceiling), then extend arm at elbow to a straight arm (triceps). Same side for 10 or 7 reps, then switch.

Squats & Stripes – Stand hip width with arms straight out in front of you (very light dumbbells!). Step right leg out to wide squat and move arms to a “T”. Step right leg and arms to center, then step out with left leg to squat and arms to “T”. Perform 20 or 14 total reps.

About Cheryl

I’m from central New Jersey and am a Personal Trainer and Pilates Mat instructor of 7 years, and also teach group fitness classes.

After working in the TV industry for several years post-college, I decided to embrace my life-long passion for fitness and health. I feel this is my sixth sense, and enjoy teaching others how to find success the natural way, just as I did. I may look sweet, but I train tough. My business website: Sacks Fitness

Celebrate with me

To celebrate my very first 4th of July here in the United States I’ve put together a cool package of all my ebooks.

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More info to come again next week detailing exactly what is inside of it. That’s all I’m saying for now.

(Man, I hate holding out on you all but it’s not quite ready yet.)


Image: Fireworks | I’ll Never Grow Up

Time Bomb Pyramid Workout

After seeing Jess Twomey’s Circle of Trust workout last month, Emma Nunn was hit by a moment of inspiration causing her to come up with this workout. Thanks for sharing Emma!

time 2

Count Down Count Up

Time: 60 minutes

Each of the drills below take just under 5 minutes to complete. Do a  5 minute warm up and a 10 minute cool down and allow just 30 seconds between each circuit.

Do all 4 drills twice.

Drill 1 – Legs 

  • 60 sec squat hold
  • 45 sec alternate lunges
  • 30 sec lily pad squats
  • 15 sec jump squats
  • 30 sec lily pad squats
  • 45 sec alt lunges
  • 60 sec squat hold

Lily Pad Squats: Like a frog really. Squat then you tap the floor between your legs jump up and turn 180 degrees, repeat and jump the way you came so you don’t get dizzy… Pair it up by doing high 5′s when you meet face to face again.

Drill 2 – Arms

  • 60 sec lat raise
  • 45 sec tricep dips
  • 30 sec press up
  • 15 sec bicep curl
  • 30 sec press up
  • 45 sec tricep dip
  • 60 sec front raise

Drill 3 – Cardio 

  • 60 sec skipping
  • 45 sec jumping jacks
  • 30 sec high knees
  • 15 sec jump squats
  • 30 sec high knees
  • 45 sec jumping jacks
  • 60 sec skipping

Drill 4 – Core 

  • 60 sec plank
  • 45 sec right side plank
  • 30 sec mountain climbers
  • 15 sec v sit
  • 30 sec mountain
  • 45 sec left side plank
  • 60 sec plank

About Emma

I’m a personal trainer down in the far reaches of Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. My passion is in the camaraderie of group workouts, and with my boot camps reaching over 60 people, I know that there’s a much better chance of success if we stand together (and hobble away after). My workout’s are not for the feint hearted, and definitely not for the client with the excuses.


Portland Meet Up

Due to everyone being busy with life, I have moved the date of the Portland meet up to Saturday 28th June. It would be fantastic to meet you if you are local and help answer any questions you have about running a bootcamp. Reserve your spot here.

A San Fransisco meet up will also be announced in the coming weeks for July.

P.S. I’ve had a couple of emails this week from people asking if Tyres and Ropes is still available. It is, you can grab it here.


Image: Fabiola Medeiros (CC)

The Nokia 3210 Bootcamp

This week’s workout is from Chris Kershaw of Outfit UK. Thanks Chris!


The Nokia 3210 Bootcamp

This is a novel way of planning classes and Personal Training sessions.

So, everyone fondly remembers the phone keypads of old.

nokia keypad

Essentially, after a good old fashioned warm-up lay out the cones 2, 3 or 5 metres apart and label the stations exactly the same as the Nokia key pad. Write the exercises on the paper and the amount of repetitions you want everyone to perform.

My first bootcamp set up looked like this:

1: 10x wide, narrow and regular press-ups
2: 10x kettlebell push-presses
3: 10x bodyweight walk outs
4: 20x kettlebell swings
5: 10x plank to press
6: 20x bodyweight row and press
7: 10x boxing combinations
8: 20x low jacks
9: 15x roll and get-ups
0: 10x burpees

To begin with you ask the participants to do all the exercises that correspond to the digits contained in their mobile phone number with as little rest as possible. So for example I would perform:

0 – x10 Burpees
7 – x20 boxing combinations
7 – x20 boxing combinations
0 – 10 burpees
3 – 10 bodyweight walkouts
6 – 20 bodyweight row and presses
7 – 10boxing combinations
9 – 15 roll and get-ups
6 – 20 bodyweight row and press
2 x20 kettlebell push-presses
2 x20 kettlebell push-presses

After mobile phone numbers I got all my participants to perform exercises corresponding to their date of birth and then all the exercises matching the date that we performed the class.

After what seemed like a few minutes, the full hour session had flown by, and by all accounts the session was great fun!

You can swap and change the exercises as you see fit, but whether you are a trainer, coach or just a casual exerciser you can use this layout to create some fun, varied and effective sessions.

Be creative, get your participants to pick numbers out of a hat, perform exercises corresponding to their lottery numbers. Anything to get all participants as engaged in the session as possible. They should really enjoy it.

I’d love to see some of the combinations and ideas you can come up with.

Please share them or ask any questions in the comments below.

About Chris

I’ve been running boot camps and Personal Training for a number of years, and I’ve often used the ideas on this website to help me on the way, so if I can help anyone else just a little bit then I have done a good job.

You can find me on my business website Outfit UK or my blog is Muscle Moose.

My philosophy is to train as hard as I need to for any given goal, to enjoy the journey and to help others diet without the guilt an binging it that comes along for the ride.

I hope this finds you well.

Chris Kershaw


Kyle again – I’ve been loving all of these guest workouts that have been coming in, keep sending your ideas in.

If you have been loving them too, please let those that created it know by leaving a comment under the workout on Bootcamp Ideas. It takes all of 2 seconds but will make their day.


This workout first appeared here on Muscle Moose.