6 Drills, 2 Groups, 1 Great Indoor Bootcamp Workout

This weeks workout is an equipment driven indoor workout from Jenny Hemmer.

Indoor Bootcamp

Goals: Crosstraining, Strength

Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Skipping ropes, Medicine balls, Exercise tubing, Gliders

Warm Up

Light jog 2 minutes, walking knee tucks, walking butt kicks, side slides, side step overs, toe walk, heel walk, toe walk, heel walk, soldier kicks…jog 1 minute, high knee ups or quick knees, jogging butt kicks, side slides leading opposite leg, side step overs opposite leg leads, toe walk, heel walk, toe walk.


Exercise Drill #1:

Group 1:  Jump Rope

Group 2: Jog 60 seconds. Sprint 30 sec.

After the 90 second round Group 1 trades places with Group 2 and back and forth for 4 rounds.

Exercise Drill #2: 

Group 1:  Walk Outs with a push

Group 2:  60 secs Med. Ball Side to Side Slam. 30 secs Squat with Med. Ball Center Slams.

After the 90 second round Group 1 trades places with Group 2 and back and forth for 4 rounds.

Exercise Drill #3:

Group 1:  Med. Ball Side Throw to Wall 10x Right Side, Med. Ball Side Throw to Wall 10x Left side – Repeat for 90 Sec.

Group 2: Step on Tubing making an X to the front…side stepping to right for 45 sec. then side stepping to left for 45 sec.

Groups trade places for 4 rounds.

Exercise Drill #4:

Entire Group using Gliders: 4 Rounds – 90 seconds each round

Mountain Climbers x 10

Horizontal Knee Tuck x 10

Exercise Drill #5:

Entire Group using Gliders: 4 Rounds – 60 seconds each round

Laying on your back put your heels on the gliders…make a bridge lifting the glute off the ground…alternate pushing through the heel out and in working the hamstring x 10

Bridge with double legged hamstring x 3

Exercise Drill #6

Entire group: 4 rounds – 60 seconds each round

Hold the Iron Cross (a modified vee sit where hands are palm up to ceiling and wrists are used to push the upper body up and legs are extended in front)

8 count Leg scissors for 8 count

Repeat between Iron Cross & Scissors

About the workout fantastico

My name is Jenny Hemmer and having instructed for over 20 years. Leading boot camp by far has shown me the greatest client results of improvement. They come in all ages and sizes and fitness levels.

We always do an assessment at the beginning of each session, midway, and a final assessment to show the measured results and the numbers always are favorable to the clients. From no equipment workouts (weight bearing) instruction to using body bars, ropes, med. balls, etc. the goal is to teach the clients functional training is key.

Thank you Jenny for a great workout for trainers who run indoor bootcamps. If you have a workout that has worked great at your bootcamp, please take 2 minutes and share it with the community. For more workouts, sign up to our email list.


Image: SurfaceWarriors

Medicine Ball Bootcamp Workout

Happy Australia Day (is that how you say it?). I hope you set the example today by eating and drinking your fill. I mean NOT eating and drinking too much.

Here’s a workout I did with my group last week. It has plenty of high intensity and dynamic exercises that I’m sure your clients will love.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s surprise!

MB Bonanza

Goals: Crosstraining/FUN!

Duration: 1 hour

Equipment:  ConesMatsMedicine Balls

Warm Up

Spend 10-15 minutes on a warm up of your choice.

Snake Time

I have access to a path that forms an ‘S’ shape on a hill near us. It is affectionatly refered to as the Snake. It takes clients 1.5 to 2.5 minutes to down and up the Snake. Try to use a run or exercise that takes roughly the same time in your workout.

Split the class into two groups. Have one group run the Snake while the other group stays and performs 45-60 seconds of the following exercises.

  1. MB Switch Push Ups – do a push up with one hand on the medicine ball, switch hands and repeat
  2. MB Squat to Press

Have groups swap once back from the run. Repeat 3 times.

Rest 2 minutes.

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Strength Circuit Bootcamp Workout

The last circuit bootcamp workout I put up here was hugely popular. Luckily I did another circuit with my clients a few weeks later.

This circuit is similiar to the last one except that each circuit uses the same timing rules. It’s also quite space efficient so it could be easily done indoors. That would save you lugging all of the equipment to the park too.

Kettlebells: Easy to hold, great for beginners

Mini Circuits 2.0

Goals: Full Body Strength

Duration: 1 hour

Equipment: Kettlebells, Medicine balls, Battling rope, Truck/tractor tyre, Mats, Interval timer

Warm Up

Have clients pair up. Give each pair a medicine ball. Demonstrate the following exercises to the clients.

  • MB toss
  • MB toss w/ MB Squat
  • MB toss w/ MB Squat and a squat without MB
  • MB toss w/ MB Reverse Lunge
  • MB lateral toss (both sides)

Have clients spend a minute or two on each exercise.

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