Small Group Team Bootcamp Workout

Last weekend I subbed in for a local bootcamp group called Home Grown Fit (check out their awesome logo).

It had been 4 months since I had trained a group (3 months since the London Workshop) and I didn’t know what kind of group I was going to be teaching. It had also been a while since I had run a workout as long as an hour. So I wanted my workout to be easy for me to teach and versatile to match potentially a lot of different fitness levels.

I also didn’t know how many people I was going to get, so I planned for a minimum of 4 participants. This workout is definitely small group friendly.

This is what I came up with.


Time: 60 minutes

Equipment: Cones, Mats, Dumbbells

Warm Up

Mobility drills from the Strong Inside Out workout. Hamstring rocks, quad stretch, side lunges, reverse lunge and twist, seal jacks.


Point collector game (via Unique Bootcamp Workouts)

Main Bit

Have people pair with someone of similar fitness level then break them into two handicapped groups. Read more about how to do this here.

Teams will aim to be first to complete the following challenges.

Challenge one: Strength

Complete 300 reps (or 50 reps per person if groups are small) of each exercise. Any order and reps divided any way.

  • HRPU
  • Walking Lunges (300 total)
  • Heavy 1arm DB Rows (300/side)
  • DB Goblet Squats

First team to finish wins.

Challenge two: Cardio

Cone Collector

Leave your cones scattered from the point collector game. Move the teams around 20m away.

One person at a time from each team (or two people at a time if you have large teams) must sprint out to the cones, grab one and run back to their team.

As soon as all of the cones are collected the teams swap their stack of cones. You can explain that this will happen at the start. This will incentivise them to collect more cones because the more cones they get, the more they will get to give to the other team.

Now the race continues, this time as a rep countdown. Starting at the top of their new pile of cones, the entire team must complete the corresponding exercise to each cone in the order that they are stacked.

I only had two colours, but if you have more variety you can add more exercises.

Orange: 5x Jumping Jacks
Red: 2x Chest to Deck Burpees

The first team to finish their stack of cones wins.

Challenge three: Crosstraining

Set up 5 cones around 10m apart in a straight line. Place two piles of dumbbells at the start cone. Split dumbell pairs between each heap (one 5lb DB here, the other 5lb dumbell there, one 8lb DB here, one 8lb DB here).

You want around 4 dumbbells per person. Fitter people will end up doing more then less fit.

Every person on each team starts by picking up a dumbbell.

Then they must run to the first cone in the line with the DB, do one goblet lunge on each leg, then run to the next cone and repeat until they reach the last cone.

After the lunges at the final cone the client reaches the end they place the DB on the ground and run straight back to get another and repeat the process. Teams race to be first to get all their DBs to the other end.

This is not a relay. Every person goes at the same time.

Once a team has gotten all their dumbbells tot he other end, they must now bring them back. They follow the same method except instead of goblet lunges they do 2x DB shoulder presses on each arm.

The first team to get all their dumbbells back to the start wins.


Tabata mashup in pairs.

  • Box squat on ledge
  • Fast-feet on ledge



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A New Kind Of Tabata Workout

The tabata workout I posted a couple weeks ago got me thinking. How could I run a similar drill with out a timer? How could I free my eyes up to spend more time running a good workout and less time… timing?

This workout is the result of this pondering. It’s a great for beginners and advanced alike.

 interval training

Self Timed Tabata

Type: Aerobic, HIT

Time: 60 minute (45 minute with just 6 rounds per exercise)

Equipment: Mats, Cones

Set Up

Set three cones in a line, each 20 metres apart. At the bast cone set up your mats and other equipment that you need.


This workout runs just like a tabata drill. The only difference is that instead of timing with a stop watch, clients will run to a cone and back.

Split the group into 8 teams. If you don’t have enough people split them into 4 teams or 6 teams or whatever works for you. Less then 8 teams will just result in more running.

Here’s the order of action. I thought dot points might make it easier to follow.

  1. Clients line up in their teams along the base cone mats.
  2. All clients start doing star jumps except for the team on the right which run to the far cone and back.
  3. When they get back they yell ‘STOP’ and then intermediately run to the closer cone and back (the middle cone). The rest of the clients stop and rest.
  4. Once they get back they yell ‘GO’ and start doing star jumps while the next team along begins the run.
  5. Continue this stop/go tabata style intervals until all teams have run or if you have less then 8 teams, until 8 rounds have been completed.
  6. Take a short 30 second break to demonstrate the next exercise and then continue. Take a longer drink break every two exercises.

*Please comment below if that makes no sense.

self timed tabata

Note: distances should be 20m not 10m – apologies


Run the above process with each of the following exercises:

Round 1** (example used above) – Star Jumps and Mountain Climbers
Round 2 – 1.5 rep squats – squat with a pulse at the bottom
Round 3 – Super crunch – left oblique crunch, right oblique crunch, double crunch
Round 4 – Hand release push ups
Round 5 – Split squats (alternate legs each round)
Round 6** – Plank and Partner Sit Ups – lock legs for sit ups
Round 7* – 5 push ups, 5 squats, 10m shuttle*

*Bonus round. No timing on this last round. Just do 8 rounds at your own pace.
** For rounds with two exercises, have clients alternate exercises each work period. Eg. Plank, rest, sit ups, rest, plank etc.


Stretch out after your last round.


Super Crunch

Hand Release Push Ups

Split Squats

Split Squat Bottom Position


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Image and videos: weskriesel and Mine!

Sport Themed Bootcamp Workout

This weeks workout was shared by Eliza Hodge Fitzgerald via our Facebook Page. It is a particularly good workout for those of you who train indoors at sporting facilities.

tabata gymboss

Tabata Thursday – Sports Edition

Type: Aerobic, Muscular Endurance, HIT

Time: 60 Minutes

Equipment: MedBalls, Cones, Interval Timer

About Tabata

The Tabata Protocol is something that we see regularly on this website. You are probably already familiar with it, but I thought I would cover it in a bit more detail for those interested in the mechanics.

It is a great tool to use as a warm up with low intensity exercises or as a finisher with harder exercises. You can also use it for fitness tests or for something extra challenging, an entire workout.

The basic premise of tabata is interval training and when someone refers to tabata, usually they are just refering to the interval timing.

Tabata involves an exercise being completed at maximum intensity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest. This is then completed 8 times for a total of 4 minutes. The traditional tabata drill always used running/sprinting as the set exercise. We in the bootcamp industry can have a little more fun.

When doing a repetition exercise I recommend challenging your clients to at least equal their reps each round.

Example: A clients first round might be 14 push ups. Next round they would try and get 14 again.

Each time they miss their top score they reset their goal to their new lowest. So if the client misses that 14 and only does 12 push ups. They would now try and equal 12 push ups each round. Of course, you can still get them to aim for the 14 if you like.

When using this for a fitness test, you would only record the WORST score that they achieved (12 in the above example assuming they didn’t get worse). The key here is to build endurance along with speed.

Warm Up

Start off the workout with a favourite warm up of yours. You may want to use this time to practice some of the workouts exercises.


Complete a full round of tabata (4 minutes) on each drill before moving on to the next one. Take a short 60-90 second break between each sport for drinks.

  1. Basketball: Catch and jump shot with ball.
  2. Football: Fast feet with up/down command (up = jump to your feet and fast feet, down = hit the deck)
  3. Volleyball: Squat and spike
  4. Tennis: Court sprints
  5. Soccer: Quick taps to the ball
  6. Baseball: Catch and pitch
  7. Boxing: Hook, Uppercut, Side kick
  8. Track*: Medball shotput, 100m sprint, one long jump.

*Don’t do tabata for number 8 Track. Just have clients do 8 rounds at their own pace.

tabata thursday

Further information about drills

Baseball: “For the baseball drill we just used a pretend ball. Squat in a low catchers squat then wind up and pitch. we felt a little silly, and there was a lot of giggling on this round,(especially when we switched sides and tried to “pitch” with our non-dominant hand) but that’s not a bad thing  and we could really feel that one in the obliques. The only thing I used any equipment for was the track one. We used a 10lb medicine ball as a shot put.”

Tennis: “On the tennis court sprints we ran up to the net, across the court, back peddled to the back of the court, and laterally again to where we started. Half the ladies in one side and half on the other so we didn’t run into each other.”

About Eliza

I run a free boot camp aimed at mom’s with little kids on an army base, Fort Knox. We meet at a playground and let the kids play while we workout. All my networking has been on Facebook and word of mouth but we have over 150 ladies in the Facebook group that follow the workouts I post and about 30 that come to the playground.


We have been getting some great workout from you lately. Keep them coming.


Images: ErinKhoo, Eliza

Hill Interval Sprint Bootcamp

Today’s workout is for those with some nice weather outside at the moment. We have a fairly steep 100 metre long hill on a quiet street near our bootcamp (one of the advantages of working along the Yarra) that we used for this workout.

You can replicate this workout using shorter hills, a football field or sled pushing/pulling if you are indoors.

alphington st hill

Our local hill for extended hill sprints (courtesy of Google Maps).

Run To The Hills

Goals: Strength

Time: 30-45 minutes

Equipment: Mats, Hill (steep – approx. 100 metres long)

Warm Up

Our warm up involved running to the hill, it was about 1km away.

Hill Sprint Intervals

hill sprint diagramSet up six cones, each 20m apart along the hill. The two furthest apart will be 100m.

Do one sprint from the first to last cone as a group. Use the results to sort your clients into 3 groups; A for advanced, B for intermediate and C for beginners.



Sprint No.
























*The numbers correspond to the markers in the diagram on the right.

Have clients rest for 2 minutes after sprinting and then repeat again. If you are using a shorter hill you may find you need to do more than 2 rounds.

Run to a flat grassy area.


Alternating Tabata (half the group does A, the other half does B, swap each interval)

A: Plank
B: Hand Release Push Ups


Stretch and discuss how running up hills and stairs would be useful in a Zombie Apocalypse.

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Dumbbell Bootcamp Workout For Strength

Firstly, don’t forget to vote for your favourite bootcamp game! Secondly, this weeks workout is thanks to Kjell Crowe from Kjell’s Get Fit Boot Camp.

No, not this kind of dumbbell. These should never be used, ever.

Dig Down Deep Dumbbell Boot Camp Workout

Equipment: Jump ropes, Dumbbells (2 per person)

Warm Up

  • 25 Jumping Jacks
  • Side Skips for 30 meters and back
  • Butt kicks for 30 meters and jog back
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 walkouts – bend at waist, hands to the ground and walkout until you’re in a high plank position, walk back in to your feet, and stand back up

Tabata Intervals

  • Mt Climbers/High Knees
  • Rows with dumbbells/Pushups

Tabata – 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Do 8 rounds for a total of 4 minutes.

Dumbell Challenge

  • After each exercise, perform 100 jumps with rope or for those who aren’t co-ordinated enough do 100 high knees.
  • Rest (30 -45 sec) will happen after the jumps.

Each of these exercises is performed with a dumbbell with the exception of the last one.

  1. Man Makers × 20
  2. Reverse Lunge and Curl × 20 each side
  3. Single Dead Lift with Shoulder Press × 20 each side
  4. High Plank with 1 arm Row × 20 each side
  5. Woodchops × 15 each side (have clients hold both dumbbells)
  6. Pushups with Rotation × 10 each side
  7. Walking Lunges with Twists × 15 each side (have clients hold both dumbbells)
  8. Plank Walk ups × 20 each side

Tabata Finisher

  • Military Burpee
Tabata – 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Do 8 rounds for a total of 4 minutes.

Cool Down


How many times should you run through this circuit?

It really depends on the time of your boot camp. With all of the other stuff we did before and after, I only had time for one time through. If you cut out the Tabata intervals before, you could probably fit it in twice. Up to the trainer.

About Kjell

My name is Kjell (pronounced “shell”) and I’ve been in the fitness industry for 6 years as a personal trainer and boot camp instructor.

This workout I designed the other week and my clients were loving it and sweating hard core by the end. Have fun!


Image: pinguino