Tabata Interval Circuit

This workout is great for a rainy day, quite literally. It takes up next to no space and the tyres and ropes can be replaced with kettlebells, dumbells, sandbags or whatever else you have lying around.

Tabata Lines

Goal: Strength

Duration: 1 hour

Equipment: Cones, Mats, Car tyres, 4WD/truck tyres, battling ropes

Warm up

10 minute warm up going over some of the exercises used in this workout.

Class concept

Set up four lines/stations around 5-10 metres apart. Each line is assigned a different exercise/drill.

Split the group into 5 teams. Have one team start on each line and the fifth team resting for one round. Teams will complete an exercise for 20 seconds, and will then have 10 seconds to move to the next station.

The order of the stations is: 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to rest and rest back to 1.

Complete 4 rounds of each circuit.


Circuit 1

Rest exercise: Bounce on 4WD/truck tyres

  1. Squat 2 press w/ car tyre
  2. Full range of motion pushups (lower all the way to the ground)
  3. Rope slams (alternate with one person on each end)
  4. Cross body mountain climbers

Circuit 2

Rest exercise: Isometric squat

  1. Burpees w/ jump onto and off tyre
  2. Alternating forward lunges
  3. Rope slams (alternate with one person on each end)
  4. T-Pushups

Circuit 3 (bonus ab round – only 3 rounds)

Rest exercise: None

  1. Knees up crunch
  2. Left side plank
  3. Right side plank
  4. Plank


Run for 400-500 metres. Stretch.

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