The Boxing Workout That Just Keeps On Giving

Give a real gift to your clients this Christmas. The gift of exercise. To quote a very un-PC trainer that I follow, ‘To be able to exercise on a regular basis is a gift. Use it.” – Kane Sumabat

Presents Under The Tree

Type: Cardio, Challenge

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Presents, Boxing Gloves, Focus Pads

Pre-Workout Set Up

Gather 30 envelopes. On 10 of them write ‘A’, on another 10 write ‘I’ and in the rest write ‘B’. These mark your advanced, intermediate and beginner presents respectively.

On some paper write or print out the exercises/drills below (or 10 others of your choosing). Cut them out and then place one exercise/drill in each envelope.

A sample advanced present. I numbered the corners to help clients keep track. I also laminated the exercises to make them easier to handle.

Warm Up

Instruct clients how to punch properly. Then go through some shadow boxing drills. I did uppercuts, jab cross squat thrust and jab cross jab cross shadow shove.

Main Drill

During your workout set up, select three trees to be your Christmas Trees. Under each place some boxing gloves, pads and a set of envelopes. One tree will have envelopes with advanced exercises in them, one will be intermediate and the other will have the beginner ones.

Clients will start by getting in pairs.

In their own time, clients should run to their fitness level tree and grab an envelope. Inside the envelope will be a drill/exercise. The group should complete it and return the envelope to under the tree. Note: both team members need to complete what is in the envelope. 60 punches means 60 punches each person.

I numbered my envelopes so that clients could keep track of which one’s they had completed.

My group took around 30 minutes to complete all envelopes under their tree. A couple of beginners and intermedidies finished early so I had them choose one or two envelopes from the advanced and intermediate trees while the other groups finished.

Drill/Exercise Beginner Intermediate Advanced
High Punches 60 each 80 each 100 each
10 Pushups + 50 Uppercuts Once each Twice each Three times each
Run around the block Once Once Once
Band Rows (partner holding) 40 each 55 each 70 each
Seated Vertical Punches 60 each 80 each 100 each
Uppercuts 70 each 100 each 130 each
Run The Snake Turn around at first bend Turn around at second bend Turn around at bottom
Split Squats 20 each leg 35 each leg 50 each leg
Jab, Cross, Squat Thrust 12 times each 18 times each 24 times each
J, C, J, C, Push 8 times each 10 times each 12 times each

Exercise descriptions

  • Run around the block: A run around the park approximately 500m long.
  • Seated Vertical Punches: The boxer sits on the ground with the pad holder standing behind them. The boxer punches straight up into the focus pads.
  • Run The Snake: The Snake is a very steep winding path in our park. It’s probably 100m long total but is quite tough. You could use multiple hill runs in place of this.
  • J, C, J, C, Push: This means jab, cross, jab, cross, push your partner back. To push the pad holder back, boxers should place both hands on their partners focus pads and shove them back in one big push. The pad holder will resist but still move backwards. The boxer then steps forwards and repeats.
  • Squat ThrustClick link for video.
  • High Punches: Jabs and crosses above the head height of the boxer.

Alternative: Don’t have boxing gloves? No worries, just use normal exercises and running drills.



That’s all for the Christmas workouts. However, we will still be running new workouts over the holidays so stay tuned.


Original Image: kevin dooley

Quick Boxing Interval Workout

We recently moved to shorter sessions for our bootcamp (60 minutes to 45 minutes) so I have been experimenting with some different workout techniques and drills to accommodate for having less time.

Below is a boxing workout I designed to keep both the pad holders and boxers moving for the entire session.

Bootcamp Boxing Intervals

Goals: HIT

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Boxing Gear, Mats

Warm Up

Get group in a circle. Run through some simple boxing combos (eg. Jab, cross, left hook, right hook) with feet shuffles and squat thrusts at the start of each combo. Use counting to get everyone in the same rhythm.

Move into shadow boxing using the drills below as a guide. Covering these exercises in the warm up will save time later in the drill.

Boxing Rounds

Each iteration below will last for 45 seconds unless otherwise indicated. Strength exercises are performed by both the pad holder and the boxer.

Round 1

45 seconds on each drill.

  1. Fast straight punches
  2. Push Ups
  3. Fast uppercuts
  4. Deck Squats
  5. Hooks
  6. Jump Squats
  7. Hard and heavy straight punches
  8. 90 sec rest for drinks and to swap pads

Time: 7 minutes x2 = 14 minutes

After both clients have completed round 1, take a slightly longer rest (~2 minutes) and prepare for round 2.

Round 2

  1. Combo: Jab, Cross, Hook, Hook
  2. Reverse Lunges on the spot
  3. Hard left hand uppercuts
  4. Alternating oblique crunches
  5. Hard right hand uppercuts
  6. Bent over shadow punches – bend over like doing a BB row, punch fast down towards to the ground – for both pad holder and boxer
  7. Fast high straight punches
  8. 90 sec rest and swap

Time = 7 mins x2 = 14 minutes


Pack up and stretch.

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Image: Marshall Astor – Food Fetishist

A Great Bootcamp Boxing Drill For Beginners

This drill has been shared by Rubin Allen at BootCam Fitness.

Domino effect boxing drill

Split the campers into 2 groups with one holding the pads the other wearing the gloves standing opposite each other. The boxer will perform 10 straight punches then moves to their right to the next pad man and so on whilst the person on the end after completion of their punches peels off and sprints back to first place in the line.

I do this for a 2 minute round, you can choose a captain to keep a score of how many sprints he/she does then compare for the change over for a forfit.

This drill can get more intense if the campers swop one glove for one pad!

About the drill conspirator:

I (Rubin) live in Cambridge, England and have been teaching Bootcamp fitness for 1 and a half years indoors and outdoors. I picked that drill up when living in Sydney about 7 years ago whilst on a backpacking holiday and just added my own spin on it. My company is


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Boxing Bootcamp Circuit Workout

This workout is useful when you don’t have enough boxing equipment for all of your campers. It’s also a good way to reduce the number of people you have to focus on at a time.

Boxing Relay

Goal: Interval Training, Endurance

Duration: 1 hour

Equipment: Cones, Boxing gloves, Mitts

Warm up

Jog to exercise area (roughly 300m). Warm up by shadow boxing the drills below between foot shuffles.

Class concept

Teams of three are to compete against each other for. In each group, one client will run, one will box and one hold the pads. The order through the circuit it box, run, hold pads and then box again. Clients swap roles once the runner returns from their run.

At the end of the round each person should have boxed 3 times, run 3 times and held the pads 3 times.

Round 1

Run distance: 200m

First time boxing: Straight punches
Second time boxing: Jab, Cross, Left Uppercut, Right Uppercut
Third time boxing: Jab, Cross, Duck, Right Uppercut

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