Invitation: You Are NOT Alone

The World Domination Summit last month left me with two major take aways:

  1. Community is insanely important. Being around like minded people is perhaps one of the most satisfying feelings you can have. Which is why I have made this invitation.
  2. Being brave leads to good things. We need to be brave more often. Which is coming in the following weeks.


Check out he video and then read on below.

Join our Facebook group

Our Facebook group is called BCI: Ask. It’s kind of a silly name but really it means a place for readers of Bootcamp Ideas to go and ask other trainers for help.

Whether your problem is trying to plan some new sessions or how go about hiring a second trainer, there is a lot of knowledge in this group and they are insanely supportive.

Join us.

The Bootcamp Ideas Trainers’ Poem

What I read during the video:

You are a trainer.
You love to help people get fit and discover a different way of living.
You created a bootcamp to help you do this.
You are excited.
You discovered you were now running your own business.
You are a business owner.
You realise you have no idea how to run a business.
You constantly have to make decisions to things you don’t know the right answer for.
You have to know marketing, human resources, accounting and sales.
Let’s not forget coaching and part-time unqualified psychologist too.
You are alone.
You have no boss, no work colleagues, no one to talk to.
You are terrified.

What if I make the wrong decision.
What if no one comes to my class.
What if that client never pays me what they owe me.
What if clients hate my workouts.
What if they aren’t working hard enough.

You are NOT alone.
You are one of many trainers who reads this website.
You are one of many trainers who feels exactly the same as you.

What if everyone loves your class?
What if you had a client whose life you changed?
What if you got to do what you love every day?
What if you just asked for help when you needed it?

My biggest project yet

I have just started re-writing the Little Bootcamp Book of Workouts. This new version is going to be insane.

You guys are going to love it. I’m adding more detail, more workouts, solutions to common training problems and some really great video.

Along with that I have called in some help to assist me with two other projects. One of which will help you do brave things (and me) and another which will involve some quality face to face time and training.

That’s all I can say for now (cue mysterious music).

– Kyle

P.S. I know I missed a few people in my thank you’s. Thank you also Kjell Crowe, Carl Class and Ashlie Pechin.


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  • Alison Ey

    Thanks Kyle just what I needed to hear today. I’ve joined up to the Facebook group and I’m looking forward to new ideas and support.

    • Kyle Wood

      Great! Awesome to have you around.

  • Kjell Crowe

    Thank you!!
    I have had alllllllll of these thoughts.
    You rock!

    • Kyle Wood

      No you rock Kjell!