A Bundle Of Burpees For Your Bootcampers

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The burpee smile-grimace

The burpee smile-grimace

Burpee Accumulator

Category: Running

Method: Interval Training with Plyometrics

Purpose: Anaerobic Conditioning

Equipment: One DB or KB each, Markers

This workout involves progressive work:rest time intervals, starting with phosphate energy system and progressing through to the lactate. Everyone gets to finish together, no matter what their fitness level.

Participants are given a set time period at the beginning of each round to complete the task. They must shuttle between the cones the prescribed number of times before commencing burpees. Place a cone halfway (at 15m) for walkers or those who cannot run.

If some people are still doing burpees at the end of the time limit then regress the intensity of their burpees as per the burpee video.


Warm up with a fun ball game such as duck duck goose followed by some dynamic stretches for the hip flexors (travelling lunges) and calf muscles (tip toe running and running backwards)

Part 1 (12 mins)

Turkish Get-Ups Strength Ladder. Work up to 4 reps each side, for a total of 10 reps each arm. Use a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell.
i.e. (1L, 1R), (2L, 2R), (3L, 3R), (4L, 4R)

Part 2 (15 mins)

Round   1      in  10 secs complete:     1 sprint + 1 burpee        then rest for 0’10”
Round   2     in  20 secs complete:     2 sprints + 2 burpees      then rest for 0’20”
Round   3     in  30 secs complete:     3 sprints + 3 burpees      then rest for 0’30”
Round   4     in  40 secs complete:     4 sprints + 4 burpees      then rest for 0’40”
Round   5     in  50 secs complete:      5 sprints + 5 burpees       then rest for 0’50”
Round   6     in  60 secs complete        6 sprints + 6 burpees      then rest for 0’60”
Round   7     in  70 secs complete:     7 sprints + 7 burpees       then rest for 1’10”
Round   8     in  80 secs complete:     8 sprints + 8 burpees       then rest for 1’20”
Round   9     in  90 secs complete:     9 sprints + 9 burpees       then rest for 1’30”


Stretch hip flexors, calves, glutes, hamstring, ITB and chest

Exercise Demonstrations


[if you can't see the video go here: http://youtu.be/6dLiuIxU59I]

Turkish Get Ups

[if you can't see the video go here: http://youtu.be/9C83gtmTpOE]

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Shred Those Legs Bootcamp Workout

This weeks workout is thanks to Aimee Ailene.

Leg Shred Boot-Camp

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Dumbbells, Gymboss Interval Timer, Bosu

Dynamic Warm Up (10 minutes)

  • Power Jacks
  • Squats
  • Jump Squats
  • Lunges
  • Toe Tappers

Workout (30 minutes)

Our clients use medium-heavy dumbbells for this circuit.

Station 1

  • 30 Seconds Right Lunge
  • 30 Seconds Left Lunge
  • 10× Weighted Jump Squats

Repeat 5×

Station 2

  • 30 Seconds Weighted Wall Squat
  • 30 Seconds Squat Hop-Ons (Bosu)
  • 10× Weighted Jump Lunges

Repeat 5×

Station 3

  • 30 Seconds Right High Step-Up
  • 30 Seconds Left High Step-Up
  • 30× Toe-Tappers

Repeat 5×

Station 4

  • 30 Seconds Deadlift
  • 30 Seconds Plie Squat
  • 40× Speed Skips

Repeat 5×

Leg Burn-Out (12 minutes)

  • Donkey Kick Pulses (1 min)
  • Fire Hydrant (30 seconds)
  • Lying Leg Abduction (1 minute)
  • Lying Leg Circles & Pulse (90 seconds)

Repeat 1× on other leg

  • Stability Ball Hamstring Curl (1 minute)
  • Stability Ball Glute Bridges (30 seconds)

Repeat 2×

STRETCH (8 minutes)

About Aimee

Aimee is 26 years old and opened her own my fitness studio located in Kelowna, BC.  She has been instructing for almost 5 years now, and has a passion for getting people healthy!

Aimee’s website is www.Cross-Train.ca  and her facebook is “Cross-Train Fitness“.

Note from Kyle: While this workout calls for weights, there is no reason that you couldn’t do this without weights and still give a great workout.

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Image: The U.S. Army