Team Based Bootcamp Workout

Today’s workout is from regular contributor Sean McCrory.

Sean didn’t supply a workout name so I have dubbed it…

The McCrory Bootcamp Challenge


This is a team based session with the idea being to accumulate as many points as possible for your team. Start by putting your Campers into evenly matched fitness group and get them to come up with a team name. Give teams 60 seconds to develop a strategy based on the below exercises.

The session is timed with two 20 minute halves and at half time have a 5 minute recovery. At half time trainer does a score update.

Three rules:

1. Campers can not repeat an exercise until completing all the others on the below list.
2. Once the 20 minute is up only competed exercises will count on the score board.
3. Campers keep their own score (I had four small white boards in use)

Points System

5 points:

  • 50 Crunches
  • 25 Push Up
  • 50 Star Jumps
  • 25 Spilt Lunges

10 points:

  • 1 lap of a oval or run 400mtrs
  • 100 Calf Raises
  • 35 Coffins (lying flat on back, legs straight with hands across chest, then conduct full sit up)
  • 60 Waves (feet and hands flat on ground and then raise hips, alternate lifting one hand in the air)

15 points:

  • 25 Shuttle Runs (over 25mtrs)
  • 30 Burpees
  • 100 Squats
  • 50 Ground Dips

The session was a huge success with Campers giving 100% for their team.

Enjoy, Sean

Image: Port of San Diego

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  • Meg

    Hey there sounds like a great workout, just wondering if the exercises are to be completed by 1 person only or can the teams decide to break up the amount of reps among their group? For example, 100 squats, can 4 people do 25 totaling the 100 squats? Or does 1 person have to do it? Also assuming that teams could choose to send their members off to do different exercises to collect multiple points at the same time right? Example, 1 person runs a lap, 1 person does the dips, 1 person does burpees.

    • Kyle

      Hi Meg,
      I believe the number of reps is individual and that yes people on the same team can work on different exercises at the same time.

  • Pauline

    My boot campers just did this workout and it was awesome!. They loved the competition. I had two teams of 4. The teams did each exercise together but decided which ones to do first. We did the first round in 20 minutes but had only 10 minutes to do one more round. People really pushed themselves the last 10 minutes. I think we all did more in 10 minutes then we would have if we had more time. Great idea!

  • patti

    If I understand correctly, every boot camper on each team must complete all exercises within all 3 point groups, but they need to decide who’s doing which exercise(s) and the order in which they’ll do them to accumulate the most points. So they’d have to do each exercise in each group once.
    I have a question regarding the “Waves”. Is that done from a sit position?