Where To Buy Bootcamp Ropes

Bootcamp ropes or as they are sometimes called power ropes or battling ropes have become all the rage over the past 12 months. They vary in size and length but the same exercises and drills can be performed on all of them.

The key is to have a rope thick and heavy enough, most boating and hardware stores only sell synthetic rope in the large diameters which is quite light to use. If you cna get some for free from a marina or shipping yard, go for it.

Australian Suppliers

I use ropes from the first two suppliers listed below for Australia.

Iron Edge – 38mm diameter rope, 15m long. Good weight for females and beginner males. Stronger clients will need either a heavier rope or to do single arm battling.

Splicing and Cutting – I picked these up at a convention for $150 for a 15m rope about 45mm in diameter. Great weight, I have used this battling rope many times indoors and out with no issues.

Rope & Marine – 48mm diameter rope, 15m long. They are a little more expensive but the rope is thicker than the Iron Edge product and they offer free shipping Australia wide.

Rope Galore – 42mm diameter rope in a range of lengths. Competitive prices and reasonable shipping along the east coast of Australia. Pick up is also available, I believe they are located near Sydney.

US Suppliers

Amazon.com – 1.5″ thick and 50 feet long. 30 and 40 feet options are also available. Amazon are a trusted seller who you probably used before.

Immortal Martial Arts – 1.5″ thick and 50 feet long. Recommended by the Battling Rope man himself, John Brookfield. These ropes come in manila and polyester.

Perform Better – 1.5″ and 2″ thick ropes available, lengths up to 100 feet.


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  • http://www.ropegalore.com.au Ray Gammon

    Ray here from Rope Galore.
    Just thought i would let every one know we now have a economy range of our very popular ropes.
    Slightly lighter than our very popular silver ones, but extremely good value. Visit us today at http://www.ropegalore.com.au. Click on our Blog page to see some feed back on our ropes. We supply over 200 of our battling ropes per month & have not had a complaint yet. Many Gyms & Personal trainers have purchased one to try them out & returned to buy a lot more later.

    Kind regards Ray

  • http://www.ropegalore.com.au Ray Gammon

    Ray from Rope Galore here.
    Just letting every one know our Silver battling ropes are now back in stock & selling fast.
    These are top quality ropes, not cheap imported rubbish.
    This new batch of rope seems even more softer & more user friendly than normal.
    Check out our range today at http://www.ropegalore.com.au.

    Cheers Ray

    • Kyle

      Thanks Ray for keeping us updated!

  • david

    hi may i know the price of the rope? i need a rope with can do it in indoor which would not scratch or harm to the wood floor